Jack the Ripper case looked into

It is an old chestnut of a case with no real new evidence introduced since 1888 between August and November of that said year. Some 50 suspects gathered by Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of London Met Police and his team of detectives. White chapel area of the city of London in 1888 was a slum housing area of so many different communities including seaman rest homes and butchers shops with a large population of prostitute and pimps.It was jack the lad land and gangsters on the prowl. The poor lived there and close was the human bond in most circles. It was near the London Docks and so had a vast collection of foreign visitors many sailors from all over the world.

images_027Whitechapel Lane  London England 1887
In this case we look only at the top 5 suspects as to go through police files it becomes very clear that they just did not have a single clue to base a case on someone. Anybody.
I was before modern technology began and so only witness work was the way to progress save that no witness lived. Who ever Jack the Ripper was he was quick able and darkly covered to vanish. It indicates an athletic man with basic knowledge at least of surgery.
First in the frame of really could be Jack is Doctor Francis Tumblety. An American Irish no body as he invented his medical rank. A seller of cheap medicine at as a cure for all ailments.He dealt in New York as a herbalist. In 1888 he was in London and lived in Whitechapel area. in his New York home he did have jars of female uterus stored in spirits as part of his organ collection. We have proof he added to this over time first shown in November 1888 outside his stall selling potions.
Police had him on a gross indecency charge but it was not enough to have him sent back for trail when he jumped bail and ran back to New York. He was a lover of young men in time when it was illegal and we know he hated women as they stole his love from him. His love a 19 year old male.
3e825d0a5791e0bd575bf4ac4d8308d1Whitechapel London 1887

Next came a Polish hairdresser in Whitechapel. One Aaron Kosminski 11th September 1865- march 24th 1919. he went raving mad and eventually was placed in a hospital for mental patients. Police thought he was Jack the Ripper on these grounds alone. yet they say now that a shawl belonging to one of the victims under DNA proved kosminshi was her killer. I say after 131 years no.  Corruption took place. The wool shoulder cloth called a shawl in the hands of many over this time in police care may have been contaminated easily. Saying this it shoves to dagger nearer to this Polish mad barber.


Third in the line up is Walter Sickert who really could have been the serial killer but no real evidence could be brought to prove he was. For the police this man was the top suspect for years. Yet again no proof came to light.

Then a German seaman called Carl Feigenbaum He had been in the area of the murders in Whitechapel in London and covers all points. He was convicted of murder of a woman and sentenced in Sing Sing prison New York to the electric chair in 1894 to death. His own lawyer William Lawton believed firmly that his client was jack the Ripper.

Lastly we arrive at a Royal physician one Sir William Withy Gull 31st December 1816-29th January 1890. He served Queen Victoria but police found him wandering in white chapel and made it an investigation. Local gossip fast to talk and out it came as the Queens doctor is Jack the Ripper. No real proof in this case as Sir William may well have been seeing a sex worker and shamed in the act.

images_051Face of Mary Kelly, the last victim.

in the murders on that year only that of Elizabeth Stride is different and now it is thought she was killed not by jack the Ripper. She may have been victim to her husbands drunken temper finding her on the game.

images_021 Victims of the Ripper E. Stride her throat cut her body so badly destroyed I decided not to use that photo.

Not one of the many suspects had enough motive or facts to arrest even one of them. They could not solve this case with whole of the London Police department after this killer in 1888 so now it beyond solving it is history only. A mystery forever.

images_034Francis Tumblety

I read of a man who claimed that one of the Rippers victims one Mary Kelly Jacks last victim was in fact AKA Elizabeth Weston- Davies grandmother to Doctor Wynn Weston-Davies who had been brutally murdered by her own husband as she had betrayed the family and his reputation in law. The man is Francis Craig his book 2015 is a real jump to prove that his facts add up.

images_050 Carl the German jew, Sing  Sing prison photograph
Jack was the signed name on the letter sent to the police inviting them to find him. It is I think a petty stupid thing to do as a member of the public sent that in.
Then it was a reporter on the local newspaper that called him Jack the Ripper and so a legend was born from an evil serial murderer long dead and judged by his betters elsewhere.

mary_jane_kelly_mutilated_faceWhat was left of Mary Kelly after Jack the Ripper carved her up. The last victim and the worse crime ever. The cases saw he took heart liver and uterus out of all women that he murdered but here with his last victim he removed not just her organs but her face.
in a letter to a journalist George R Sims Police Chief Inspector Littlechild admitted in 1913 as a retied member of the London police force that Francis Tumbelty was the police top suspect after many interviews with him after capture for Gross indecency the police had enough on him try his case but he did a runner when he jumped bail and no way could they bring him back as he was changed at that stage with the lesser crime.
So we are left with two real suspects one as shown died by electric chair that other got way to New York. it is anybodies guess and this story will run on forever without any proof or conviction. I did hear that DNA may be found on a shawl that belonged to Mary Kelly that last victim but how sure are they that it was hers as all clothing covered in blood was burned later to prevent illness or rats.


Whitechapel lane 2019 London, United Kingdom.

One name we can prove he was not Jack the Ripper was in fact Prince Albert Victor who was not in London but Scotland at Balmoral for two of the murders and on Crown duties for the rest of time in the frame outside of murders.

if this case could have been closed long ago I am sure it would have been so, it will go on and on without end, or result. a true mystery folks. Go with care for its still a jungle out there.

Yours Sir Kevin
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The wicket gate

Soft candle light kissed her peach smooth cheek as she turned her raven black hair in the twist of her fingers. The darkened lattice of leaded windows looked down to the gardens and afforded a view to the crescent of the road. The moonlight flooded the scene as she waited to hear the horsehooves of her errant lover ringing over the cobbled yard .

The Kings road that lead all the way over the brow of Peddlers hill to the way down to the town where she knew he would be.

Thomas Throlby was at his beer and telling his tales of a highwayman as he was when in marched the redcoats of King George and off he went to his death on a long rope on a tall tree branch.

There he swung a dead gentleman in a velvet red coat and with French lace around his throat.

She knew in her heart that something had gone wrong. She heard the news over breakfast of the following morning. To this she read her hands thrown to the air above her pale white face. One move and she ran upstairs to her room never to be seen again.

Lady Lorna De Grace Forthing aged 20 had taken her own sweet life sometime within the hour of 9am of 18th of September in the year of Grace 1767 —————————————————

Summer 1921

“Some one at the door My Lord. “

” Who is it Soames?” Sighed Baron De Grace Forthing.

” Someone stuck near our gates sir. Motor carriage broken down and rain just started .Shall I offer shelter my Lord. “Announced his Butler.

‘Highly unfortunate for how many Soames?”

‘,Man and wife .Name of Beamley sir. “

‘Kitchen Soames, hot tea and bed them down in the east red room for one night only im not in the habit to offer more.”

” Of course sir. Cook went after dinner, hour ago sir.”

‘ Really ,Can you make them tea dear boy. Something to go with it may be cake. Or what ever you find that can be suitable”

“Red bedroom sir?”

” Why ever not Soames. Good room nice view over the gardens what more do they expect.Me move out and give them my bed ,is that it man? “

“No, no, My Lord ,your offer is pure Christian charity .Just that Red bedroom and the tale of your ancestors suicide there. “

” Ah! was forgetting that. Well! I have lived here all my life and at 78 have not ever seen a ghost or heard of one. They will be alright man they have no knowledge of that story. Now can you make them a tea and bring me a cup too please Soames. “

” Something in it me Lord?”smiled Soames knowingly.

” How very good of you, drop of the malt would be nice, now you mention it man, helps me sleep Il wager?” The old Baron sat back in his armchair reading the last adventures of Sherlock Holmes .

The excitement filtered away and at 2am the house in darkness save for a creaking wooden wicket gate that woke the hounds, all would have gone unnoticed.

The house now aroused found the couple from the red room gone. A full check of goods showed nothing missing but the man and wife.

“How very upsetting .What gets in to these young people Soames?”

‘ The Red bedroom sir window is open. Ill go up and close it over as gate can be closed too .Cant see how they left as it leads to the lake and rose gardens. “

” May have tied it and then seen the gates they came through to my door.”

” yes that could be just it. Ill check the gardens in the morning ?”

” Yes best plan indeed man .Now can we go back to our beds. I am anyway goodnight again Soames.”

” Sleep well sir. I will lock up ,again.”


Second part next week .

Thank you all, Sir K.

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A grizzly tale of revenge

It was that morning of events. Good Friday 14th April 1865. Before the fall of night 16th President of America one Abraham Lincoln would be shot in the head but a man from the Southern army who had become an actor spy.

11am 14th April one General Robert Lee, who had surrendered four days before his vast Southern army at Appomuttox Court House. He was invited by the Victor to dine and take in a show in a theatre with him. Lee had declined the offer made by Lincoln on grounds he had duties to his family. Not long after reading this Lincoln decided to change theatre and attend another play at Fords Theatre in Washington DC .

Replica Philadelphia Deringer of the type used by John Wilkes Booth to Kill President Abraham Lincoln

In a stable two horses had be saddled .The two plotters had orders to kill Lincoln .One man held the horses. The other loaded a small Deringer pistol and entered the unguarded corridor outside of the box that Lincoln and his party sat watching the play unfold. What happened to the soldiers and guard outside of that box is the only mystery in this tale. The rest is lies and deception.

The hired gun was one almost famous actor called John Wilkes Booth. .He leaned forward and shot the great man in the back of his head. Before any could move he leapt over the front of the box and fell damaging his leg in the fall. He stumbled across the stage and out of stage door into the street mounted the waiting horse and vanished from detection. This is the facts we know. Only a plot to capture Lincoln had failed Booth had taken up the job perhaps for Lee that part no paper trail exits?

From now, in the tale of dark evil ,we must drift.

If Booth had help from Southern ex army or not he was never caught . The set up was fixed to show he had been shot by Government agents in the Red barn. A grave was made and in this a body went. All was now sorted nicely. Lincoln died in his bed in the Whitehouse. Doctors could not stop the man dying from a hole in his brains. The President who had stopped the slave trade that had ruined the wealth of Southern plantation owners had caused Civil war and built up a wall of enemies against Lincoln. Some hours after after being shot Lincoln was dead.

Lincoln was a top lawyer who had worked a bar man to make headway had made to be perhaps the best leader and President ever America had .He was buried with ceremony and the case closed.

In another state a man drank hard in Southern bar room .He was so drunk when asked he admitted he was John Wilkes Booth the actor . Two men who had known Booth came to see for themselves. They vanished from the story.

John Wilkes Booth.

Booth died in a boarding house in 1905 some 40 years after he had shot Lincoln. He may have taken his own life with arsenic or someone did it for him. What ever. His body was taken by the landlord who then wasted no time embalmed him so well that the facial features have been nailed for all time.

From circus side shows to private collectors this mummy has done the rounds from 1905 to 1970 on shows in the South lands of USA.It then vanished into a collection and is being kept until price of the story rises enough to sell the corpse of John Wilkes Booth to some other mad bone collector.

The man who has the body of John Wilkes Booth in his morbid collection

Photographs of Booth in life were cast over the photo of the copse and without doubt at all Booth murdered Lincoln and escaped from justice .So why did the Government say otherwise?

There are those now after DNA of Booth but as of old the mummy is still held in a private cellar of a man called Robert interviewed on TV by one man who dared

go that extra mile. Up to now the trail ran out and Robert says he has not the corpse. Photo above shows he has it and is hoping for massive profit to prove history wrong and the Government liars.

Hope you liked this tale of fate.Yours always Sir Kevin.

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Rosa Mundii

Who? I hear you ask. Rosa who? Well! long ago a young girl of ample beauty and great wit became to love of a Royal Kings life. Her name was Jane Clifford and one of my ancestors way back in time . I have been really interested in her since my time in research at University aged 18.

Toady ,in my gardens ,old roses grow and among the many is a little deep pink stripped with white flowering rose shrub called Rosa Mundi. A Gallica sport of the ancient Apotheric rose Officialis. Is known to have been grown in London Medical gardens in 12th Century. They used its petals in medical cures and to decorate cakes . Roses are in fact related to garden herbs. Monks used rose petals in wine and on salad trays.

Rosa Mundi shrub flowers her heart out in June and first week of July only. So for almost five weeks why grow it some have asked me. Well! for the sheer joy of its presence .It great scent and its ability to thrill me every summer. Then that fact that it was used to decorate the tomb of dear lovely Jane by her lover King Henry 11 of England. He was married to an older lady called Ellenor of Aquitaine in France. It was an arranged marriage and Henry had her great fortunes as compensation. There was little love between them but managed to breed sons. Famous Geoffrey .Richard the Lion Hearted and John Lackland the weakest and youngest son. To hide away Jane who all courtiers called the Fair Rosemund of historic times owing to her bright eyes and beauty of face. Henry built her a bower as a labyrinth so complex that only he knew the way in and out. He made sure he hunted in the area often.

Over time his wildly wife followed him to the bower. She is said to have tied a silk thread to his shoe and after she stood on it as he walked to his held horse and galloped of home. She picked up the thread found Jane and killed her. Henry on hearing the news galloped all the way back to find his dead lover laying on the ground inside her house in the labyrinth. He built her a marble tomb and decorated it all himself with rose petals from this said rose. It was in life her favourite and perhaps why I grow it too.

Rosa Mundi in full glory 4feet high and wide a no trouble favorite of many gardeners.

He jailed his wife and Queen for this as she was in fact plotting against him using his sons to thwart his progress.

He only allowed her out at Christmas time then back in her castle home under close arrest. As I said no real love existed between them. A love hate situation

The Cliffords a Northern family wrote more than a page in England book of fame . Henry 11 upset the whole nation when his drinking friend who was pushed into the Church as a job away from his King suddenly found God and was murdered by Sir Hugh De Morvile a Knight who lived at Moreland in Cumbria and three others as he knelt in prayer sliced off the top of his scull in Canterbury cathedral .Henry was so angered he made himself a target to be whipped by all monks and Churchmen of the City. The result killed him later.

Sad story but so very true his love was murdered, his best closest friend killed and his wife dancing for joy at his down fall. Henry and his family have been the subject of many books movies and poems over the centuries but Henry had bad press in many phases of his life. Not a good father and was roughly made and strong . He fought all and even his sons in wrestling which they seemed to hate.

On Henrys death in France his son Richard came and took the Royal ring of England off his fathers finger and spat on his fathers face. Yet next to him Richard and all the family save for King John who is buried in Worcester Cathedral England, lay. The Chinon graves of Kings I have seen many times on trips to that haughty haunting castle above the streets, of Chinon le Loire , that Henry once looked over knowing he had been made King Of England.

If all that is left of this period in the march of time since is Rosa Mundi Gallica shrub then I grow it for love for in truth I came from the same Grandfather as of Henry.

Old garden roses make a magical sight in Early to late June for about 5 weeks of pure scented heaven. Alba Maxima ,the Jacobite rose 1340. Md Legrass de Germain are strongest scent in all roses across the full range of modern to ancient. Another is the Centifolia rose Fantin Latour by Tamm of France 1938 .

Terese Bugnet Rose is perhaps the hardiest all summer flowering hedge I have. Some 80 foot of it runs the sun border from main gates to Mermaid fountain.

Paul Noel a strawberry pink scented repeat flowering climber is on a tall metal oblisk and yet to suffer winter here so jury is out as yet. My Canadian Explorer roses laugh at winter the huntsman of deathly breath who cracks that cruel whip of ice across the gentle earth and all bow before him. Not so my hardy Canadians who flower into January and only rest then. Good scent but not great as in the oldest roses in history. I only wish i could grow Burbons but cant have everything can we; as then no adventure left.

Gardening is an education in its own perfect way. For me a life saver in retirement and it feeds the very soul in me with deep peace and love for plants . When the roof goes on my folly room and I can decorate inside of it I can take a rest when working on my borders new. As the plan takes in another two acres to its natural ending. So lots to do and time precious.

When I touch and smell that sweet intoxicating scents of ancient rose blooms my mind takes in the very fact that here Kings have seen as I do. Touched as I have, the flowers of old roses I grow . Time standing still, across the edge of centuries. It thrills me to think how many have loved this rose. Tall stately and wall like are most and thankful am I someone, someplace, helped to keep them over 1000 years save from wars, rage,riot and evil stupidity. Roses come with history and stories worth reading .They connect the pages across time in fact.

Now garden centres sell only the fashionable Hybrid repeat or constant flowering roses .Many have no scent Those that have is doubtful .Once you have scented a rose of antiquity then for all time you will be captivated by that smell so strong in my gardens it can travel into the house some way off across a field of gardens. I notice cars that slow down windows open in summertime that sniff the road hedges trying to locate the pungent aromatic scents and never can find what they cannot see. For five whole weeks this magical part of gardens is a walk way for all who come to see me . It is really the summer and scents and bees and birdsong all gather to worship the vista of old roses in tumbling flowers and soft silk colours with accent here and there of darkest red makes the walk unique perhaps. Beyond the gate is no mans land untamed and jungle until lake goes in and more gardens built as rooms as summer comes again to me to build my dreams

Maybe another letter from Latvia as did not wish to let my readers down had no time to create anything this month. So my talk is on roses and gardens as that is my love. One hopes it reaches you with interest my dears.

Yours Sir K.

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one shot, conclusion

The day was warm. May blossoms filled the gardens of England with scent. The police had found a gun in a tree that children had handed in. The gun fitted the shell found in the dead lawyers body. Finger prints wiped but on the empty barrel one thumb print come up in lab test. From this mere edge of print they had a way forward at last. The drive to find the killer took up that same day.

Angela was again back in the police care. She admitted that she had fired her shot and it had missed. But her lover fell to the floor. She had not seen beyond that as her concern was to make her escape. She had grabbed the rail of a number 60A bus to Sheffield South. She cared not where it went she needed time to take it all in. She worked out she had not killed him so he could be alive. When Angela read in news and radio news of the lawyers death she went deep into hiding as she thought by chance her shot had hit him after all.

Sat with police now it was a very different story . They wanted to know who else was there that day. Angela had not seen anyone .The shot she recklessly fired off was found in the timber frame of the old door. A .45 bullet had crumpled flat in the oak frame lintel top. Police thought someone elses shot must have been fired at precisely same time or witnesses in shops would have heard two shots not one as was recorded.

A full nation hunt was on for the thumb print owner of pistol snub nosed Colt .38. A gangsters sort of weapon from last war too.

Far away the night drew in the bottle rolled of the cluttered table and Jo

hn Carfax the bank robber passed way. Police called to the scene by Pathologist who took the deadmans prints. They had found the murderer of a lawyer. On checking all it came to light that Carfax had been put in prison for 12 years on the word from this lawyer. He had been released just a day before the killing and the case of that one shot closed .

Carfax had lost his wife in truth to the said victim while he served his sentence and that was a murder waiting to happen long before it did. We all pay for our sins it seems. The well of desire a trap for the greedy.

Thank you for your company, yours Sir K.

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One shot continued.Part two.

Don was operated on the bullet removed from his open chest. Infection set in and in less than an hour he was dead. Time called as complications left the team with no other option but to call time of death at 5pm. Bullet had sliced deeper then they could fix.

Police patched together most of Dons life and sent a car to arrest his wife. Far away in South Wales Angela sat in a cafe reading the news of a murder in Leeds Yorkshire of a local Solicitor . She cried softly her world now in fast motion before her eyes and mind.

Elizabeth Summerley Briton had been found at her mothers in York. Brought in for questioning allowed a Brief and told of her upset at Dons mistresses .He had promised but again at Christmas another woman had phoned to say she was her husbands lover. It being too much Elizabeth took both children and ran . She had never owned a weapon and at that point her lawyer stopped the recorded interview working on making police bring on evidence and making a case if they could. This gave him time to dig and see what he could do as for client to know the truth himself.

Detectives now went out of their way to find a killer. The lead came on speaking to nosy nieghbour who gave them full description of Dons lover. Cars went all over and over police forces too became involved but Angela had vanished into another woman .Redhead with ease called now Patty Jones from Birkenhead Cheshire. South Wales was easy to mingle in with.

Andrew was now top man in the firm bringing in more accounts for life premium than any other that month. Pam who had been off for two weeks was happy to work on Andrews accounts as he was man who paid attention to details she needed not to spend hours on phone getting the things left out.

It was after one of the late night office sales sessions that Andrew picked up the nerve to ask her to go to dinner with him as at 8pm he did not wish to start cooking in a cold home.

Waterloo Bridge in London UK over the River Thames

She gave it some thought and replied yes. From now on through life they would never be alone again.

It was a Sunday morning a year later that police arrested Angela Harding and found in her flat a loaded gun. The Yorkshire police now carted her back to court in Leeds. Still with deep red dyed hair she gave her statement and faced the magistrates who bound her over until case could be heard by main court. No bail was sought.

In the cell Angela was allowed one phone call. She rang for a lawyer she knew who had done the conveyance of the house her and Andrew had bought. He in turn sent a crime lawyer from same firm.

The news was full of the case in all Northern newspapers. It was then to come to light that in fact Andrew was face to face with police at his door. It was not for him but for Pam.It is now in the story that Andrew is to discover that Pams brother was lover to his own sad wife. Police being police worked out who was who in this tale. Andrew was taken down for questioning to city station.

The gun in this case belonged to his father from war.John Harding was a Captain in Engineers and captured by Japanese army in Burma 1943. He had been rescued and was sent home an ill man in 1948. He had died in 1964 as Andrew was only 12 at time he had felt the loss .The pistol his mother had kept along with her memories .He had not seen it in years.

So now police knew how his wife had stolen it from digging in boxes in his mothers attic.

Martin Prenton was working on the case in Police lab. He was stunned at his finding as the bullet out of the deadmans chest had not been fired from Andrews fathers gun. The Red faced police now released the read haired Angela Harding.

Police case had fallen in and anger from the top desk made it worse. Police exposed in news made it bad to carry that case on. So for some five years it was left open .

Time raced on. Pam married Andrew after his divorce came through and no one was happier than Pam. Andrew was now free and happy in his best suit in front of registrar holding Pams hand to fit on the gold band that sealed the deal.

Angela read the news and cried. But who had killed Don?

Conclusion of this case next week.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

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One shot and its over.

A tiny moth landed on Andrew Hardings window. A tell tale sign of Autumn and his sorrow as heavy as the rains outside in the street. It was becoming colder and even colder in his heart. For before him the letter that he dread had arrived to haunt him.

Angela had found someone else. He read her words over again. She had found real love .Love that he could not hope to give her. His lost job, his debts mounting up trying to please her meant nothing to her. She was happy he was sad. The world around him darkened into nothingness. He was not good enough.

The bottle was open and he found solace with the first glass of Whisky.The pale honeyed liquid swilled in joy around his tonsils. Soon the bottle was empty as his mind was now. From the kitchen drawer he took the pills his mother had used before that fateful day she had died. The pills came easy from the box of cardboard as it fell to the kitchen hard stone floor and gentle as gossimer softly reached its end.

He had taken the pills ,all sixteen of them in one mighty gulp .In case he changed his mind at last second. He stood gazing out at the cold rain hitting the frozen glass of the windows as if in a dream. For some time he felt resigned to death. Then the pills took hold with the whisky and he crumpled to his knees as darkness fell his eyes could no longer see. It was 10am Tuesday morning and he was cold and sick all down his shirt. He lay stiffly not caring .Senses dead his mind a whirly gig and he could hear the circus music of the fair. Last thing he heard was someone calling his name but lights had gone out.

It was just after Midday ,the rain subsided and his eyes slowly focused on the cardboard box on the level with his gaze. He felt pain in his stomach but to feel that meant he was still alive. .He raised himself to a sitting position thinking of nothing ,not a thing at all. Slowly he felt a serge of bile race up from his churning guts to his throat. Again he was sick and his trouser now took the soaking .

He must have dozed off as it was dark in the room and the stench of sickness hit him hard in the nose. He threw up again as he tried to raise to his feet.It proved hard and took a while but then he managed it all the same. He could not think why he was still there and a period of time passed as he tried to focus to turn on the light.

Its bright introduction burned his eyes and mind. He looked around at the bottle rolling off the table hitting the floor to shatter the silence as he held his aching head.

He slumped on the ever waiting bed and he felt no more until waking next morning with a severe headache. The straggled sun light across the bedroom told him it was still hell and he fell off the bed feeling rough and ever so sick.

At another side of the city, Angela was happy in Dons arms and his house was nicely appointed.They had made love many times in his large wide bed with its black satin sheets. She had called around hoping for sex and was not to be ignored. She had no thought of her 12 years marriage with Andrew Harding. Why should she she loved only Don now.

They had met at a shoe shoe in town some six weeks earlier and hit it off at once. She knew nothing about him only that on helping him with his selection of work shoes she had served him with affection and charm. From that first ten minutes something had happened to here and she hoped to him.

Don played right into her hands and they dated and meet many times. Don had an office job as a Lawyer while Andrew a factory foreman in a Steel works had lost his job in an industry shut down. Angela had stuck it out for six weeks of Andrews performance of lame duck. She had not meant to fall in love but when Don had walked in to the shoe shop were she worked it all fell into place. As easy as falling off a log. A very thick log at that.

Autumn walked laughingly into winter and Christmas day was there so soon. Don had wished her well on Christmas eve phone call but had not invited her to his home. She asked openly why. He made an excuse about visit to his sister in London many miles away from Yorkshire. Angela spent the holiday at her parents but on Boxing day could not help herself she walked around to Dons lovely house expecting it empty. But as she drew near she peered through the windows to see Don and two children playing on the lounge floor when in came this young woman with a tray of cakes and she kissed Don of the forehead. She thought this must be his sister and her family so she ran back home and phoned him. A child answered the phone and she asked for Don.To which the child called out Daddy someone wants you on the phone. She went cold as a woman replied and she said hello who is it please. So she spoke.”Can I speak with Don.”

The woman then asked who was speaking in a slow but steady voice. “Im Angela his girlfriend “she replied. The phone went down with a bang.

Back in Leeds Andrew had left the hospital feeling lost but on the mend. It had been sixteen weeks but he was ready to face a job interview.

Don had vanished his home was now empty and a for sale sign was on show in the window. She asked a next door nosy woman who told her Don was a married man with two lovely children and his wife had left him at Christmas time. She asked if he was still in the area. The lady did not know?

For weeks she watched the house as she did not know which of the thousand solicitors offices in which he worked but nothing came to light. Then one day some months after she caught sight of him driving by in a new Jaguar sports car. He was with a young woman .Blonde hair was all she could see. As his wife was Ginger and Angela blonde she put two and two together and saw Don lost to her . It hurt like hell but she wanted him back at any price.

Andrew had sat next to another hopeful and he was not sure he should stay as next man looked a business sort. At this moment a door opened and Andrew was motioned in.

He was not too sure of anything and he had never sold insurance.In fact he had never sold a single thing only perhaps an old set of ice skates as a boy .

The interview was relaxed and full of laughter and soon enough he had joined the firm . The office was cozy and Phil Jones the manger who had offered the job was easy going short. John Bates the saleman to train Andrew was a nice sort. Andrew had turned the corner and he knew it.

Angela had been crying .Don had ignored her as he parked up and ran to an office she ran to him but he turned sheepishly back to the car and sped away. She was now to walk into said office and ask for Donald Briton as his photo was there on the wall as partner. She was told he was out in court but was due back any moment if she cared to wait. Wait she did ,for two hours and guessed Don had phoned the desk to escape her.

Andrew was selling well on his own now and was given his own office and phone with shared typist who acted as secretary for both John and Andy. Her name Pamela Armstrong Briton.

The day was snowing hard and February drew into March Don lay dying in his blood on a step near the fish market .People stunned tried to help as he clutched his chest an ambulance sped up and Don was lifted aboard and it sped way with loud ringing siren breaking that silence as it sped towards the hospital.

Andrew passed it on the way to his third appointment that day.He saw the fuss and heard the siren but to him it was perhaps an accident in a car.

Angela had jumped in a bus for shopping centre and no one suspected her of anything. She was not herself but no one on that bus even looked at her. The smoking hot barrel of a pistol in her hand bag was not seen.

Part two next week.

The conclusion of Ash.

The morning air was brisk as October turned into November .London had rain in the night and the office as Jones walked in smelt musty with wet overcoats hanging from pegs on the outer wall. He was set to have just one of those days that all know of. The phone burst into the silence like the sharp slap of a car door. He took the call from his desk still trying to arrange himself ,then froze.

‘ Your silent Inspector. Not happy with my find. “

” Sorry Doctor. Yes I thought for a moment we had what Sir John suffered from. What is it then?”

” Not blood sucking dead .It is more a puzzle infact. Id say she was to well preserved to be that old. Her bones and skull are some 80 years old That fits Id would say with what we know. The blood is the problem. I dont know it shows DNA back to 1890s. It would make her 130 at least. Old age should have killed her never mind rat poison. Come down Ill show you the results. “

He made his way down the stairs just as Dee burst out of his lab door red in the face.

“What ever could be the matter Dee?”

“Bodies vanished that is what is the matter by God. Come in man dont dither about .Your the detective tell me where she is.”

In less than a minute the lab two doors ,one he had walked in by lead to the stairs and upper floor main office. The door in the all lead to the morgue and an vacant slab. The main doors lead into the yard outside and Jones fond them securely locked.

‘So were did that copse go ?’

” Vanished I told you ,man. Gone. Doors .You came down to me, door was between us, she was not taken into the offices. The main iron doors for delivery only opened by the key in my desk. Look.-God its gone.”

‘ SO they did pass through the doors and locked it from outside.”

“Only way ,yes agreed. Then why would any one want to do this.No respect for the dead.”

“Are her innards still with you Doc.?

” Blast me ,No the tray in the fridge with her liver has been taken too. “

“Then how could they know it was her liver?”

“No other corpse here.”

“Open that door may be a clue .Prints on iron are a great print.”

‘Sorry we will have to reach the yard via a walk around the building. Only key and they have it.”

The fact that no prints they could find led to professional body snatchers or some even crueler reason. Many bodies have ended up embalmed as ancient mummies and sold as antiques in markets about the world.

‘ So someone must have noticed a body being carried. “

“Or they had transport .Look at these tire marks in the last of that snow we had. Come Doctor need a bit of plaster. “

By all the tracks in set plaster told Jones that Henry Bolton the tire sales man could tell the tread. He phoned him and they took the tracks over to him.

‘Now gentlemen this is a Michelin and rare indeed came off a 1950s pie van reg in my book. Sold last set to Gordons the bakery . Yes here it is NGD 633 Black Humber van. He uses it as they all take note of car and big pie sign each side. “

it took an hour to stop the van and police found only the driver at the wheel with the van empty.

“So what happened then sir?”

” I parked with back door open to load six trays of hot meat pies into the back. Order for the Bird and Bush pub. I went in heard the van start. Turned to see it drive way like the great Sterling Moss at the wheel”

” Who found it?”

“No one. It was parked up in the yard cleaned and polished. Nothing missing only they had done 23 miles I have to keep me mileage for records in accounts .”

“Thank you sir .We may need to speak with you again.”

‘By noon next day the location was found .

“Here sir .Ring around here show where half of 23 miles is as he had to drive back. Two places .Here a land spill site easy to hid a body. The other a clinic ,just here . Rest is houses and shops but Clinic could be it. “

‘Right thanks Sue .We can take a look at the latter first. Ask Dee to accompany us .”

The clinic was in full swing when they arrived.

“Your boss please Lov. Police asking for help in a case. “

“Im your man Inspector .what case is this. “
” Body snatching. “

“Come on now that ended centuries back. People now leave body to science. “

” A female body was taken from police morgue yesterday in a Humber van and we have reason to believe it arrived her soon after. “

“I am here to heal the living officer ,not bring the dead to life “

“Can we take a loo around or do we need a warrant. “

“Dont go poking into private patients rooms please but yes you may take quick look about .I have nothing to hide. “

For about 12 minutes the four police and Doctor Dee inspected the one level clinic. Finding nothing they agreed to pack up and go to search the land fill when Jones suddenly stubbed his toe on a gap in the floor. On closer look and by moving a wheelchair the outline of hatch top gave them another place to investigate. In seconds the police arrested Don Blake the owner. In the cellar the frozen corpse was taken out of a chest freezer and all arrived shortly after at Scotland Yard.

” Right arrest both of them . Both know far more than they are saying.:

The daughter came quietly but her brother the Dentist fought like a tiger.

why did you take the body from ‘In here both of you. Now in your own time, tell me why you killed her. Or should I tell you. You see she had left the house between both of you. But! she left you her daughter her fortune. So in comes you with the rat poison and had to put down your cigar in the ash tray. Thats about it motive some revenge for the 45000 pounds in mothers will Id say. “

‘You could not be any place near. Ill admit it was my fault. We both tried to help but in our innocence we killed her as sure as if Id shot her dead.”

“What we did was not wrong it was just we both had no experience and that medic robbed us of our dear mother.”

Closer now, Jones moved in. ‘What Medic?”

‘Simon Patton .He works in A and E at Middlesex hospital. He sold us blood to change the blood that was killing her. A simple transfusion done at her bedside at home. Simon had somehow mixed up the sacks of blood and rang too late to tell us the stuff in mothers veins was from another county. It was frozen from 1900 African brought back by explorers to lab here . What ever it was it flowed through her and in one night she was dead in her chair next morning. We acted only as no one would help her ,too old to care for. “

” She had cancer of the blood Inspector. I was terrified I would loose my license and business if blamed so we decided to keep silent but your man decided something else was going on.”

“And we were right ,there was. “

” We had no other way we had to try as hospital let her out to die at home. Bastards it was our mother not a Nazi bitch, or some sort of low life.Mother you see?”

” I let the court decide now. Arrest this man Simon Patton and allow these two a phone call each. ” At the door of interview room five he turned .”Mister -Thomas– why did you take the body from my morgue ?:

‘It was to stop you taking blood samples. but we were too late it seems. Silly yes but what could we do we had lied to police twice . “

End of story. Thank you for reading whole tale. Hope you liked it.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 October

The case of ash against poison

Out in the sunshine of an English day .Oxfordshire village. 1986. Month of June day at 1pm. Police car at number 23 Langley Lane.

‘Not a pretty sight Doctor Dee. Dead how long?”

“Id say two hours at least.Shant know more until I have her tripes on my bench. Report say 5pm ish”

“So who found her .You here all day love.?”

“No came around to help Mom at around noon and rang you. Heart was bad but she was fine last evening.”

‘Who else was here. That ash in the tray is from this morning.She smoked then did she Mrs-?

.Miss Thomas .Sheila .Mom was Mrs Mary Thomas. “

“I see “,said Inspector Jones. It must be your ash then Miss Thomas. ”

” I dont smoke nor did mother Inspector. Is that all? You see I have Geralds lunch to fix at home. “

“Gerald who?”

” My brother Gerald Thomas .He is back from his practice in Mortlake road.”

“He lunches with you often then?”

” Most days, his wife is ill in hospital you see. “

“Sorry to hear that Miss Thomas. His profession is?”

“Dentist . I must rush so much to do, ring undertaker and what else. “

‘No that wont be necessary we need the body down at the morgue to establish death. “

‘No that will not be needed . Heart failure I told you. ”

‘You told us you did not witness your mothers death a moment ago so how do you know what she died of?”

” Here the pills she took daily for heart problems. “

” Right thank you Miss, dont leave the city we may need to talk again .”

The day came around, case sat on upstairs desk. Jones down with Dee in the morgue is told Mrs Thomas was poisoned by rat poison around 9am that same morning.” Died in agony .” added the Morgue assistant.

The case handed back as murder investigation and now on Inspector Jones desk. He opened the files and scanned all statements as long before him another great policeman had always started with. Jones still had the photo of Inspector Sir John James on his desk .

He stood and walked to the desk front. Facing the team.

“Now pin your ears back lads I want this sorted fast it is murder .Search that house for clues. Finger print all garden furniture and find that rat poison .Its either there or check daughters home too. Ill get a warrant now. Ring me on mobile if anything comes to light. “

The police car arrived just as Mr Thomas had finished the fillings for his client.

“Dead. Indeed I know that . My sister told me on phone. Im off to see her now. “

“Mr Thomas I need a statement first. ‘

‘ But I have just told you I have been here all day.My assistants will tell you that?”

‘ Fine so put that in writing will you sir. Here on this pad. ”

” You need a sample of my hand writing.I am shocked really .just lost my mother and here you are pestering for a statement to prove what I say. ?”

‘ Time you arrived sir is all important. We have spoken to your sister. “

” Oh! I see my sister told you precisely what?”

‘ Statement sir here or down the station is up to you. “

” No . Here will do. Mind if I smoke. “

” Your surgery sir. Cigar nice one too.”

” Imported box from friends in Cuba on holiday. Now will that do I have signed it.”

” You came in at 9.34 am remained until now with us. Six patients .Three staff in as normal. Ok thanks sir.Hope your sister is feeling better.”

The police left. Dentist remained.

London office.Phone call to Inspector Jones desk. “Dont say . Havana .Right gather ash from the cigar and we can place him exactly at the scene of the murder. “

At the home of Miss Thomas . ” So in your pantry we found this Miss. “

” Its for household use; so what?”

” You need it for what exactly?”

” What ! Chrips, rats of course .Well mice actually. “

” Let the camera see that the packet has been opened. ” commented Jones.

” Why is it of such interest to you .Its common or garden rodent poison .Every one buys it .Dont they. ?”

‘ Hold out your hands please your under arrest on suspicion of murder. You dont have to say anything that can be used against you in court. “

” Dont be silly Mummy died natural death .Arrest me why, I loved her cant you see. ” In tears she was lead to the car and many curtains swished as the police car sped away.

In the lab Doctor Dee works on the types of ash brought in to him.

” Right we can say item one is best rolled Havana cigar ash. Slow burn white with fine ash. Same with Item two . It proves little in fact only it is likely both cigars smoked by same person. We can say that person is Gerald Thomas .That is my findings gentlemen . That said no court is going to accept him guilty are they. ?Not on ash anyway. “

‘ No but we are looking more to the sister who had an open packet of rat poison in her house.” She said she found Mrs T dead and rang us. Not what I would have thought I would have done “

” You would have phoned for the doctor. ”

” Like most people would. Now if she knew she was dead because she killed her that would account for her phoning us. “

” Easier than your ash trick Inspector. Sail on then I have another body on my slab and its 4pm chaps. Toodle loo. “

In the cells at 7pm.

‘Want to see my sister. Erm ! Thomas yes thats the one. Brother. Yes. “

” So he did appear sir thats him now. “whispered the key keeper to Inspector Jones both men in secret from behind the screen.

” Tape the conversation Briggs .”

” Connected now Inspector. “

In the main office Doctor Dee has concerns.

“Phone call Inspector. Dee in a panic Sir. ‘

“Doctor Dee That is man . Hello ,yes .What!”

” Bones of this woman are over 120 years old.Id say born in 1890s. Nothing adds up about her. She looks in her 70s. Her liver says not. “

My thanks to my readers I now have a week to think of what will happen next.

Yours sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 October.

Part two next weekend.

Who was Noah?

One could watch this new movie film of same name with some doubt as to what is said of Noah in the book of Genesis in the bible.

Then you would be right it is not as we believed happened as told as children. Maybe the main steam famous actor Mel Gibson made the best of it .The script he followed mocked by many religions . Now that must be the place to stop this nonsense and tell you the real story of a man who never did talk with God or build a boat. How do I know this? Because it is a myth taken from the story heard by Palestinian people when the great and mighty war lord King Nebuchadadnezzer of Mesopotamia expanded his borders across the cradle of creation in the year 549 BC. The story was heard by Arabs and the children tale was told and retold for centuries as the Epic of Gilgamesh .

This man was said to have had a dream to build a massive boat in the deserts outside of Babylon. He took in two by two all the animals of mans needs cows, sheep, goats, hens ,geese, horse and his family .Then when all was loaded he stood waiting to raise the sails on deck. The people came and laughed for long enough before the rivers rose high and flooded the lands and the boat sailed away leaving behind civilization to drown. For many weeks they floated and came to rest on a mountain side after using doves to locate land.

So some 1200 years later Gilgamesh becomes the tale of Noah told by Israel scribes as myth but it entered the bible more as fact. If you research you will also see this stories origin is in India long before Babylon was even built.

Vedic folk law tells of a fish that warns a king called Manu of a great flood . The fish tells this king to build a boat taking only the peaceful minded people and animals in pairs. This is perhaps 2000 years older than any tale mentioned. I think it the origin of the biblical Noah.

For some time King Nebuchadnezzer occupied India so this how this tale came to be in Babylon. .it is an easy search to find the start of such a massive story. Can anyone see lions walking peacefully up a ramp behind lambs and goats . The simple fact that not only building boat without skill and no dry dock for what is measured as size of Titanic with only his family to help. Then fill with a zoo and farmyard to care for,feed and muck out daily .This would be a full time job alone so who sailed the ship? It is a story to wonder at in childhood as it was intended to be at outset. Noah is a story handed down over 2569 years from the hearing.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is 6000 years ago and King Manu long before. Dont cry out sinner first go in search as I did. I aim to upset no Christian or Islam believer I am a man who searched for God and give creed of mans religions a wide birth as none of them are made by God but mans wishes and desires for God to be. God needs none of it but still loves us all.

These are my findings and Noah never existed as you can see. The recorded facts are all available to anyone to read my blog is only part of a story but that part I needed to prove where that great tale in the bible came from. I think many many many people of hundred years ago or so wrote what was current but it all is mixed up. What is fact and what is fiction can not be sorted unless someone starts the job in hand .Great facts lay hidden in that Bible .Some distorted by secondhand views. Then some are legends not possible . Noah would have needed hundreds of skilled workers to build a boat that was a ship the size of ocean steam ships now. Then as its fiction anything is possible.

This brings me to that boat shape feature on Ararat mountain side in modern day Turkey. Is it a boat under all that rock or is it more an erratic moved by the ice into a geological feature over time? We wait to see but what will it prove if it is my some magic a boat? No mention in the story were the boat landed in fact so Ararat just happened to be available to those how believe anything because they want to. Nothing said by man can be trusted unless one is prepared to look closer and research .As man is lazy on checking even his phone bills is it a surprise we believe what we are told is true without proof.

I dare say some will still not take my word. I hope they will look closer before commenting .Again I say no intent to make fun of religions only have my views and facts to guide me.

Thank you for reading a simple explanation of an old story and how it came to be held as true. For those who want to know what is meant by BCE (before common known time or era .)

Yours Sir K

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020

The crew. A tale of the high seas .

The cruel hardened wind howled in the masts billowing the sails out as linen on the line. The tiny ship heeled starboard as fast too the men on deck sped into action. The life at sea was not what the lad had believed but when ordered he jumped into the sails of the Fore mast cross spar and monkey like tackled the twisted ropes. Men on deck marveled at the sight of a 12 year old Midshipman in full navy uniform doing a sailors job aloft. The sea spray hit his face many times he nearly toppled down to 70 foot drop onto the hard oaken sea washed deck. Many believed it would be his fate. Down he came the ropes fast and tied off below. His five foot frame stood straight as a dye and cried out “Hove too, action on the Port side. Mister Mason load the front cannon.Hold fire until we see the whites of his eyes my boys. Frenchie She is.”
Up behind Him came the master .’Good enough lad. See who will mock you now.” He smiled at the little Midshipman who inside swelled out ,then no one noticed all fixed now on taking the ship racing too them.

Head on she came with the wind in her sails to board them. Lagging on tack the British naval frigate loomed limpid out of breath. Seeing her plight the big deck Frenchman gave broadside and tacked to reload and pass again with the wind down her other flank.
Waiting for this British guns on four wooden brass bound wheels could reload six times faster and she let rip as the French lowered their gins to lower deck British shot round after round along her plimsole line and before her Captain could turn her head she was already flooding below, the sea in her belly took her down. A cheer went up and the little Midshipman Pennington was lifted high on his mens shoulders. He had been accepted as one of them and respected for rank by all.
The French taken aboard in chains led into the hold. Enemy to ransom back to France would bring in a tidy gold haul.
The ship ran fast to harbour in the Dover straight down into the Royal docks. Within time her damage repaired and again orders to sail came back from Sea Lords.
The rest had seen the Midshipman tell all to his family in London. His father ever so proud was a Chandler for the Navy Board.

At sea again the Viscount sailed North wards. By midday the rocky point loomed into view on her lee bow. The wind now almost a gale. To round that dreaded rock the Sail Master Mister Falcote asked the set the main sails. ” No Sir”. shouted the Captain, “She cant take it man. ”

.”She will have to Sir we head to that rock unless “Cried the Sail Master. Up that sail unfurled and filled out so fast nearly broke the main mast in part. Around that ragged rocky point she came so close and off her side came speed as wind changed direction and away to sea she opened up. The coast of Sweden in sight to rest in. From here her able Captain had planed the meeting with Jan hoe a man known for battle .A gun master and a dead shot with a cannon or pistol. At dawn with the tide the vessel made good passage down to Gibraltar and filled up with provisions ready to tackle the journey to fight the French.
“Enemy in sight”, came the Midshipmans watch call from the poop deck. Make to you men all stations make ready. ”
In between the the two French men racing at them she sped in tight and fired both banks into each and caught the turn and wind raced her far off as both ships sank. Near the coast they swam and Viscount sped away like a ghost. She had not escaped her rigging in bad way no control of the ship had men up and down repairing splicing and sweating but as soon as she came to hand ahead lay the French Four masted war ship of Napoleons navy . She just remained ready to pounce. Steady her gun decks made ready . She sat like a duck in front of death. Nothing Viscount could do but wait for the run. Her yard arm almost touching as the French man hurled forth head on his guns blazing hit the ship square on. Her figure head in splinters and her fore deck on fire. Slowly she leveled the cannon and before he could reload Viscount fired ball shot and grape into her hull .The oak planks split apart but the shot did not stop her being just a bit too high of the water. Like a sitting duck they drew swords when a little Midshipman aged 13 fired a barrel high over board towards the oncoming hell.
Once in the air Jon the Swed fired a riffle and the barrel bust into flames on to the main sail and down to the decks. On she came a fire ball now ready to explode. Viscount fired again lower and down she went just half a league the suction as waves sucked the big laden ship down to Davy Jones locker Viscount was trapped bobbing around like a cork. Her sides torn out against the rocks the waves racing over her washing all from their feet and no end seems to come. Viscounts last stand sank in the swallows and deep mud basin. The morning came as clouds broke from the rising sun. The dead buried the ship almost gone as rescue would not even aid her now. Over land the survivors slipped away into history. Save for a letter home from a 14 year old navy Midshipman to his dear mother from a French prison someplace out of sight or name. it was found by builders making flats near Marsailles France among the belongings of a navy man.

It was dated by the book on Nelson found in the lads pack. No bones or clothes found led archeologists from Paris to contact London. It seems the crew of the navy vessel Viscount that was lost without trace in 1807 had been located as prisoners but as no bodies found only belongings led to two thoughts. One. They had effected fast escape .Two they had been executed by their captures. The Midshipmans letter to his mother made no mention of the prison or the loss of HMS Viscount and may have been written to stop her worry only. Or a wishful thought and not sent either that he could not or he was dead anyway soon after. War is that way often we hope they did not suffer but we were at war and anything could have happened to that crew.

Although I admit this is a work of fiction many ended up worse in war.

Yours always Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020.