Cats and the Black Death case.

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You may be alarmed to know about this singular case of stupidity that contributed to some third of European people loosing their lives in the worse plague in human history.

Pope Gregory 1X 1227-1241. decided that cats ,especially black cats had connection to the Devil. He organized a vast clear out of cats all over Europe by Papal Degree. Cats connected to witchcraft wiped out millions of the poor innocent creatures and it took years until hardly a single cat remained alive any place in nay European nation. He as Pope then changed every law  in the Catholic library. A Papal inquisition followed hard on that trail which rewrote history. You spoke against the church and the Pope signed your death warrant as a fact.  Cats piled in heaps all over Europe stank as fire then had to be the clear up.

That is enough of  Ugolino de Conti who  became Pope Gregory 1X

For almost a century after this massacre of cats came the worse human tragedy ever recorded. The plague called the Black Death ran quickly through all Europe into England unstoppable and death bringing killed without mercy millions of people.Age mattered not your family wiped out in days.  Accounts of the deaths are fact the lime pits clearly ,marked in London Rome and Paris still stand as sentinels of truth that so many died. Some villages have plague pits all over their boundaries. One theory is that rats brought in the Black Death from Asia Minor. By ship the rats over populated every country and brought in the flea that is blamed for plague spreading.

We go back to the lack of cats slaughtered by the Pope as one good reason why rats, mice and rodents of all types would have been kept well down in number by none other than the cats themselves. It took a time to build up so many rodents that ran in streets like rivers and stories of Pied Piper is not wrong. Men earned hard cash dispelling the rats it was that desperate in all cities. Town too as any crumb of food feed the vast armies of rodent power. Nothing was safe children eaten dogs devoured and then on to ships in harbour for anything to eat. In 1346 the first terrifying signs of plague hit Europe. Until 1353 it raged hard and long like arrows into peoples hearts everywhere. The call to bring out your dead echoed all around you and the takers of bodies wore beaked head gear filled with scents as they thought that an air born invasion of death could be stopped by not breathing in the air but through mixtures of scents and fruit skins. The Peak that made them look so evil was protection filled with this mix.


So the Vatican stopped killing cats as Gregory died and the new Pope stopped most of it.

The people saw cats as witchcraft and it was years later that cats re appeared at all mostly from Ireland into England and back out into Europe.

Many believe now that rats did bring that plague and all can be placed on the Vatican for wiping out billions of cats on the stupid idea they had all been made by Satan that that church itself invented to scare you into paying out for protection. The millions that suffered from such as Black Death would agree that they died in agony through the absence of cats to control the armies of rats. We can only save RIP to our ancestors, yours and mine that suffered such an evil death.

As for the cat today ,it is back and loved by many who see its beauty its pet like charms and who enjoy the absence of rats around their estates. Let us pray that never again will we see such a plague or evil wicked invasion of rats to affect us.

cat-kill-rat-close-up-thai-mouse-ceramic-floor-tiles-3642728Rats, they fought the dogs,killed the cats and bit the babies in their cradles, and ate the cheeses out of the vats, and licked the soup from the cooks own ladle,Split open the kegs of salted sprats made their nests in dead mans hats and even  spoiled the womens chats by drowning  their speakers with shrieking and squeaking . In fifty different sharp and flat yodel .

Such was it that Robert Browning wrote after reading history of the plague.

Thank you for reading this and know now ,save today ,we seem compared to then we are happy people to be alive.  Man made religion, God made man to love him and serve him.

Yours with respect. Sir Kevin.


The Vatican today

copyright Kevin Parr Bt  2018




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