The sunken gold ship account


Fair stood the wind from France as two French ships in full sail crossed the Chanel on that day in the year of grace 1745. Captured by Angus Jacobites  in Montrose  Harbour Scotland in the November of that year and renamed from The Hazard  to The Prince Charles Edward Stuart and now sailed to France and back with supplies for the planed revolution.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart was now running low on provisions and arms but cash flow was his problem.The French King Louis Xv had sent gold coins in thousands so to win the throne back from our German King.

There is no doubt at all that this was the plan set in motion no matter what some historians think it just a head count to show how many British could be relied upon when war came to set Prince Charlies father on the Throne of Britain.

On to our coast line the laden ship came closer. It was the in the sights of a British naval man o war. Although the ship was 270 tonnes and supported 12 six pounder deck cannons and gave fight the great war ship aimed well and holed her below the plimsol line.Taking in much water she managed to run ashore and Captain George Talbot and his crew vanished across into the towns along the shores of Loch Hakel near by the headland of Kyle.

They say before the navy could secure the beached ship many towns folk stole what they could. Many made rich by this act but nothing was done as no manifest to tell what cargo was in her holds. Some truth may be that gold coin in boxes sank into the sea when she was holed by cannon.

in 1840 a large gold coin was found in long grass  at the far end of Lochan.

The end was just three weeks away on the battlefield of Colloden Moor on the 16th April 1745 the British red coated infantry shot the last Scottish Highland charge to pieces but not before Prince Charlie manged to escape back to Italy and died many years later a total drunk.

Two more French Frigates rounded the headland of Scotland harried by Naval war ships .One sank in the Kyle of Tongue the other sank in deep sea waters .Naval intelligence tells of the ship that limped into the Tongue sank close to the rock wall to the left side on the entrance to Kyle.  We think that she too carried muskets ball and cannon along with cash count for Charlies escape.

Many tell of the march ending at Derby when all London was away with the King .He could have just walked in and took the throne. It is wrong that they say it was confusion as Prince could only speak Italian. He spoke clear and perfect English too along with French.

What happened after he left our shores amounted to ethnic cleansing all over Scotland and Northern England of any who could be said to support another king. German George had been only the Mayor of  Hanover but was one brute as King and his big fat son Cumberland made sure the Scots ran or be killed. Canada is full of the many who effected escape from the Georgian mass killer who occupied our throne as those in power had elected what they thought was a Protestant King but spoke no German so did not know what an Electorate was?  A common Mayor with no Royalty in him.

The gold, if found in Kyle, is deep and would need a diving team with skills and protection from the bends as if she is on the bottom it will present problems. Then many will try I am sure, as four million in gold then could realize perhaps 50 million now. the ships names ,Le Mars. The other, La Bellone.  You will receive no help from The French records only that of the British attack on the French flag flying ships have scant detail for obvious reasons  2fb4dde70c2b43734b235a419c87f170

To trace the records one must study hard that fight as ship log will say where the enemy vessel sank and I have read it twice so you can do the math yourself.  Good luck I wish you well as I have stood on that cliff gazing down into the Kyle and would not want that dive no matter how rich it made me. Deep and black her waters that run out to sea .It is were Sea gulls go to be lonely.

I just had to write this up as in fact I have been so informed that someone is planning a dive in Summer of 2019. It will make history as to raise that vessel would thrill any historian  The prize is so high maybe even you will try.

God speed my friends good luck ride with you if you try for riches beware your not alone.

Spanish Gold and French booty may be even older coin but all gold and saleable .The coins in museums to show our next generation would be nicer.

Thank you all of you for reading my articles I do try to make them interesting and so hope you follow my work. I charge you nothing to see amazing facts that may entertain and educate any who you that likes history.

Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr 2018




5 thoughts on “The sunken gold ship account”

    1. Indeed more loot lost in North Sea by ship wrecks around coasts of Britain than anyplace else on earth. Captain Kidds treasure did not exist and Oak island a fools grave yard. Gold ship crossing the way across pond to New York from Liverpool in 1941 hit and sunk by Hitlers U boats was caring 200bars of bank of England gold to pay America for ships needed as you refused to aid us against Hitlers nazi power. That came only when radio operators at Pearl harbour thought Japan Hiro Hitos warning a joke and failed to act on it. The result was horrific and so you can into the war at that point as Britain was fighting alone the high German advance. Not anyones fault save Roosevelts. history is a sad reflection on mans hatred of man. We have forgotten that we are all Gods children as one wants more than his brother or sister seem to have and he wants war. It is profitable in the shoret term as metal prices climb scrap too and armourments sell to keep politics in income far more than in peace time as all of them both sides of the pond are investing hard in such and war then brings home to profits. We the victims are sent to fight and die to fill the coffers of the insane. No one ever really wins anything its called peace the prize as we bury millions of innocent souls for nothing gained. If any star fleet from far reaches of space ever saw what man is now from what he was in time of Moses no wonder they never want to land and saw Hi as once they did when man was young and earth had never know two world wars that ruined our world and for what? half the world is not truly free not all have food as loggers chop down for greed their habitat. We must not take notice is our way to close off pain but still they cry for us to hear. Non of us are guilty but non are innocent really either. Mankind who rules is in the position to claim all fight over every bit of it but no pockets in shrouds to take it with us back home to God. So why do we do all this damage desire all that is gold and still fit through that eye of a needle before the camel. We are spirits only act as if that matters for their is a higher price to pay than the Putins and Hitlers of this world can ever imagine. There now dear you this is the true history that exists with small pockets of nice things sprinkled all over it. Do we dwell on the nice things to cheer us up or tell the truth and hope for change. It is the dilemma of all research historian as to what to leave out in facts or shock the lot of us with facts so strange and upsetting about mans existence on earth.

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