space travel and who first thought of it.

Who really was it who first gave credence to that thought? One may say NASA. Some say that Gene Rodenbury with the TV show Star Trek that led on to Star Wars the movie. Almost could have been except it was in the 17th century that Dr. John Wilkins thought of it as more than possible to leave Earths surface.

john Wilkins (1614-1672)GettyImages-2638453_0-b8ceca0.jpeg

Wilkins born in Northamptonshire rose to attend Oxford University as polymath and theologian of brilliance. he was brought up puritan by his parents and he married Robina ,the little sister of Oliver Cromwell.

In time he became one of the founder members of The Royal Society. He even wrote two books on the subject of man in flight. “Flying Chariots” told of flight outside of earths pull. He thought, wrongly, though that even our moon was populated but was so right on most other things we must forgive him.  At one point he seems to go on to time travel in the pages of his last book. Who can say he is wrong on that as we have not arrived at that point as yet, not  even now.

Many scholars agreed with Wilkins and so he started building flying machines with friend and inventor Robert Hooke. They chose the gardens of Wadham College Oxford. as both men had attendance in that said university. Some months later he was forced to admit that space travel was more complicated than he thought.

images_025images_009images_003.jpegimages_007.jpegIn fact we are so informed that some progress came from the partnership. What his machines looked like we have no real idea but must have been primitive sort of animal hide and wood. Here I have placed a few photographs of early flying hopefuls for illustration only.

John Watkins was really the father of flight and inventor of modern science. Too early in time he gave us hope to all who followed him and many did.

It was the study of the nature of vacuum that he slowly came to realize that space could not be reached without real power.He was not wrong and some 350 years away from being proved totally right over space flight but wrong about the moon being populated .

So for now we all know who really knew ahead of all that one day a rocket ship would leave earth to enter orbit way above our world. It is still too early for us to travel in space far away for even our planetary system but no rocket can stay up or have power to reach out. It is a primitive system with such limitation and we can see why. What stick goes up must come down. Take a childs spinning top for one push of the central stick and almost perpetual motion is yours to witness. in this way we can spin out of of our earths pull. It has skins as that of an onion. All are the skin that keeps us in air and gravity or we would float and be dead. In fact it is the epidermous  that holds us all together like our bodies have skin around us as a sack of blood with a frame called bones. Our skin heals itself and so will the skin around our earth. We are not alone as early man knew. Planets many light years with peoples much like us we hope can travel in weeks to us but we humans with our silly rockets can never travel as if at one day old it would take all our life to get half way. 230 years in fact to reach that far as the far stars that we see in the night say on a star filled still evening. It has thrilled and amazed mankind from time long gone.

We can never reach that far now or until we change from rocket to spinning top. Centre fugal force . As no plans are set in place to effect this change we are at a similar place that Dr. John Wilkins was in the 17th century.

Wilkins was far sighted indeed and way ahead of his time. Yet times changed even f0r him as Cromwell died in office and then we brought back the trouble with monarchy as our leader. King Charles made sure all the puritans  had to be punished for his fathers death on executioners block.

Wilkins found himself out of a job and penniless. Poverty knocked hard at his door but his luck changed again as he was raised to be Bishop of Chester. He died not long after on 19th November 1672 in Cheshire England aged just 58. He is buried in Saint Lawrence Jewry Church in the City of London.

thank you all for your support my readers.

Yours always with respect Sir Kevin.


copyright Kevin Parr Bt, 2018


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