Air Ace Amelia Mary Earhart mystery

Born 24th July 1897 in Atchinson Kansas USA  Amelia born to a rich lawyers family. Her father a rail road lawyer married the local heiress. She had a good beginning and as she grew she want with family to visit her far older sister living in Toronto. From here she was introduced to air planes when the family went to see an aviation Expo. The main event being a pilot flying a by plane as a barn storm flyer doing tricks in the air and ending by flying straight through an open ended barn without touching the walls with his wings at high speed. This thrilled the young lady who went on to by her own plane  and to become famous crossing the Pacific ocean.  From this flight she became the first female to fly alone across so vast an ocean.

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Aged 39 she bought her lovely Lockheed model 10 Electra and had it delivered on her birthday.. It was soon developed into a top model by radio being included in modern tech. They fitted Western Electrics radio with Bendix modification finder BFO beat finder .it was high tech and it took time for Amelia to learn how to use it.  A plane 38 feet long height from ground 10 feet and empty weighed 6454 pounds . It had a cruise speed of 192 mph and a range of 619 nautical miles .A service ceiling of 19,400 feet . its registration code number was NR16020. Modified to hold 1150 gallons of air aviation fuel.  Every bit of space held fuel cans and tanks made to hold double that amount.  The planes increased weight slowed the over all speed down by 10 mph. So if max was 202 it ended less.


Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Electra model 10 aircraft.

A flying fuel tank she called it. They set off with world acclaim and public awareness her and her loyal navigator Fred Noonan.It was July 2nd 1937. They flew from USA on a summers morning out across towards Japan.Something happened and by 24th July she was reported missing. Her and Noonan never seen again.

The fact she did pass her license test to fly in 1923 so she was a real flyer and radio ham. Many say she had no idea of the new high tech radios but that is simply not true she did know how to use them so did Fred Noonan he was a world class navigator a flyer and  a sea captain of fame.


a brushed up and tinted photo of Amelia as she looked.

Washington Post an American news  paper carried the story of Amelia lost messages picked up by radio hams across the States .in one desperate message from her to US navy command in Honolulu was heard in Morse code 281 North Howland call KHAQQ.”Beyond north- wont hold with us much longer,above water.Shut off”

This was ignored as seen as a hoax. As with all other messages no action was taken as Government marked all calls fake.Why?

After July 24th 1937 it was proclaimed the pair had gone missing. Eventually after searches made declared the plane had ditched in the ocean and story was shut down.

Now 80 odd years have raced by but Amelia Earhart story refuses to fade away. Something is very wrong to my mind here. If we recall she was followed all the way by navigational ship with reporters and radio experts. Yet all this went on without them seeing or hearing a thing. She landed that plane we know now for sure. May be in shallow water. Her last know message received shows her near the coastlines of islands in the west Pacific Ocean. we now she headed for Howland Island but over flew it?

Gardner Island , now named by its native name of Nikumaroro  is found in Longitude -4.6667 Latitude -174,516664 in the Phoenix group of atolls. It is a land mass of 6 kilometers with an inland tidal lagoon. A coral elongated island that can be the place that she put her plane down for that last time. Forested and coconut plantation in places she must have landed on the sand bar and walked to the shore. The island is unpopulated.It is possible that both had injuries but Fred Noonan message recorded tells

.”We must be on you, but cannot see you but gas is running low.have been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1000 feet”

End of message and last ever reported as genuine?

Later in time a shoe and some items of clothing along with female bones found by the new outpost of Coast guard station on that said island had some 260 men based there. That was about three years after the plane and pilot and navigator vanished. She may have buried Fred Noonan and died herself .it is clear all later messages she sent by tidal conditions as plane on sand bar could only be reached at low tide and radio only worked with engines running. Once her fuel ran out the messages stopped.

It is a mystery how the navy ship following her lost contact with high tech radios. Signal.  finder included. Was it set up to happen??? If so why? She flew for 10 hours each day nautical miles from California to just past Howland Island. She was on the wrong line it seems and over shot Howland. 33 hours it took to loose her. Oakland down the coast of Senegal and out on an established Australia root even those days Howland island was the place known well as base for ships for the Aussie ride. What really happened to Amelia Earhart is far more than her vanishing.  Something is wrong knowing how much fuel she carried for a world trip of gentle flying. Was she shot down by an unseen hand. The few messages put together tell a sorrowful tale  indeed to read. No help came and her end was tragic. Starved to death and eaten by wild animals most likely. Funny a massive Lockheed plane just vanished too. No trace will ever be found of it now after 82 years this year. Nothing could be found of it in 1937 so the story is.  Am I alone in my thoughts that fowl play is the real story. Is someone in the know as to why?  just a short time off World war 2 was she seen as a spy? even by the USA top rank war office.

I do not believe she was so bad a pilot or useless, as some say, on radio use or why would a man such as Noonan risk his all to fly with her? Amelia was  married may be only to pay for her flying.   Noonan was acclaimed as a world top navigator and seasoned aviator. There was no one with his qualifications in the world then. At age 44 he had planed her route so well a fault is impossible. How could they be using the wrong maps as said. She had ships following her at each leg of that journey yet she vanished . Lies have been told and something brought her down. It was not bad weather, storms or wind.  She had too long flying but she had Noonan to rely upon. She had enough fuel to go much further she was a good enough pilot and in the company of an expert. It just fails to stack up to my mind. Misfortune is one way of putting it but was her last flight so far off and why did her navigator miss Howland island if it was a fact she landed on Gardner island so where is that plane? Not something you would miss is it? Of course they top men told of it vanishing into the sea? how did they know to say this .If it came from the ship Amelia had as back up then they knew all. But hard science investigation on Gardner Island is pointing at her last days alive on that atoll but again no sign of that plane? Not something one can hide .was it washed with the tide into the blue yonder on the beach at Gardner island. If so divers have not found the wreckage. If the wreck is found we will have all the proof we need to find the truth.

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Amelia with her navigator Fred Noonan

A true mystery but not the failure to achieve as she was a great pilot with fame justly hers but the mystery is how she was not found when they knew the area that plane went down in. why declare all messages of help being fake?  Time cannot tell what happened but questions of certain reality remain. Was it the promised war of 1939 that made her dangerous to allies. Did she see something that was not made to be discovered by public.

Over whelming evidence is there to say she landed on this atoll so what happened to her Lockheed Electra model 10? Something is not right, I feel. It is one for you to think on.

Thank you for being with me and I hope you enjoyed the read and slant I am forced to record. An interesting fact is her surname is German Saxon meaning Brave and honourable.

Yours as ever Sir Kevin,

copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet 2018

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