William Wallace was not Braveheart.

Was this 6 foot 5 inch tall bearded Viking the stuff of legends as freedom fighter or just a villain , a killer on a grudge .

images William Wallace at Sterling looking out to his manorial

We may have all seen the movie Braveheart which was a good film to watch if you forget it was all lies by the production team and sales went mad. Made billions for the actor Mel Gibson and a block buster in the film industry made many rich.

Now we look at the facts and so progress with me to the year it all started. It was 1286 and the newly married King of Scotland Alexander 111 was ready with his wife to leave Edinburgh Castle but a storm so vile had launched itself against battlements and walls of that said castle. It was not a night to leave a warm fire but the King ignored all warnings and so rode off with his guard lagging behind. Soon they lost sight of the King and  his Queen and by the time he was found he lay dead on the wet ground. He had broken his neck as his horse had stumbled and out of the saddle he slipped.The Queen was able through tears, to explain.

This left Scotland defenseless with out a King on its throne. They gave great thought to this matter and it was decided that the most powerful King in whole of Europe was King Edward the first on England and France. So he was thus invited to rule Scotland.King Edward arrived and set John Balliol as Kings man in his place. All was settled Edward had bigger fish to fry and marched home leaving John to set up defenses.

William Wallace was a poor Knights son of little interest in what was going on. He too was of Norman Viking stock.  Then most of the nobles and some of the thanes had Norman blood in their French veins. A giant of a man who terrified all that saw him he had studied some Latin but was employed by the Church as an archer not a priest as told in the film. But we must leave that film now far behind us.

It seems Wallace at a local dance saw a girl called Marion from his own area of Lanark who at 17 was able to impress him that much he led her out into the fields and they became lovers. She wanted him and he wanted her in a love match. Only trouble being that the local Squire who was also a dignitary wanted her hand in marriage. His name was Hezelerigg and he waited and saw her with Wallace one of the Lanarkshire wide boys he thought and so he took poor Marion to his house. Hearing this, Wallace waited until night fall, then in he went and with sword in hand at beg for Marion to be his wife. He then saw Marion dead on the floor opposite the bed. Her killer lay laughing so he carved this Sheriff up into bits. in front of servants who saw it all he was now a hunted man. It was all a grudge over a girl that belonged to no one and a man who kept her from him had to die. Wallace was 27 years old and lion like it is recorded. He was brutal but so the times ran with him. Hearing who was after him he crept into all those mens homes and slaughtered them before they could catch him for his crime, now crimes, as he ran crazy all around killing all that stood against him.

John Balliol had had a taste of power and encouraged by his court of nobles he marched to take on England. Wallace hearing that Balliol wanted archers soon  hid himself in the ranks as that army marched on Edinburgh city. It was just the excuse that Edward had waited for. Up the length of Britain he raced in 17days a whole army stood ready waiting to take on the Scottish army with traitor Balliol at its head.

images_006 Edinburgh Castle Scotland today.

At Berwick on Tweed on the Scottish coast the battle took place and Edward massacred 12000 Scots and captured all leaders. It was a blood bath according to all accounts. Wallace had fled with a few survivors to the hills. He now had a grudge against Edward King of England and anyone who spoke English he swore to kill.

In the hills and mountains of his home he hid out for months plotting and planning against the English. he lived by hunting the Kings dear and stealing from farmers milk and eggs and more.

You see Wallace as with all people of noble birth spoke Norman French only, at that time as French Kings from time of Duke  William of Normandy   the Conqueror so all had to learn that language or else. English emerged out of four different languages Latin included French and Viking Norse with old England before 1066 which was German Saxon in the south but in the north Latin and part Norway. The north gave us English first around 1200 in middle English that sounds more like Viking and German but grew and expanded by trade into London and taken up as code to stop French masters listening in to talk below stairs.

English became the working class talk and over centuries accepted by all ranks as our own expanding language around 1312. It then set off to conquer the whole world as an easy way to converse without all the graf and male and female references as in French and European languages such as Latvian. English is direct and short and exact. It is why it spread beyond our shores to again grow in structure taking on such things as included such as Pyjamas as nightware entered our language in 1780s India.  Modern words such as Verandah meaning landed and shorter is a porch added to a house came again from India. If you are interest in old English a book by Professor  J. Hall  entitled Early Middle English published by  Oxford Press is a great help to the reader. Anyway enough of middle English for now. Back to King Edward  the first


a-portrait-of-king-edward-i-12391307-aka-edward-longshanks-.jpeg          How King

Edward 1 may have looked from a coin of his  time. I have his blood in my veins being fully  Angevin on both sides of my family and Plantagenet through Neville lines and  Du Parr down the ages .Saying this my research was pure and the out come in no way affected by relationship to Edward. Take away the locks the crown the beard Im looking at my fathers younger brother, my own uncle. I would say this is how Edward looked. My uncle too was 6 foot 4. like  Edward.


Fighting on the borders brought the Kings son at head of the army as his father King Edward was warring in France. Young Edward was no soldier not really a man, effeminate in all things he trolled up into Sterling shire  and walked right into an advanced trap on a bridge that only two horses at a time abreast could slowly advance. His generals told him to leave and surround the enemy from the far side of the hills. But then young  Edward could see no enemy and advanced to the bridge. From underneath lances where poked into the horse hearts dropping them dead that blocked the bridge and archers fired into the mass of troops deadly arrows. 10000 men died on that bridge and Wallace was now a hero. Young Edward rode home with just 100 men out of whole army lost.

black-and-white-illustration-the-great-seal-of-king-edward-.jpeg Coin of King Edward I, mint

Edward the first had no time for loving his Queen who he adored. He raced up again to wipe the smile off the Scots mans face. On his way up his intelligence officers informed him of this Wallace taller than the King who was around 6 foot 3 inches and nicknamed  Long Shanks. He was ready for a fight but so was Wallace who had nailed a silly boys army but could never compete with a war hardened war planer of Edwards ilk. Wallace was known to be near Falkirk and Edward searched the areas until the Scottish army was seen dressing and practicing in a valley below.  Edward set up and waited the action fought at Falkirk was decisive and total wipe out of Scotland army. Wallace escaped but Edward victorious  marched his army into Edinburgh offering a reward for the leaders and for Wallace the traitor. Sir John Montieth one of William Wallaces best friends and God father to his children arrested Wallace and presented him to the King of England.

Letters of Wallace in his own hand showed how he had been to Rome and France and asking for trade and aid to capture London and the King himself. One such letter still exists in care of records office from Wallace to traders in Germany.

Wallace had raided England and killed children in schools murdered simple farmers and slaughtered all he came across adding to thousands of lives lost by fire and sword. During his trail in London week latter he would say nothing all through the witnesses against him and the proof that was brought in . Edward gave him a fair trial even down to the Roman and French traders that Wallace had spoken with. He was accused with murder of the local sheriff and then murder of civilians and children. He was accused of being a traitor to the king.

It was only now he spoke,  in French. “How could I be a traitor I have not sworn alliance to any King. ”

He was hanged drawn and quartered at Smithfield in London on a special stand erected for the public to watch the show. Parts from his divided body sent across to main cities and to Scotland too.

Wallace was suffering from mental illness in my opinion as he was more brutal than even the gory times he lived within. If any crossed him he would act fast and kill them in their own homes even in their beds. He was hated by the Scottish high lords and a legend with the locals in Lanarkshire Even now loved by nationalistic Scots men who sing his praise even  after 722 years of winning nothing but the road to England.

Being fully nationalistic is an illness as we are all Gods children and live not long enough to war and die for any country any King or any gold offered. My soul is clean now after war fought for Britain and who stopped our pay going into banks as they thought that non of us would come back home alive. I was finished that day and refused a medal.

In  a free spirit and a God loving man no fear of death exists.

Robert De Bruce became King of Scotland by seizing that throne in 1306 and fought the son of now dead King Edward of England at the battle of Bannockburn  on 24th June  1314- making Scotland free from English taxes and independent   as a nation. The son of Edward Longshanks lost again an army and lost his throne soon after before his enemies could kill him. And they would have even so. Then that was covered in my story of facts on King Edward 11 tomb.

Ah! yes before I sign off dear readers that title above explained. At Robert Vill de  Bruces funeral  at Melrose Abbey he was called by his priest Brave Heart in life as he cut out that heart from the Kings body, to send corpse to Palestine whilst his heart to rests at Melrose in front of the alter and it is there today in that glory of a ruin over the English border that is Melrose Abbey. Brave heart was Robert Bruce not Wallace.

images_072 Robert De Bruce King of Scotland at Bannockburn site in Scotland

So as Wallace never came into contact with Queen Phillipa wife of King Edward 11. He never bared his back side to Edward the first either. If he painted his body blue it was from Saxon wode and so Id say impossible copying an English ancient custom. So you see there is not much left as that film was Hollywood only. The end bit that says a surviving Wallace member told the true story I would stand up and say what facts are. That is if ever it was in truth that he existed at all. The truth is always more nasty and violent and told as it happened against record is better than all fiction ever can be. Wallace was a killer of even his own peoples never mind the hatred he had for us English who had never hurt him. Remember we never invaded Edward was invited by Scots to rule Scotland. The Scottish  have no right to hate England nor we to hate the Scots. God will judge us all so in that time allocated to all of us short or long we should clear the mind live as honest men and help all who need it. Remember  this eternity is waiting for us which side you go is yours now to decide. Is life just a test.Indeed it is my own thought that it is. I know full well that I am immortal as death is only the end of the cart that is our body in flesh .Our spirit walks freely out of it. In that vein will we meet and talk with those I write about , that I do not know I never got that far before I was called back to serve on earth.

Thank you for reading the true facts. We are all of us Gods children but some forget or never have know peace. Some need help others are pure evil. Wallace was mentally disturbed in my opinion he needed help for sure. You see his letters show he was educated for his time and he had diplomacy in his words. He just loved killing people as judge and jury. A  brutal thug of a man with a brain is the most dangerous of beings. It divides him from the lion who kills because he is made that way and has to for food. For he who kills his brother will be judged. Im not a religious man at all I subscribe to none of that man made churches. God walks with us why will he need a house he owns all planets made us in his own image and never leaves our side. He hears our every thought I believe.

Sorry I have again wandered off the subject

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018 August.

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