The Vampire murder Case

In the month of May 1932 a murder took place that shocked the Swedish Police Force and although never solved it is one of the mystery cases that involve the Vampire legend as all the victims blood was drained using a soup ladle.

The remains of Lilly Lindstrom


In her flat in a block set in the area of Atlas in Stockholm Sweden the body of Lilly


Lindstrom was discovered by police on her bed face down naked. Her clothing neatly folded on a chair near her bed.

She was a divorcee aged 32 who had fallen into the sex trade as a known prostitute. Having missed her friend fellow prostitutes had phoned police who found that her door was locked and her death had occurred some 50 hours prior. what they found was shocking as a soup ladle still containing blood was on the floor near the bedside.Lilly lay face down drained of blood.  No trace of blood found any place other than of that ladle. It was a mystery that will not vanish as the case is famous and now cult kept to live on.


The bed she was found dead on in her tiny flat.

In Sweden Stockholm the area she lived in was near Sankt Eriksplan where today a police museum keeps the case on record. Then in 1932 no DNA so even though the body was licked by her killer who had had sex with the victim before killing her by many blows to the back of head nothing could be of any use those days.Also a used condom was found inside her rectum. The verdict today would have been totally proved as to the killers identity but back then he walked with today still a mystery as to how was the vampire (in mind) who killed her? The motive unknown only the victims blood tells a tale that has no ending. It seems Lilly had a nickname she was called THE Call GIRL, not because of her trade but as she had the only telephone in that block of many flats that she resided in. Seems many used that phone but none was her killer.

Vampires are legendary in certain countries it is believed that Vampires exist to this day graves are opened and wood stakes driven through the dead heart of once loved ones who are suspected of returning to drink the livings blood and make them in return Vampires.


When in  1897     English author Bram Stoker published his tale of Vampires at Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire UK He called his subject Count Dracula and the fear of attack by this evil spread all over England and only abated as the people became more educated owing to the School laws.

Hammer House of Horror was a TV show that thrilled us in the 1960s with actors fighting evil in English manor houses and villages all over England. Such talent as Oliver Reed started out here so to  Bates. Vampires abounded on movie themes such as Christopher Lee in The Devil Rides Out. Lee a secret Government Nazi catcher and agent until the age of 25. He took up acting. Tall and strong he lead all films he made. He was the man with the nerve of steal even in real life.

As to the end of case it is really still on investigation as her killer never seemed to be thirsty again as no other case of blood sucking came to the fore.

In researching this case I met an abrupt dead end so decided to search for facts on nay other similar case files existed. In this I talked with a medical gent over blood being intake by a human from a dead human. I was so informed that if performed as 8 pints ingested by the killer police would be looking for a dead man. As to do this blood drinking would certainly finish the killer off within hours of the act as it cannot be done medically, humanly with such an amount of live blood never mind the dead womans blood.

On this I offer only that the sale of blood may have paid the killer to sell for plasma so he may have drained her live and killed her properly later.  I do know that bodies in the Rhine river drained of blood led to people selling blood to doctors and hospitals in Germany in the 70s until law had to be changed.

Some evil humans will stop at nothing to make cash. Drugs now are the excuse used to take no action in law against the drugged thief. If you knowingly use drink or drugs and kill or steal you are still guilty,in my book, of a crime. Maybe hard but if you had suffered under this you may understand my feelings.

Vampire killings are not common but many cases exist of this sort. Here are listed a few real classic sad cases.

In 1609 Countess Elizabeth Bathony, a member of the Royal family of Hungary, was caught drinking the blood of her dead servant. Things became confused. She had caused the deaths of some 650 women in her life to then. All were servants to her and nearly all had water thrown at them and set to live out side of her mansion in deepest winter naked. It caused the deaths of may such women. She would then nibble of their bodies.

When she took a fancy to a noble lady who came to visit that game was up. Trying to rid herself of the copse she was caught red handed bathing in her blood. She was executed in 1609.

The case of the Vampire of Hanover.

Fritz Harrmaan  was perhaps the worlds first know serial killer.Between the years 1918-1924 he manged to murder 24 know people by biting through the neck ans drinking blood. he was caught in this act and executed in Gothingen Germany April 25th 1925 making world news. It is said that he thought himself a 700 year old Vampire. His head and heart cut out and now on show in that city museum. it seems he was believed.

Richard Chase. Life long fascination with blood brought him to kill on 6 counts of murder. Sacramento 1977 to end of 1978 Chase murdered, dismembered, and drank the blood of at least six known victims selected at random. .He took his own life in custody.

Josephine Smith in USA told a 69 year old homeless man that she was hungry for his blood and was going to eat him. She bit large holes in his face and arms before the man managed to effect escape his cries heard by passers buy had Smith found covered in his blood still chewing but had no recollection of what had happened when police arrested her. The man survived with lips gone face so badly eaten and arms in holes to the bone that amazed hospital surgeons.

We could go on with 40 more similar case files but enough here to show that so many believe them selves to be Nosferatu  was a 1922 classic horror movie about Vampires. It is something in the mind of the truly insane as it is merely voodoo . Vampire bats but not human Vampires just mentally disturbed killers beyond the help of mankind.

Vlad the Impaler was thought to be the first of a long line of vampires. Vald was the Royal Prince in Transalvannia in the middle ages.He was a warrior with evil intent as his blood lust brought him to lance his enemy and have his men balance the man on the lance point set in the ground supported by many other lances set into the body on top of  a tent on lances the blood running down like a shower he bathed in. His fame spread fast so no doubt his enemy kept well away. Ever since the county had cashed in with tourism and why not as morbid fascination with vampires and evil seem to lurk deep down in the mind of many if the film industry is anything to go by most of us are ready to watch a vampire movie. What then is it that so draws the people watch such rubbish? Promotion adverts or just something latent with in us to know the truth? From ancient cave man days our children are scared of the dark. It is the unknown that haunts us all . in caves primitive man was venerable to wild animal attacks so being scared in the dark had real meaning for them.


The hunter is out there sort of fear. It comes to us when young through some 40 million years of mans development and the Vampire only appeared in the 15th century in Eastern Europe. That fear of the unknown is what we face daily as life involves us in a test. We are only human and so are still growing in knowledge but this is a slow progress on a sharp learning curve. So Vampires are the built up fear perhaps we invent to feed that desire to be punished. The Church tells us that we are tempted by the Devil but to me man is his  own devil. Church is but an empty building at night. God is within mankind made in his likeness then if so the mind is the battleground between God and his devils .is this the root cause of madness in mankind.?  Could it be why such people come out as killers to be vampires and so the mind is disturbed twisted and deformed out of shape that gives us these facts that are the base level of mankinds evil. Vampires are not in the darkness not in the daylight they are shadows hiding in the mind of some more than in others. Like the fear of falling the fear of darkness and all the fears of childhood none are in fact real in daylight. So fear is fear not truth. It is rust upon the blade we are.

Hope you can see my point and thank you for your replies.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2018.

3 thoughts on “The Vampire murder Case”

    1. Inspector Sven Ragum told in his last report the day he retired 1948 that in his mind only a human who thought himself a Vampire could have performed this crime. That about sums this case up I think. Not a trace of the victims blood remained anyplace. The ladle was used in her stomach to drain her blood.If into a stand by vessel one would think trace of blood would have been discovered? It is still on file as mystery in Sweden. Im now checking on files to see if any other case is logged. Up to now who ever killed her vanished that is for sure if no other case comes up. Scary ,yes, then that is why it came to light to write it up. We all love mysteries so I provide them for you when I can. Otherwise it would not be amazing facts would it? I would have made a good police detective Im told but I was a lawyer so things like this fascinate me still. I like cases I cant solve somedays. It show me Im still human.

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