Crop circles explained

In no way can we call this art of crop circle a new fad as recorded history relates to a siting so cleaver and perfectly made in as early as 1678 in a Hertfordshire corn field. Various times through out the centuries this amazing fact appears as designs in our crop fields all over South England fill with circles of some massive proportions.

In 1980s in Westbury England a most unusual designed crop circle appeared over night in a farmers field .It became a national news item and so brought in expert examiners who mostly thought it the work of an Alien power who had intentions of contacting us. UFO trackers published papers on this site and in days it became a serious investigation as to which planet led the visit and made contact with their form of writing.

In January 1990 the plot thicken to show more than average number corn fields with signals in form so elaborate had been produced through out the summer.This conference on the 9th January had been formed to discuss the facts related to this invasion of crops being used to say something to us. Real scientists gathered to give an opinion.

images_006 images_002

Crop Circles.

Each year the circles became more and more complicated .Some so vast could only be seen from the air as in the two photographs above.

In an ancient corner of Britain is the county of Wiltshire that boasts Stonehenge site and Avebury and Silbury Hill and then Kennet Avenue that leads from Avebury out to Stone henge.  All mentioned sites dates at least 4000 years down the line to ancient man.


Stonehenge Wiltshire England

A newspaper called Today interviewed two men in their sixties who had claimed to have made many of the most famous crop circles themselves. Douglas Bower and David Chorley had invented the art to make really complicated designs in corn fields. At first the reporters thought it a good story but then the two men offered to show them how it works out on the fields at midnight. With wooden board frames they pushed the corn back as the walked guided by a string and with a base ball cap on head with the peak drilled to hold the level site to make the design easier. When it was all over and a small design made in under half an hour impressed the newsmen it was they that now decided to invite experts in to inspect. Without a word of fact the team of investigators came in to view. When after a good hour the experts all agreed it was not made by man but by aliens landing craft. Here the newsmen silenced the crop design makers and caused a front page run on alien life with photos of the circle included made national news. All would have been well if not for a leak and the paper was ruined as fraudsters.

To me those who jump to this sort of art thing it must be like a painter with a fresh canvas to see a vast golden field must evoke the soul to deceive and make art at that same time. I conclude so called experts still say some of the circles are from aliens design and therefore made by such. I say without doubt man made each and every one every time making it more imaginative. Teams of them at night whilst we are in our beds go out to carve a circle just for fun.

It is like graffiti only good to those who did it and a mess up of architecture for the rest of us who care about our cities who want to keep all clean. it is perhaps why some more basic want tattoos to decorate the human skin is a crime to my mind. Going native was the Naval term of charge for having marked the body. Officer never would dare to do it and only those lesser stoop to be made into  artwork. Same and why crop circle people want to ruin fields of healthy food.

images_011  images_015

The bible tells of aliens walking among us educating us to planets far beyond our world.We are but a ball loose in space and the bible tells of people being taken up in the chariots of the Gods to see the world below as a bowl of gruel.



We know that we cannot possibly be the only inhabitants in space it would be foolish to think so yet why dont they come to see us now? Good question but could it be they do but not too close these days as would you in their place  knowing we had two world wars, an Atom bomb and murders in all nations.  I would stay well away if I was them. They can teach us nothing as all too big headed and selfish now is the cost to us expanding into space beyond the stars but not ever in rockets what comes up must come down so look at the sightings that Governments will not allow us to talk about and all photographic proof vanished as soon as it came to news.

I am not here to say more but enough has made us uneasy with UFO news getting so near the truth that we are but a speck of dust in our own cosmos so some sort of intelligent life must be out there. I think even more advanced than us they can travel in seconds across the system but to us 100 years one way same journey .To travel outside our zone may take a lifetime span. We need to wake up as one day we will need to leave our planet and Governments need to come clean on what they hold back and we laugh at them for doing such in secret as none of us are thick heads.

Then crop circles have nothing to do with outside worlds at all.


I hope you enjoyed it today as I have done something I never have before I have told my thoughts and solved a mystery in part on circles in corn fields but opened another in alien life.

The photograph here is of a hovering  craft from a distance.  I myself saw  a massive ufo in Morecambe bay area of UK in the mid 1970s. This  was seen by some 45000 people as far as 100 miles away. My photo and two others by better cameras went into the local newspaper which published all with photos too in front page issue but was quickly taken off sale and no photo came back as they even denied it happened. I have proof this was stopped in print by Government of UK. Not a single slide or photo remains on file in Lancaster Guardian files. I did contact their archives in Preston Lancashire and again to the newspaper last year but although promise to come back to me failed I know silence is the code word. It amazes me that crop circles that are only ever made by man are all over news each summer as proof that other worlds exist but the real proof of photographic fact are buried deep by fools who do not want us to know in case of mass panic. Or worse?  We are never alone and some of us know it.

Yours always, signing off, Sir Kevin.

Copyright KevinParr, Bart.2018

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