Skeletons Down the Well Mystery

Norwich East Anglia England 1330. What ever happened to 17 people who either fell or were pushed down a 20 foot drop into mud in the bottom of a water well, is case for inspection, I thought.


It all came to light in a conversation with a friend in that area of country who had read in a local newspaper of a bodies being found when a building company had started work on that cities new shopping Mall and came across shocking pile of bones in the wall in excavation of site. It certainly brought me down to see him. It was perhaps 2004 looking at my diary.

It was explained to us as a case of disrespectful disposing of bodies that now the bones had been cataloged and sent over for forensic tests and carbon dating. The head Anthropologist was Miss Susan Black down from Dundee University .We expected fast work and result.



Over a day or so the results came back and we had luck as one of the news chaps was in the know. 12th or early 13th century people.It looked as simple as plague victims but then hit by forensics it was now upturned from mere carbon dating to the bones belonging to Jews.  Not just that but one family of Jews. 17 of them in fact and all related. It is now thought that that period of history in England had not been kind to Jews and many had been persecuted owing to the belief that they had sold Jesus to Rome. What rubbish but Christians were not all cleaver folk and so hatred had grown of the Jews as good traders rich and able ran together and not always trusted anyone outside of that group . It was to go against them at times like that.

However the morning air ran through me and oaks donned golden gowns and homeward I drove some 500 miles up the motorways. On switching on the radio I tuned in to local BBC radio four and heard the talk .It was on the bodies found and told all that I knew but one thing came as shock .It was by picking through the clues that the team had come to see the bones as that of victims to mass execution or even  group suicide.

It gave a whole different slant of things indeed. So picturing later the story on the slim facts in hand it seems they either sat around and been terrified enough to end it all. Or more likely,to me , a group of hardened commoners had caught them hiding and bashed in their brains with cudgels the tool of the common folk then.  By throwing the dead down the nearby well no trace could be brought back to find the killers.



Two of the skulls as the faces must have been. People not just bones.

A sad tale my dears but one that must echo through all the centuries of lack of education .Human envy and killer instinct of the poor and classless. Many of them hungered and seeing fat Jews well fed must have enraged them. In a gang it only takes one loud mouthed lout to bring the rest to the boil then, bang, its death on their hands before they cool down and see what they have done. Then its panic and down the well is but the perfect place to hide the dead. The gang  vanish one by one into the night. it is how gangs work even today with far better food more off it and some basic education nothing really changes human anger and some will stop  at nothing until its too late.


The bones being buried.

I did try tracing the story of bones but seems case is closed so we are left with that image of the last moments of a family being murdered by many members of a gang . Im glad I see religion as man made poison as no good in history has it ever done. Jews or Christian we are people not animals at all. I could go on, but perhaps said enough for some already. I believe I am Gods child and we are all his children every single one of us have souls we are as one in his holy mind. It is that that stops wars stops worry such as terrified of death. it stops the educated from ever thinking about murder only solving it. Gods family even those poor slaughtered Jewish people. I bet they died not well and that my friends upsets me even so. it is mankind who are  cruel, not God. Remember that.

On 16th of February 2015 at Chapel Fields Shopping Centre in that city of Norwich a plaque was put up by dignified people to commemorate the bones and the people who had been murdered by the mob. It is worded rather movingly Im told but tells the tale as I saw it in mind. The bones have been respectfully buried in Norwich Jewish cemetery with honours.


With all the love in my heart my family I wish us all peace and safety ,where ever you are ,who ever you think you are we are brothers and sisters in the wind of change. Respect is all you need.

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018

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