Walter OBrien and Scorpion facts.

When thinking of a subject to interest my readers I have to research well. Here in this article my girlfriend pointed out a show as being good but very over the top in telling. I watched it and found they boast beyond the TV show that Mister Walter OBrien  has an IQ of 197, higher than even the list of top brains published on Goggle. A quick look show all Mensa and recorded tested named persons with highest IQ. No Walter OBrien is listed in the top 100 or lower. This brought me to examine the man himself. His part now played by actor Elyes Gabel in the TV production. They say all is based on the life of said Walter Obrien. So off I went investigating this story. I found that part one is mostly correct. When Obrien was 13 living on his father, Maurice his mother Anne OBriens, farm in  Clonroche Ireland he hacked into USA government security program. This ended in investigation by CIA Homeland and black cars with armed men landed in the front of the  family farmhouse to see a boy who had by accident broken through to see secret plans of space race. Just as told at start of every Scorpion show on TV.


Then from here on  little fact is used to make that show. No doubt CBS are only concerned with the show figures and all else matters not. Then we find that Walter OBrien wrote the stories and then as he was Execute Producer made the show possible.

Checking his job CV shows he was working for Capital group of companies as top man but a little research throws up fact that Capital job description gives Walter OBrien as simple Q/A guy. His pay scale low.

.  One of five children he left Ireland early to find that America was not paved with gold as told local to his dads farm. He invented himself as AKA. Scorpion and started a company called “Stikeforce “This is listed on the web. Then it seems to have used the same UP as another company used. He set off promoting international data but it is gibberish and big claims. It seems his claims somehow are completely exaggerated to being laughable.


English actor Elyes Gabel  and the real Walter OBrien

For me and those who brought this to my attention the show is passable if only they would drop the claims about his big IQ and the myth behind his life. They should pass it over as fiction only as they cannot support the claims. Then CBS know this but wants the viewing figures too. I myself am fine with watching but knowing now all facts I try not to laugh at some of the amazing escapes the team make and how an old actor playing the Homelands agent who played gun toting cowboys long ago in time still has it in in him to go down holes tunnels and dangerous places as if real life. Then what if  I told you that a  high IQ has little to do with intelligence. I find that IQ can alter each time tested.Depends on mood, day, and who is doing the test.

It will not alter much but enough to make that test of interest. Mine came out at 154 then that surprised me as  taken the Mensa test placed me as 109 I am nothing of a Math student hating figures but can count in my head. I do nothing more than any other may do but can design anything like gardens furniture and tools. Hobby only but love my gardens. Having a high IQ means precious little as actions speak far louder and love of live is more than all.  To love someone more than yourself must be wonderful but having it thrown back in ones face is destroying. Perhaps why high IQ becomes a loner. Seeing logic only there is no such thing as love .Then that is not me. Yet I deal in logic. Talking of myself is not my aim here just to illustrate my feelings over that of show by OBrien in the show.

Checking all I am able to do I know the subject runs a computer company for a living that he claims cannot be researched owing to military law and very secret customers? He employs over 200 people and deals with problems is all that is published on him. One is left struggling with rubbish in his writings total confusing sentences tell you not a lot even if you can find interest to read what is printed. He may be the solver of big world problems but it is hard to go from typist to action man never mind death cheaters as portrayed on screen. I say it is total myth.

It is beyond human safety and so many escapes are unbelievable. Not a cat can cope with the boasts. Even down to being held by drug baron who would have shot first and asked no question they manage to over power all of his men. Man, that is beyond imagined belief. I think a child who shone out faded fast in adulthood so he merely invented himself it seems. How he manged to help produce the show may relate to him being in an advisory position only as it was all about his fictitious  life anyway. Then he states he is an Executive Producer? The only mystery is who is the real Walter OBrien? The kid who entered into hacking or the adult who deals in fiction?

There is the question that rises over the International Olympiad test that  Ireland failed to enter yet OBrien aged 18 came in 90th out of 120. He is listed yet never says a word on this subject. How he even got to be there is strange but he did and that is shown as said.

So watch the show enjoy and know that all is fiction and you cant go wrong.

Thank you yet again my readers hope you want to read my next article as that stands even more to mystery.

Yours, sent with love to all Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018.


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