For many of us are born to have feelings about  this date. I Think it just another day but is it really something different? Here I take facts and dates in time that may show how this date became a problem day for so many  across this world.

The Knights of the Temple know as Templar in history became the most powerful society of men ever know. How did poor Knights in monks clothing become so rich and feared that they became hounded by Kings.?

In short no treasure was found in the city of Jerusalem as Rome had cleared out all riches long before in time.We know as carvings exist in Rome to this day showing the looting by soldiers of the holy temple and the Jewish gold carried with 9 candle Menorah across to carts that transported it all back to Rome.

This sect of holy men made Knights was started to rescue fallen fellow knights on the battlefields. The famous statue in London depicts two knights on one horse. It was that fact that made the legend. When many rich sons of Yore came to join the fellowship the gift of cash was handed over to Templar. They worked on protecting pilgrims traveling to see the holy city along the route from the sea at Acre.  Over years this service became famous and with membership growing the cash flow was put into banking and Knights became money lenders to Kings. It was the first method of real banking in the world. It can be researched but every penny of Knights Templar rich accounts can be traced to the above methods and no treasure ever existed. Banking alone made the society rich and really powerful with it. They did nor excavate under the temple searching for treasures and they did find evidence that Jesus did not exist. This made them the enemy of some and friends to others.


Jacques de Moley                           Knights Templar

When King Phillip 4th of France borrowed so much he could not pay it back he decided on bring the Templar to heal. He had men circulate and spread stories of witchcraft and Devil worship that had been the Knights Templar way for years.They even performed homo sexual orgies and worshiped a cat who was the Devil incarnate. Soon the Knights became hunted down and in chains and ropes led to the fires of death to satisfy the cruel.images_004    images_016

Pope Clement.                King Phillip

On Friday 13th 1307 a large group of Templar Knights died by sword in European nations on advice of Pope Clement  5th through the lies given in statement by King Phillip 4th.of France


Strange it is that both Pope and King  died within weeks of Templar deaths and the curse said to be placed by Moley on his accusers who had tortured him to give false statement.

The Knights of Saint John or Knights of the Temple ended that day and all found put to the sword .Sad but true they as innocent of any charge and died through King Phillips greed.

It ended on October 13th 1314 when the 23rd Grand Master the 70 year old Jacques de Moley was with other high command Knights burned at the stake in Paris France. He is said to have cursed each man who had accused his order of so many crimes including Heresy which caused his death by fire. Seems the curse worked as both Pope and king died suddenly. Then did he really say anything?

Now the story of Friday 13th again but it is goes back into Viking legend. Friday is named after Goddess Freya who being gifted two black cats by Thor the God of thunder  ruled fertility.


Then 12 Norse Gods sat feasting at the table in halls of Valhalla when in came the uninvited Loki who had come to assist the blind God Hoder Lord of Darkness to kill Balder the beautiful God of joy.


Freya the Goddess

Odin the mighty had loved this son and had decreed no one touch him. Loki the Frost Giant  adopted son to Odin was the 13th member at that table.


Loki played by an actor in TV film Thor the Mighty

It was said that the Goddess of womanhood had 13 menstruation  in a year which was unlucky for her lovers. The Spartans give us a name for this as Triskaidekaphobia  or fear on number 13. It was Judas in Pauls tale of  Jesus.


Friday being the 6th day of week is associated with the Devil as 6 is the number of the beast 666 in Biblical law.

in Rome Friday was the hanging day event enjoyed by the onlooker but no joy for the criminal. This rule carried on in England until hanging was banned as punishment in 1965 in England 1974 in Northern Ireland. No death penalty but life time jail on the public funds.

The story of the last supper tells of Judas being number 13 at that table and so all follows as fact Friday 13th is to some the worse day ever invented.  Depends really if one believes myth and legend is real or again man made stories. Maybe King Phillip 4th wanted that day when he set about his attacks on innocent Knights about their service and business. Banking may be a bit of a golden goose even today for the vast industry of that profession who know how to make cash out of lending investing your moneys and giving you back less that 1% of the cash you loan to them each time you place funds in your account. My family had the largest private bank in UK called Parr Bank ltd it ran with some 8 offices nationwide and sold out when private banking was made illegal in 1958. Sold to Matins bank who became Barclays bank. Maybe Knights Templar blood runs in my veins as banking goes back to them direct. it would then explain why 1231 is the last recorded date on my family records. After that total blank going backwards in time.

Friday 13th is but a day and nothing more sinister exists other than in the mind of mankind through superstitions that go back to the cave man when no education existed only knowledge of fear. Still if you are stuck on this better read all you can and leave an open mind is best advice dear friends.

Go with God and be happy all your days.

Yours Sir Kevin

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018

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