The tales of old men and fact today.

The Ark of the Covenant is a subject for many television historians on air today. Watching them amazes me with doubt. In Jerusalem museum some years ago a friend who ran it told me that the way scrolls were transported on tour from tent groups to tent group distant was in wooden boxes to fit a camels saddle. Wood is carved and in rich mans circles even gilded gold. Today not one exist owing to the very nature of wood, it rots.


Every year new boxes made by Arab and Jew sold even now to camel and donkey owners. If this is so and I do know it is having seen so much of  ancient trade being plied. Having rode a camel across the Sahara to El Gem site in Algeria and in Tunis area I know how wandering tribes existed.

Tales told of a golden ark that existed in Babylon in the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar 11 and held the ten commandments of Moses. Well! firstly Babylon is modern day Iraq so how did Moses work arrive there from Palestine or Egypt. Stone tablets must have broken the backs of poor camels. Or could it all be myth. A wooden box carved and gilded would not last a period of time until today. Yet so many say it did? Tablets in stone must have taken years for one man to relate the words of God. Why when even the invention of papyrus paper was know to Moses being born there. Could it only mean that the words of God so precious must be hammered in stone meaning ingrained in the mind forever from books. so we have a box of papers on our camels back now which is better for the poor camel too. What are they looking for these historians with little grey matter in the brain.? It was even said by just one man that is that he had seen wonders and when asked he told on the hanging gardens of Babylon. This fellow  was Philo and he hailed from Byzantium. In all the digs around that site no one can say a hanging terraced garden ever existed. Was Philo confused ,drunk or just a liar or did he see what he described as trees that did not grow in earth as grown in pots on someones balcony. As simple as that and if many balcony over hanging down a slope as houses went up it his sight was not impaired he just saw something he had never seen before. Man will always make gardens always invent new ways to make a garden.Even in a pot on a ledge but if you live not in a city but a spread of vast courtyard called Byzantium what chance did he have of learning hydroponics and pot plant culture.

In the 4th Century we have Plato, he told us of a land called Atlantis. A war on that land of plenty with Athens had the land sink in what is now the Atlantic Ocean.  Again only one mans view of the situation. No other known reports on Atlantis fate,or even existence. Yet all rush to find this mythical land as if all is as said and no imagination employed on Plato part.  As in Sir Thomas Moor account in his book Utopia it is what he dreamed to change a King from a monster to  fair ruler. It was a land he invented for a reason in that case. Plato was a play writer a man with power who wrote fiction in poetry could it be he wrote it in verse too. In all I have mentioned man is still searching hard to find what was never there before?

hans-holbein-the-younger-sir-thomas-more-1527-oil-on-oak_002 Sir Thomas Moore

I viewed a program on Ethiopia some time back that brought it all back to me. The story elastic as now that said Ark of the Covenant is back with us as the Ethiopian tale is on. They have the Ark in a mud hut building locked and guarded all the time.When asked why the BBC film crew could not film it a holy monk replied that the ark had so much power one glance at that light beams it threw out would blind you all and melt flesh from bone from your faces. Good line if you wanted to keep a secret. Nothing is inside that building but a whole  nation believes they have it. A wooden box from a camels back painted with gold leaf and some 3 thousand years old at least. Full of stone tablets in Moses carved letters.

My great grandfather who had made billions from 1840 with brick making factories and teams of horse wagon and builders using Parr bricks to build Englands Royal docks. He lived in a castle and he invented a way to keep away thieves. He lined the drive with trees of horsechestnut as his wive loved to see them in bloom.Bushes and gates and told all he met of the legend of a headless horseman who haunted the castle grounds. It worked so well he was never in danger and slept soundly ever night. I read his diary when I was around 17 and there it was in his own words.  So nothing starts a story better than that which we want to believe is true.

The land of Atlantis could be real as many lands have slipped into the sea and lost forever.The night that happened to Port Royal in the Annals of  Jamaica really did occur with the loss of thousands of human beings, buildings banks ships and city gone in under an hour all of it. It rid us  of many pirates though so nothing happens without a little gain for someone namely English Government. It had nothing to do with mankind it was land slide only without warning. So many be Atlantis did the same? Then it is strange that only one mans account exits.



Port Royal town that sank beneath the sea in a vast land slide without warning


hardly ever accept what I am told without stopping to think then research. If Im wrong I am man enough to say so but I hope my research brings enough doubt of tales to dispel as fiction not fact most of these legends like the big crazy today. The Knights Templar riches. Research brought up every penny they made as bankers as money lenders to Kings and as membership funding to the club. They did not dig up riches from under the city temples in Jerusalem and the did discover that Jesus did not die on  a cross. Later they even stopped belief that Jesus even existed. So as Philip King of Spain had no way of paying back is loan to Templar bank he started the story that finally finished the bank murdered the leaders persecuted the Knights and brought war upon them by all European Kings and holy Emperor little chance did they have to prove it all wrong.

What happened to the treasure .Well if one counts up all the outstanding loans to all the Royal debtors who murdered the lenders we have most of it accounted for. If investments in lands and buildings we know not of then someone made really sure they vanished into thin air. what they found after murder of Knights Templar burning them in Paris and Rome nothing was found in the Knights pockets saddlebags homes and banks. Not a simple trace of cash not a sniff of riches. They already had it all in loans unpaid. It is how the worlds Royalty made it rich. How 5the Vatican was built and how today we have banks.

parr_largeFrom the days of banking Templar family Parr bank last private bank on the British high street bought over as law changed to favour only National banking again stopped real banking exist. so they are still hounding the vestiges of the old order even today.

Hope you want to see more of this truth as to me it is worthy of lots of research as to which Royal had the biggest unpaid loans???

Yours will love Sir Kevin,

Kevin Parr Bt 2018 copyright



6 thoughts on “The tales of old men and fact today.”

  1. Another fascinating post! Your great grandfather was amazing to have done so well with all those factories. I’m curious if there are any of his bricks still in existence? Did any of your family take over his factories and are the bricks still being made today?


    1. John Parr died his wife sold off bits and his large Victorian family shared the cash. My father was grandson to him knew him well. Dad born 1908. In 1956 we were called to Solicitors of Great grandfather as my dad was executive to both wills. In his business land was bought in blacks all over England and Wales to graze his teams of heavy horse who pulled bricks to sites far away. The Cheshire Council had built houses on a 23 acre field as no owner was found. Then one house holder wanted a garage built and found the land was never the councils but the owner was Queen of England Kateryn Parr wife to Henry Tudor. This brought it to ownership of Parr family through wills down to Dad. Some 200 Parr family members came from all over this world some coffee plantation owners some Government of USA one from Austrailer two from Canada. Cash had to be divided among us all save for dad who was executive. I had 650 pounds out of it .In 1956 that was money for a 5 year old. Dad who loved me would not make me exec of wills as next pay day may be near and we just have no idea how much land in England we own.

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      1. Wow that is amazing! What a fascinating life you have lived! Are the bricks still being made today? That’s amazing that they used horses to pull the heavy bricks. I am always so intrigued by your comments. It sounds like your Dad was an amazing man!


      2. I hasten to add that my father was a far better man then me. I have had a charmed life really with great advancement and few but hard let downs. Am rich and well educated from top English schools but my loss was my castle and more so my deer wife and sister one month apart cancer deaths. I am blessed that God sorted me out with one action that astounds reality and proved to me we know nothing outside of a closed world.We are perhaps not meant to.

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