Wild fantasy or real fact Hitler died aged 73 in Argentina

A remarkable claim by Abel Basti a reporter who in his native Argentina watched activity in the Nazi built town that brought him to research what was going on. We know that the President Peron who gave full permission to Nazis, cash, and gold  in his country. They ,the Nazis had built schools and area of sport and houses that really displayed a rich nation to all visitors to Perons palace. Peron made a statement to world press that he had only respect for the Nazi people in his nation as they had provided education and housing in the poor part of city. They had but only for themselves. A fully working town in fact. Many families piled in by submarine, was said to have  happened.

submarino-vigoSubmarine German U boat docking in Argentina 1945

Today a new case comes to light as the British authors of the book Grey Wolf have used Abel Basti photos if not all his text from Bastis own book.  I believe they did as newspapers from 1960s show same photos of aged Hitler in Argentina long before Gerrad Williams and Simon Dunstan wrote Grey Wolf.

How did Adolf Hitler escape? It was said way back in 1945 by Joe Stalin to Churchill that Hitler had escaped which brought Churchill to Berlin bunker himself . Since then many ways have been suggested .He was flown in a light aircraft up the main street of Berlin by a woman pilot, according to three German eye witnesses. He was helicopter lifted to waiting U boats even given details of submarine U-3523 as the vessel used.

All a maze of could be facts. What is a case, beside Basti photos is that the Skull kept in Moscow on show was tested by Nick Bellanton archeologist who was given the task of DNA  as late as 2009. It was found that the skull belonged to a female around 45 . This so upset the Kremlin that they then refused to allow the jawbone to be tested.

Now a FBI document declassified recently may prove that Hitler escaped and did not die in the bunker in 1945.


The photograph Hitler hated and tried to destroy it.


A CIA agent retired who had worked 21 years as highest paid official in intelligence section came out with a revelation. His name Robert Baer .

He told the world that after all Hitler and his day old wife had fled at end of war before even Russians reach the gates of Berlin all knew  war was lost.

In Argentina a great haul of Hitlers known belongings went under that hammer at  action in 2014 but police moved in fast to stop it an arrest that simple farmer who was to gain from the sale as to how he had come by the items. The man had said Hitlers house is for sale I just walked in and took all of it.


Basti seems to think Hitler saw a way out and brought in dead bodies from the city morgue and had them burned to fool the Russians. He then was taken by car to the submarines already packed with riches.

When U.3523 was found recently sitting on the bottom of sea bed off coast of Argentina Governments of the world told it could not have been used as it was so damaged by war it was not possible Hitler had escaped in it? Maybe they themselves blew it up to sink it. Why leave it sat in the dock to give a lead to his enemies.

Even when three subs found off coast of Brazil failed to alarm anyone I myself came to think maybe more to this story than just a tale. If Russians did a deal with Hitler all would be hidden nicely then in Churchill was in on it why would this be even possible and what could be gained by this cation.None. I think the Russians may even have provided the case of bodies found to show they had secured something if not that man alive.

images_002Abel Basti today.

I was 6 years of age when my uncle told my father he was in Berlin in 1945 with British intelligence and saw the burnt bodies  and told that no one was able to say it was Hitler or not. My uncle had been in Berlin as he told us his name Frank Whiteside if any wish to check.

churchill_001Sir Winston Churchill at the Bunker in Berlin 1945

we could go on forever but one question comes to mind.If Hitler escaped how come so many top Nazi close to Hitler and in same bunker not go with him?

Perhaps this case will never be fully solved one therefore must look at the evidence we have and thus make up ones mind one way or other.

Smithsonian Institute in America do not believe it possible that Hitler escaped but shot both he and wife and dog to end all fate of hanging as evil dictator.

diagram-showing-the-position-of-hitler-and-evas-corpses-on-t Position of bodies in Berlin Bunker draw by USA officer

No smoke without fire and lots of smoke around this story hangs. So many dead ends as no proof on and side remains.Then if we believe our eyes could Basti be true and his photos real? He is convinced he saw Hitler alive in his native area of Argentina. So did Hitler live to be 71 or 81 and two books on this subject claim? ? ?

325px-hitlerwithoutmoustache0002Disguised Hitler

images_058 Abel Basti photo of Hitler in Argentina aged 73. He told of the photo being taken through a window into a room as the man slept but he opened one eye and Basti fled with alerted guards after him.

I have seen some startling evidence from both books written by Basti and  look into the face of this man ,ill and not far off death. Is it Adolf Hitler? I really now think it is.

Is it still a mystery or did he escape and is this Hitler or is it his brother? Then did he have a brother. It all goes down to what you want to believe as this research has led me only half way to fact he escaped. What is your verdict now dear friends and readers for I can say no more. Although ace pilot who landed in Berlin outside of Fuhrerbunker  told after war that Hitler had given her a poison tube to use if caught. She had to air lift Field Marshal Robert Ritter Greim  out to safety as he had replaced Goring as head of Luftwaffe. Goring had been cast a traitor that same day. Russian army had reached the main streets as she lifted off as four witnesses told in 1950. One told that from his window he witnessed one wonder of a flight move over tree line on short run across fields. Why had she risked this if not arranged ? Hitler may well have been the passenger. Germany top female test pilot Hitler trusted and liked.

Verleihung des EK an Hanna Reitsch durch HitlerHanna with Hitler on Iron Cross award day.

images_002Hanna 4 days before her death giving BBC interview in good English. Told of her amazing flight to Berlin Bunker to meet with Hitler and that may have been her death wish.

Her name Hanna Reitsch died in 1976 in Frankfurt Germany an iron cross holder. She may have taken Hitler out of Berlin but she stuck to her story it was the new head of Luftwaffe and him only. That plane made it out of Berlin but damaged with bullets holes came down and found empty. Later Greim was captured by American troops and was told he would be handed over in Saltsbergh to the Russians who demand he should be their prisoner. Left in a cell Greim  killed himself. We dont not know if Hitler was on that plane and that is what the Russians wanted to know.  Stalin most certainly thought so. It was a secret, that if true, Hanna Reitsch, air ace, took to her grave. She had taken cyanide pill having written to a friend in England himself a flyer for RAF, that it had started in the bunker will end with it. Why did she at 67 fit and able to give that famous interview with BBC only days prior? Did Intelligence contact her with questions? Only answer must be yes and therefore what she did not want to admit may have been what this blog is all about. Her medical record death certificate gives it as heart attack. her friends know that is not the case. I found out she was born in Poland and all her family shot themselves to save problems later. Hanna had loved being top dog and to her end day loved Hitler and did not believe he had anything to do with Jews or death camps even though she cried over seeing what had gone on in film. Loyal to Germany and the Fuhrer she chose death rather than say she flew him out of Germany to freedom.

Yours Sincerely Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.9th January 2019

3 thoughts on “Wild fantasy or real fact Hitler died aged 73 in Argentina”

    1. No books give one the desire to know and facts tell you from that research waht really happened .That is how a historian must work, but rarely is that true.One mistake can flow down from Roman edict to us today bearing same mistake as one copies from another as lazy way but that thirst for knowledge your books give you must surely open a door at some time .


    2. I tried that but not able to cope with 45 kids who hate history and tell at home teacher told us we were slaves at one time. Never said it but yes they were so many black faces in an English class room. Tell it as it is but some will not take it.


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