In search of a lie some 2400 years old

The lie can exist long after the very dust of the story teller is gone and all that existed with him too has vanished save for remnants of that civilized world such as stone pillars and stone steps may yield of yesterday.

I am talking of a island beyond the pillars of Heracles (Hercules) an island lays far out that is larger than Libya and Asia both together. The Straits of Gibraltar  into the mouth of the Mediterranean  . That according to the play write Greek we call Plato

As to locality though vast exploration both on the seas and under them has reveled nothing. rich men have become poor and reputations have been ruined in the search for this island that was even given a name by Plato he called it Atlantis and all believed it existed. Many today will argue I am wrong as Plato recorded it all as if Plato was God who had created it out of the words he used to talk with scholars. Plato that gifted argument of man  who looked so deep inside your mind to have you questioning ones self, could he ever lie?

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You can ask that question of almost anyone and the answer will come back no. Ridicules who knew him personally. I would have said he invented many things to make his point a score. Then I never met him either so what do I know. Only that he lied or invented Atlantis in a work of fiction. if not we must ask why did we not find other such tales of this most notable land mass vast in all proportion not another living soul mentions its existence. Not one single record of anyone save that of Plato.images_025images_027

The hundreds of people over the years have tried to find this land mass without a sniff of success.  People such as Jacques Cousteau the Oceanographer and divers. Then we have not lost Atlantis as it was always there where it lived , inside Plato books Timacus and Critias

It was an American amateur historian called Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) a Congress man from Minnesota who added his own twist to Plato work. He went on to invent Diffusionism ,the idea that we all start from the same point not just we but all life on earth. He even sent Charles Darwin his book on the subject. Darwin was less than impressed.

Jacques Cousteau diving from his research ship Calypso in search of Atlantisjacques-cousteau-gestures-at-his-latest-underwater-research-

in 1888 Madam Blavatsky wrote her book called ,The Secrets Doctrine. It gave a very Christian flavour to Platos Atlantis and she even predicted that Atlantis would be found in 1969.  It was never lost but never found.


How many have lost lives trying to find Atlantis and how many in the future will continue the work instead of better things to do. It is fools gold to say the least but to some it is me who is mad. I care not the math will never add up and in the true style of Plato will argue my case as he would so very long ago. He invented it all.

Like that of the Sainted Sir Thomas More  his book Utopia was penned to teach a king how to rule wisely  though it fell on stony ground as that King Henry went on to murder. Plato in his own way  wrote of the mythical  Atlantis is much the same way perhaps.

Not long ago a man called Franck Goddio claimed to have found Atlantis below the North West corner of the Nile Delta  at a place known as Aboukir Bay. He found when diving a 330 foot stone block wall then a statue in the remains of a Temple of Scrapis  who was Egyptian in origin.  He went on to say that this sunken city is the size of a temple and palace. As it is not in the sited area that Plato gave us nor is it the size of Asia and Syria one then sees Egypt in the making how can it be Greek Atlantis. I dare say many lands sank below the waves over our long history. The Town of Port Royal is but one example. Many exist around the world. This will not add to Atlantis as it never existed but in the mind of Plato to tease us all. Or was it his desire to teach us.? Or was it poetic license belonging to a serious writer .What it was not nor ever shall be is fact. If a vast land mass in the middle of Atlantic ocean,the size of Syria and all of Asia suddenly appears the wash waves it could produce would sink both Africa and America north and south. All of Asia even then was all of China ,India and all between. It would be the largest Island in our world. It is foolish in fact to think Plato never lied as he certainly fooled some on this story who believed him Atlantis existed.

If one doubts this simply add up Asia land mass at time of Christ it is=4458 sq meter .Syria now far smaller today as it included Turkey at that time but land mass = 185.180sq M .Now take away size of Atlantic at 3716 miles and in metric 9.6244+9 sq M. Making Plato who invented Atlantis not very good with sizes of mythical islands.

We can rest assured that what ever was in the great mans mind at the time of writing his famous books it was never to impress with figures so again we are back as to why he felt he needed artistic license to write at all?  As I say I have felt for many years that Plato was trying to tell us something by this means not lie to us. He was a cleaver mind that worked so well I would have loved to have spoken with him just to know how very good he was at mind reading and puzzles as he knew so much of man and his ways.Pity he was forced to drink hemlock in his wine or be cut apart by swords. He knew far too much and the corrupt had to have him silenced. What he left us was far more than Atlantis the real gold is in his words.

His belief was that democracy will not work in the favor of all.At best it is mob rule. He died owing to such radical ideas but we know today how right he was and so as he said only the dead know end of wars. May be his Atlantis was his ideal land to start a colony of good people on. This world of greed and war could never hold his free soul so may be that was his wish to leave us hope to live in peace devoid of greed and mans desire to own us to make us many soldiers and for what? .So the greedy can survive to use us again for their  own ends. Plato and I would have been ever such good friends pity the gap exists. Now that would be worthy a quest to find time travel and stop searching for land mass as to find it is impossible for it was in Platos heart to find why he needed it so much.

Hope you found this ramble as interesting as I found writing it?

Yours with love and kind thoughts ,Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2019.


2 thoughts on “In search of a lie some 2400 years old”

    1. Many thanks for kind remark dear Stan the man . Thinking and research is the only way to find facts .it keeps the mind active at 69 whilst waiting for sun to start gardening again. Hope you are well and able to keep your house as its a worry sir


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