The mystery of Dyatlov pass 1959

This case I read of nearer the time of happening absorbed me in interest. Much that it was told to me by Russian friend at school 1963. The pass in the mountains of Siberia takes its name from the leader of the mountain skiers team who died whilst camping in the Ural mountains. This was a holiday rest from education as all scholars from research engineering.


Setting out the students but one went back leaving 9 to be slaughtered that night


What happened has puzzled thousands over the years  as to how nine crew 7 men two

ladies died in the middle of the night in 24 cel below snow fields just yards away the first two from the tent.

The facts: First night in February 1959 some students hiked across the snow slope near the Kholat Syakhl or to us The Dead Mountain.  They had set up camp, made fire and cooked a good dinner. Then had retired into the tent and slept.


Russian police photo of tent some weeks later still almost up and able to use but then knife slits in the side wall displayed damage made from inside of still zipped up tent?


We go forward  a week and a search team of doctors and students and some police led

out to find the tent still up but with sliced sides made with knife from inside of canvas tent. Then two bodies found in snow frozen in bare  feet and mostly under wear . The girl lay face down had no eyes and tongue had been removed too. All the bodies displayed chest impact of some unworldly pressure and a few with deep cuts in head.


One of the second group of corpse found.

After time 7 bodies found laying in line as having tried to crawl back to tent. No other foot prints but of the students,  no avalanche just some scorch  marks on tree line the first bodies had been found near. The report suggests that the first bodies had been stripped of clothing as the second group had items of clothing on the bodies that had been used for warmth. So not all died at once.

The really strange facts now come in to focus. Chest injuries on two bodies suggested being hit by a truck at full speed. internal injury on all bodies broken bones and ribs but not a scratch on the outside. As if some huge giant had picked each one up and squeezed the very life out of each  victim.


So far into the wilds of earth known Siberia not a foot mark other that of the camper students anyplace. The burnt fronds of treeline was examined but dismissed as too far off.

Theories abounded ranging from Russian missile firing tests to drug abuse and then to Zolotaya Baba or the golden woman that is said by century old legend to haunt that part on the Yural mountains.


Photo taken by the team higher up the mountain showing orbs or is it simply sun flash?

When interviewed the police told news that the deaths related to inhuman force?

Tales of Yetis appeared all over the place.  Nine, or more students died that night and what  a waste of life it was.

When searching the lack of evidence I fell upon the fact that another team on skiers had camped about six miles higher up. They had been interviewed by police and told on orange orbs floating in the sky that night.

Not much notice would have been taken if not for the 1990  report from the dying police inspector Lev Ivanov who told of items from the case being removed proving a Ufo attack on that camp and fire to trees both sides of area connected into the size of the ship. He died of age soon after they took this story from him.

It could be fact but also we must consider that possibility is Russian gas tests by Army may have been the object of the case but then that explains not the vast bodily damage to the victims. Micro waves from some secret weapon we have never yet heard of.?

I leave you to decided what is the case here based on the facts given but please research this never ending case yourself now . I have only left out the clothing issue as I feel it is misleading who wore what. A man told me in conversation that it was a sexual motive as 7 men two good looking young women and a tent? Might explain the tears on the wall of tent but not why nine people froze in the snow over it? Not to mention the vast amount of damage to all of them. The later so broken they could not crawl back to the tent and died of windchill and in 24 c below in scanty clothing straight from bed.

Thank you, this case is rather sickening but the mystery element in it attracted me onwards. I cannot say what murdered these poor young students but I have my belief it was not human intervention.  You must arrive at what the answer is yourself.    Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt feb 2019

4 thoughts on “The mystery of Dyatlov pass 1959”

    1. thank you dear you. Never looked for fame just a man who loves peace. Be nice if some film make took me seriously .The facts I did not write them all are too horrid to place on a blog. I can say nothing even arguably Human did this. The photos I have of the bodies in the hospital really show the damage made to these poor students. Nothing i have ever witnessed could come even near and I was army in the Falkland war. As if they had been hit by a speeding truck but not a mark on the exterior. Caved in chest on one girl told the whole story nothing we have could have dome that and not broken her spine. Thank you for reading my work it trills me someone likes what i do as a hobby. Gardening in summer and at night in my study have all at my fingertips to write up.

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