Alexander the Great and where was he buried?

On the night of 10th June in the year 356 BC Alexander of Macedonia was born in the city of Pella . Mentioned by Aristotle and rose as the successor of his father the Great Phillip 11 of Macedonia. His mother Olypias  raised him as a Prince and warrior. When Phillip was assissnated by one of his own body guard in October of 336 BC Vergina Greece. Alexander aged only 20 took the vacant throne.  He is aid to have told his mother , “I am indebted to my father for living but my teacher for living well”


We know his plan now was to build a massive empire and that is where we come in to this tale.

Very little is known only that he employed his own friends as Generals and had more than basic skill at dividing up that army to bring in victory. He knew peoples strength and weakness which is half the job of planing battles. He  raced through all lands massacring thousands but bringing in Empire from modern day Persia to India.

He completely destroyed the armies of Darius King of Persia but left the fleeing King to be murdered by his own men.  One massive victory for the mighty warrior .

Not a nice man to meet also a robber of other peoples lands , homes , livings and no better than any who have gone in to battle for greed.

However he made the big mistake in over night partying in Babylon in the very palace of the defeated King.  Nebuchadnezzer, a Royal Palace in the heart of that city.

Alexander ordered a feast to commemorate dead friends in battle. He started drinking wines early and soon fell ill. Pain in his neck and shoulders he complained of and soon a fever had him in fits. Carried off to a bed room made in his honour he collapsed. For 12 days he suffered pain in his stomach and weakness of limbs. He went in to coma and died. No vomiting was mentioned so we are left with 3 possible theories. He was suffering Malieria , or Typhoid or he was poisoned . As no one else caught the illness it is poison but what sort as no vomit and 12 days to kill him?

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Only one type of poison really can work this way and it was grown in Persia at that time by those who studied chemistry in gardens made by Persian families. We grown it now knowing it is deadly but now bred to be a good garden plant. It is White Helliborus latin named Veratrum Album.

Induced into honey to rid its bitter taste and let in to a vine goblet it kills in ways described by Alexander and takes up to 12 days in a string body or faster in a weaker one. It is said also to preserve the body. now we know that although in the heat the body did not fade at all. We have how he died now but who killed him. We can leave out his Generals and his guard as without him they were nothing. It leaves Persian women in Babylon who had lost fathers , sons and loved ones to the Devil sat in their Kings Palace.  Why Alexander had course to dine in his dead enemies house is beyond good reason and one massive target for one, or more of his many enemy women did for him what a world outside would have done to rid the earth of violent thieves set in taking your all.

images_003May be from life a marble Greek statue of Alexander

Yes he owned half the world in greed, what an achievement, if you have no soul no love for brother man. He paid dearly here on earth with his life but one who brings war to the world will pay for ever and ever Amen

Where ever his bones are only vague interest do I have but my guess it is no place near his enemies domain. As far as it being ,as one TV show told us, is the remains we call Saint Mark in Rome. One can dispel that out of mind as beyond comprehension.

Besides it can never be proved by the man who proudly announced it on British Tv.

We many never know only that it must have been carried from Babylon as some how General Ptolemy captured the copse to ensure no one would know his friends grave site.

The ancient records says Pausanias , a historian saw Ptolemy bury Alexander in Memphis but in the late 4th Century , early days of Ptolemys reign in Egypt that body was moved to the new city port of Alexandria.

W e will never know more no matter what comes up in fact. who buried Alexander did it never to be found. All we do know is here that a man aged 32 had died in agony at the hand of his enemy .Divine justice no doubt. It is talked about that Phillip was killed on his sons orders. Nothing would surprise me about this man called the Great. Maybe he is buried in Egypt in what is today Alexandria It is the likely place as that General of Alexander ruled the two lands as a King .His dynasty reaching as far as Cleopatra.

I have no interest in such as he was for to me not a great man just a thief of other mens homes who stopped at nothing , saved nothing , swept across lands waving swords to chop off heads and daring all to win. Even for his own time we know Alexander as a taker of brilliance and a planner of battles next to none. Only thing is would you love him for stealing your house and family to serve him / Well neither did the poor farmers and small villages that came under the army led by Alexander who came only to win lands and villages and town  and cities  no matter who fell  or who had to die it would belong in total to Alexander in the end. Much like the Vikings savages who did exactly the same but we do not glorify them but Alexander many still do.

Youth and fame walk hand in hand it is the stuff of legend but think of those who woke one morning to hear his clarions and drums approaching knowing only you are to loose everything .Your home ,lands ,family and you as slaves at best then know what fear Alexander spread around the world he battled for then died before he could even sit back and rest. No wonder is it some one with hate finished him off without detection.

This is the way history pans out not always happy days but hard fact is the way through the maze to reach conclusion. Alexander not the Great just  a man of his time but with more pluck than most. More need to kill to love battles and enslave the conquered. If he had lived may be as master of the world things would have been so different. Thankfully not so and we are free to be ourselves. Alexander was a bandit chief whom like his father loved power more than love of the very people he was born to guide and rule over. Other nations had to fall to increase his empire. He did not wave a wand to make it so he raised a sword and chopped off heads . A sort of early day serial killer on horse back.

Nothing to venerate nothing to commemorate nothing to emulate nothing to remember of this man of blood, case closed.

Yours sincerely Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. March2019

2 thoughts on “Alexander the Great and where was he buried?”

    1. Dear friend one must know that all power players then and now are as evil as that inorder to win at any cost. Was it not of your Presidents who called innocents killed in war collateral damage. None of them in all nations who fight for power are any good. You see the real political person will shout the loudest do what ever it takes to rise above all else like the Cuckoo it survives. Whilst the educated person is no loud mouth is passed over. We this vote in the wrong sort .We need educated business types to run nations not the trash we seem only to have in line screaming, pick me.

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