The lady has vanished.

It was 18th March in the year of Grace 1986. London Fulham Road was full of traffic

and in her office young attractive Suzy lamplugh sat at her desk making ready to drive the short distance to see her client.  Suzy who had traveled the world now in her first real job for 16 months was an estate agent in the big firm of Sturgis Estate Agent.  She took the firms car a Ford Fiesta number B396 GAN. In her desk diary notes for that mornings appointment to show number 37  Shorrolds Road  to a Mister kipper. No record of him ringing the office. No one saw him come in so he must have stopped her as showing another address to potential client. Or he wrote to her at her own address making him a stalker. If he then took it back from her handbag, still not found,  no woman is without a bag. He may have even known her. He certainly set out to contact her to show him a house he would end up killing her in.

Her car was found streets away later as Gordon her boss had phoned police when she had not returned at closing time.  The car with her straw hat on the parcel shelf was just as it should have been with no trace of another driver. Then the officers noticed that the drivers seat had been pushed back two clips. Suggesting that a slightly taller person had driven that car to another place. No finger prints to prove any thing.

On interviewing the man next door who had come out just to tell that the nice couple who viewed the empty house where just what he wanted to be next door to him. He , when asked, gave the only detailed description of the man that Suzy showed the house to. Said he was a bit taller than the woman ,slim in a dark business suit. Both looked a couple who wanted to live there.


Suzy Lamplugh.

Police  launched a massive search for the missing estate agency worker but to no avail.

Suzys parents said she had last visited them on the evening before.Her father  Herbert, a lawyer and his wife Rejoice Elizabeth,  a swimming and slimming instructor. Both of good families. Their own family of four with Suzy being the second born. Her father had coaxed her out of dyslexia over several years but she came out of it herself and conquered the trouble.

Police came up with nothing and so the case limped on for years. The Nation mourned and her parents finally had a service said in a church that in some way was a funeral. Her father said, “for us she is dead , but alive.”

Now those are the main facts known but to me being suspicious on one matter I wanted to pour through it all again.  To me if someone volunteers that amount of information why was it? to find out just how much Police knew. Was he the Mister Kipper. Not one other description of the mysterious Mister Kipper exits besides that that Riglin offered to police.

Riglin is probably a made up name but he told he was an unemployed builder living in a 200000 pound home. We do not even know if he owned it. His name taken down by police is recorded as Harry Riglin. Aged 58 unemployed. They even failed in taking down his address as they thought they had it as him next door. Not even the Census for that house has record of that name.

Police searched Suzys  70,000 pound flat she had bought with help from Dad. Nothing came to light other that she had a dress cut out to sew on her moms sewing  machine.

If he tried it on for sex with this lovely as Suzy was and she fought back did he kill her. If so quick roll into his house next door ready for his van to take her body to the nearest land fill. Or did he kill her next door. Police have no record of ever interviewing or looking for Harry Riglin. Or what ever his real name was. Having looked through family names records in Britain over last hundred years not one trace of surname RIGLIT.  May be just my trained mind but as no one bothered to take up that lead and ran up a bill for tax payers all over the country searching for a body not a mile from that last place we know she was at last knowledge of the case. No other explanation serves to aid a case that went no place with no clues  only one suspected owing to his record, not even a motive, I think it is a case for yes. Harry Riglit aka Mister kipper was the murderer.

This motive was that he planned to draw her out he knew the area saw her office had the sale and met her there. They went in to that said abode and we suspect the rest. He stayed around to see what would go on. He even showed his face to police to see what their reaction was.  He may not have even lived in the house next door if he did how could a builder unemployed buy such. If he rented it would not have been cheap.

images Suzys parents.

I think if they had picked him up for questioning it would no longer be a mystery at all.

Chief inspector Richard Wood who led the case had to admit he had failed to solve the case but would leave it open in on the premise more facts may appear at later date?

As all will be dead by now pointless begging police to reopen this case. Then would they want to as no one made such a hash job of it than they. I have a gut felling inside of me that I am right.   R.I.P Suzy Lamplugh. You will know who killed you that is for certain.

What is passed is over and only the memory remains.

The moving finger writes;and, having writ, Moves on; Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line,nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. circa 1070 AD.

Yours with respect and love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.2019

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