Pearl harbour 1941.

Japan attacked America on the 7th December 1941. It was 7.55 am on a sunny Sunday morning when an air strike from aircraft carriers out of sight bombed at will the naval ships in port.  A two pronged attack over an hour nine minutes brought the navy ships in dock to destruction. Some 2046 injured or dead American service men and six ships attacked.

Pearl Harbour is in Hawaii and although no such attack was ever thought possible the navy had blocked the harour mouth to stop submarines slipping in. No one gave thought to air attack and so far away at sea from Japan and Germany .The servicemen at breakfast sat in disbelief as skies went black with Japanese planes.

franklin-d-roosevelt-portrait Franklin Roosevelt.

The Japs had done the impossible and had moved fast to bring in aircraft carriers undetected across thousands of miles to move against America. It very nearly did not happen as in Tokyo the ruling war lords did not allow the plan to go ahead. The Commander in Chief Admiral Yamamoto said he would resign if not agreed to use the plan. They gave in and handed over the job to Yamamoto and Admiral Nagano. As the whole thing was top secret it is unlikely to have been announced.

The Japanese aimed to sail with aircraft carriers many thousands of miles to Pearl Harbour. From the carriers launch a close range attack on the port. Surprise thus being the element used. If you fly direct today it is 3845.96 miles but in ships over 6000 miles.

It has been said many times by documentary on Tv and film that indeed Emperor Hiro Hito had sent a warning by Radio to Pearl harbour an hour prior to that fatal attack but even though it was a radio operator in Pearl Harbour that took the message but thought it a joke? he did not report it. Well! this may be a case as honor is Japanese way. Though if the attack was so secretive why would one risk to announce it happening? I do not think it happened myself.

We look at Roosevelts dealings with Churchill. The American President had traveled with his wheelchair ever present and all to see his best friend Sir Winston Churchhill in England. Talks went on in  particular on  the subject of American joining the war to help Britain fighting alone the giant armies and navy of Hitler. In truth Roosevelt had gained his office on a manifesto which included the promise that he would never bring America into war unless attacked. She was again sitting on the fence watching the blood bath of tiny England bashing at the Hun. Two years of war with  Germany had gone on fighting with only the British facing the vast might of the Nazi war machine.

When Japan obliged and attacked America came in to help. Now it is said that Roosevelt arranged it as he gave the Japs chance by moving some of the navy fleet from Northern Pacific base to Pearl Harbour.



Weeks before a letter note was sent by the American Secretary of State one Cordell Hull had written a warning to withdraw Japanese troops from Indo china territory but with out threat, it was sent.

When Japan suddenly acted it had nothing to do with Roosevelt or Churchill knowing anything. Pearl was so far from Japan no one considered it being a target.Japan made the effort to surprise.

It was not the real fleet but japan thought they had stopped the Americans dead in their tracks. It had not as the main fleet was on the way to Japan very soon after that attack. This was the basis of the story that the American President had planned it all himself but nothing could be further from the truth.

Now if Roosevelt did twist fact it was  addressing Congress. he suggested that Hitler was behind that attack as he had joined war effort with Japan. This was most certainly not true but it brought that nation into the war alongside of us. Together we won victory. Russia had nothing to do with it. It had come in changing sides from Nazi side to us when Hitler turned his guns on Moscow. What Stalin had in mind was to take Poland and the Baltic over by clearing out the vast amount of Nazi troops in that area of Europe so near the Russian borders. Hard fight with great loss of Russian troops but then in they went to occupy from 1944-until 1960, The Iron Curtain had fallen over the Baltic nations and what went on behind it was pure evil.

The French resistance fought on after France had given up and Germany army occupied that said land. Malta too had its resistance fighters and many good people gave their lives to help rid this world of the Devils sons who formed the Nazi party leaders.

So only the Japs knew why they had performed a wasted journey. My guess is it was the weakest part of America and had report of the Navy docking there. That letter from Cordell Hull sparked it all off.  No conspiracy just fact. Sad the loss of so many brave men who perished in peacetime at Pearl Harbour. God bless them, taken so unaware. Yet their deaths brought about a peace in victory that brought about a union between England and America that will last forever.


For me it is all in the diaries of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill who told us a United States of Europe was our only way to avoid another such war as fought.

Admiral Nagano Admiral20Nagano-592eaed

Yours faithfully and with respect Sir Kevin .

May we live in peace without greed strife of bullying idiots if the Governments who serve us wish for war we can build them a ring and watch them fight. Why have millions slaughtered just to make cash from metal and arms and betting as my friend it is but a power game nothing but the cruel  to play us as pawns in the bloodbath that is war.


Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2019


5 thoughts on “Pearl harbour 1941.”

  1. Good man thank you. Sir Winston Churchill was my God father but truth will come out he was not always a good man. Another post Im on at moment will expose the full story of the SEO. It will expose that background of why they lost 46 spies with out care just to suit Churchill plan to win the war.


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