Voices from the dead.

Thomas Alva Edison is famous for his many achievements in science and invention. Therefore when looking at his many clever ideas I was astounded that he ,near his own death, found a way of talking with the dead.

Edison born in Milan Ohio USA in 1847 -1931.  Went on to invent Electricity and many other useful things for mankind. in New York he had built power stations to supply street lighting and some 12 years later he gave us moving picture show. It became the film industry of Hollywood and then the cinema movies we still have today.

Edison became the toast of the world and lived in the lime light in grace. That is until an article from him appeared in the Scientific American Magazine. He was aged 72 when he wrote it and astounded an entire nation with his story of hearing the very voices of the dead.


Model one of Edison own phonograph on which he heard the voices.1d2678ba72150dd9e6a8471c1130a6e0.jpg

It went on until someone decided to visit and be present in Edison house. Here the old inventor had made what he called a phonograph and through this device one could hear a range of sounds then clear words .Jumping back in horror on hearing his own name mentioned he ran from the house. Many thought Edison had lost his mind and was mad.

220px-Thomas_Edison2-crop Thomas  Edison.

After many top men heard the device it was only then brought into focus as scientists took over and after many tries and tests had no clue what it was or how it could be. The voices clear as a bell haunted many and more and more came to be certain that Edison was right he had brought the voices of the dead back.

As never a sentence has been joined together and only odd words can be detected no result is known as to what causes this puzzling human sound to  emanate. Big tests have been done on this machine and many such phonographs were made to sell no one to date as ever found out a thing.  Do we really believe that the dead speak through sound waves and are collected by such a device as Edison constructed?  Wireless sometimes has sounds on it that make no sense. So sound waves bending do they make sounds not heard by human hearing until through the tube of a machine become words?

images_014Russian army taking over Riga to imprison and murder at will. Enslaved populations even today recall the horror of cruelty imposed.



In 1945 a Latvian Scientist named Doctor Konstantin Flaudive who had managed to survive the torture of the invading Russian army who had taken over the Baltic nation and made them slaves. He learned English, dressed as English and vanished out of Latvia under Russian noses. Not so for the millions who died in salt mines in Siberia  or forced to work the land to feed only Moscow.  Many women raped and shot by KGB Russian police. No crime made but that made no  difference no one escaped from KGB cruelty .  The Iron Curtain of Churchills address to the British people in 1950 told of it falling over Europe to hide what ever Joe Stalin was doing behind that iron curtain. Churchill had come to distrust the Russian leader that had offered alliance when Hitler had turned his guns on Moscow.

All Russia had in mind was not war but to clear out Germans in Baltic and Poland to take over all of that land and nations themselves. No help other than that in pushing back the German forces in that area did they do. From here it was fast run into Berlin and be first in to cover tracks. If  the phonograph is the dead talking may be those butchered with out mercy by Russian army and agents in those darkest hidden days after that last World War is what we hear.

Today in the Latvian city of Riga the cursed Russian sits as boss against the loyal Latvian who cannot fight back the tide of invader even today. A Russian mayor of Riga tells his lambs he owns the city for them .Yet EU pays out millions in grants to Latvia and grabbed again it is by Baltic Russians who refuse to go home. Danger sits at every level as Putin can walk in to save his loyal Russians and not call it take over.

images Edison.  first lighting of New York City.

Doctor Konstantin was to join Doctor Bander  to study the voices of the dead in a cellar in a bombed out house in Germany.  Their notes can be seen as published work.

What ever it was then has not changed over the decades. May be Edison can now be heard on his own invented phonograph.  If so may be he knows now what causes such to happen. As for now no real helpful answer has come to explain what is so weird. So we are thus left with voices of the dead until someone comes to sort this out with explanation suitable.

With respect and best wishes dear friends all yours, Sir Kevin.   a man who must expose the evil we have in this world with out fear or die a coward many deaths. The voices may one day tell of the way things are in our unfair world.  Edison . a good man in a bad world did his best to aid us all without him no electricity would we have today. What ever his machine is we must seek further in order to know exactly what causes the trapped words that we hear when using his phonograph which is just as mystifying for us and it must have been for Edison that great man of science.

Thank you all for your time and hope again you enjoyed this read. Phonographs are found in many museums for you to listen into.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019



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