Woman of the Fairies.

I come to this as extension to my past blog on ESP. It relates to old Celtic Legend on Bean Shidhe meaning directly in English,  Woman of the Fairies. Over the centuries the Irish have made it into what we know of legend now, namely Banshee. Not to be out done the Scottish have made their own legend on this theme.But is there any real truth in this old morbid tale of the warning of a loved ones death told of by the hearing of a cry that becomes a moan that enters a prolonged terrifying shrill scream then fades away slowly.

We walk into dreams of long ago ,mist filled northern valleys of Scotland and an Earl who saw his own death of battle next day.  He was Lord Ewan of Mull.  He went to fight his won father in law,one Maclaine Of Moy Castle.On his way to the battle fields he saw a washer woman at a stream cleaning blood off shirts.  She thus cried a scream so thin and shrill that he had no doubt it was his death announced. So was born the 16th century legend as part of an older legend that we all know of. Banshee.

The Irish,canny as ever, tell of never having seen the Banshee only of hearing that lingering unearthly scream announcing the death of a loved one

it is said some hear of distant drumming or pipes playing lament then the cry once heard never forgot.


It seems only to be British isles that suffer from Banshee cries. My old Great Grandfather invented the lady in grey ghost after reading Wilkey Collins new book Woman in White. Why did he invent a ghost? It was a cleaver way to keep all who hunted off his land at night. Even as children my sister and I believed it, so no surprise that the myth lived on.

I think many large estates had their ghosts by similar means. Not to say ghosts do not exit. I do know we all have the power to feel death in a loved one.I knew my father had passed from miles away just knew inside me something was wrong. The hour he died he asked for me said he would wait but by the time i arrived he had been dead five hours. Not my fault but always on my mind.


Death is not the end it is the beginning but fear of loss of what we know will cause us pain in human thought of our  own time being called. Still it is not what one will do everyday so hope for longer life and dispel the thought for now. Repent and pray for all we have and be prepared to leave it all one fine day for then we leave.

I tried to examine how this legend came to be similar in two separate nations,It must have traveled with  trade on the high seas. I tried every way but all talk of some one who has heard it but could not contact any who had.


It seems that this whole tale began in the 8th Century when it was fashionable for rich nobles to hire local women to moan and cry at the funeral of family member. it was to show how loved that dead person was in life. This was from ancient Athens the same.The Romans too but it was left to the Scot and the Irish to invent a legend that will remain.


It extended into the spirit of a ghostly lone lady crying. Then into the warning Banshee we have from 10th century until now. This girl even tells you when to die but has no direct connection with that person. The person to die will not hear it only those close as family will be warned.


My verdict for what it is worth we  are unlikely to ever hear one as they do not exist. A good story told around the fire at night had power to be spread across all lands. This is  one of those treasured myths. It relates only to mans fear of death.

Another of mans own religion made up as we went. Effective indeed and as with Great Grandfathers invention rank as able to make one scream and maybe this how the Banshee learned to shriek.

I think a curtain, a thin veil hangs between life and death but we not have the power to see beyond it. We may never understand what is fact and what is fiction unless we make effort to explore. Man makes all the information on this earth up as he progresses. We have not a clue beyond the books, the religion and the mark of man, on both. God has not spoken only leaves us to find the way home ourselves but never takes his eyes off any of us. Now that is  a tale to speak of around the camp fire but it is always avoided. Why! because for so many they really do not want to believe but are willing to put faith in legends.

Perhaps the search must be inside of us to discover who we really are, each of us. The unassuming belief in the man called Buddha , the enlightened one. Reveals the thought that we live many times  before selection. Man belief again but then  Buddhism  will agree calmly and respectfully so. I come to see Buddha in his true stance who is not a God but a man who studied hard to find himself.

Mankind has such power, such a computer of a brain, but he has never found peace and love, yet so that power is unknown to us. The Buddhist may have locked into that latent power not by magic but by study and prayer, gentle rest and open hand. God is in the mind and Navarna is out there waiting for us. Mind is a power unit as nothing else on earth can imitate. I believe they have found a way by strict control of thought and prayer they have come nearer to understanding the spiritual need and the power God given to each of us to be happy and see life as but a test.

No legend no faith in false God no need for war no need for gold .no greed no harm or hurt for they have found perfect peace and joy in prayer. May it serve as a lesson to the rest of us. This world is myth and meaningless as we find our own way back home, like E.T we are travelers in time.

Today I have wandered off the path of history perhaps but still this remains the greatest mystery, who are we really? The bible tells us we had been made in 7 days. Well perhaps some 70 million years is nearer the truth. Man, made of stardust and radiation , image of God who made us. Do will live many times to gain the knowledge or do we fill the memory section on the brain as a library that some power stores. I ask myself often are we just her to be tested the meaning in finding God before we are judged. Is that we have far more power than we can imagine. Do others use it to destroy this world. As we age I thought all answers we will know. How wrong I was for only questions remain. Who are we? what is life and why the test if God loves us a test seems rather unloving. Or did we manage to upset our father so badly we are to be tried as the bible decree stands. I dont know and cannot say for I am just a humble human.

Sorry if my ramblings are not what you want to read.I promise to get back to historic facts soon. What I have written is my thoughts out loud. Maybe others are thinking much that same. One hopes so for life is short and we need to find the way home.


Thank you for reading, ,if you have any thoughts perhaps you can reply to me.Always interested in reactions of my readers. May be you know more than me and want to share.

Peace be with you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright 2019 Kevin Parr Bt

2 thoughts on “Woman of the Fairies.”

  1. Yes deep though but really based on legend on angel of death and warning scream from made up legend of weeping women employed at funerals. God is the only true fact in the many billions of mans legends . I do know that when my 36 year old lovely sister died she saw a woman in long dress holding bunch of keys. She was not on drugs to help her suffering and before it was needed in doctors advice she was taken back to God. I had little faith in the almighty at that stage of my life but since had been made fully aware of him by ordeal.

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