Agent Garbo.

In the dark days of 1940 a young Spanish speaking man named Juan Pigol Garcia born in 1912 approached the British Embassy to give his services as a spy. He was not even taken on but that did not stop him. Thinking how to serve the British he could do no better than join the Nazi party and reach even Hitler as spy for him but a double spy to aid the British cause. From Garcias home he put together a master plan .A web of agents all over Britain that did not exist in reality. This was amazing as Garcia had not seen England nor did he know anything to say. The imagined agents he built up had histories made for each of them. A map lay on the table with all British cities and towns ringed off and pins set in with cotton strings showing the whole set out of spies. He reported stories he read in the news papers as from agent x or Y who over time the Germans came to know all these spies and names and families as if real. Hitler was so impressed he gave permission to double all spy pay.

imagesphoto of Agent Garbo in his youthful days in the free Spanish Venezuela army

However it was not the Germans who rattled the lie but the British intelligence at MI5. Garcia was picked up and interviewed by two officers who had traveled. Garcia was found to loyal to the Crown of England and so primed with bits of real fact spread with lies and real facts of invasion of France but with dates four days later than planed. This had the NAZI so interested that D day beaches  not fully  protected. Rommel that great General was back home in Germany at his wife birthday party.

The British main force hit the Normandy beaches in almost light shelling. They marched into France with advanced force but Hitler had been informed and Rommel sent back expressly to sort it all out. Trapped now the British suffered badly as Rommel brought in tank corp and blasted hell at us. A race back to the beach head but if the lies told by Garcia had not been accepted there would not have been a single survivor at Dunkirk.

Garcia renamed by the war office as agent Garbo as he was as famous as that actress whos name they gave him. He retired after that war and was awarded the MBE on the invitation by Sir Peter Petrie on behalf of the King.


Garcia went home to live in peace and died 10th October 1988 in Venezuela. A powerful story teller a convincing liar a brave soul he served as spy to The British during those darkest days of Second World War. With out him those survivors of Dunkirk in 1944 may owe him their lives as much as to those who risked lives sailing anything that floated to help bring them home from the cold sea and those blood soaked sands of Normandy.

I hail them all those reluctant heros and those who sailed in rowing boats and fish smacks to save the wounded and the living from the whole array of fire power against them. It was a brave attempt and a foolish plan by far but it could have been far worse if not for the aid of many who cared.

Garcia was such a man and lucky we were he loved us enough to stay with us.  Rest in peace brave soul we loved you too.


Yours with respect with joy we are saved and war just a distant memory.Let it always be so my brothers may it be peace in your hearts.

Roger, over and out .

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt 2019


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