Myth or mystery or fact.

We only believe what we are told by the Government for in most cases we have no other way to know. Then what if Governments cover up murders aimed to silence someone who could otherwise expose them.

I believe this could be the case with the death of a famous actress in her prime.

The Los Angeles county court ruled the death of one Marilyn Munroe a probable suicide after a three minute inspection of her body.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926 she lived as an orphan in many adoption homes. When she died at age of 36 she was at the pinnacle of her life of fame all around the world.

One thing is for certain she did not kill herself. We now look deeper into this case that up to this moment has been suppressed and glossed over heavily.


For a woman whos death shocked the world the real truth was hidden by Government order. Why did they want her dead? We together will examine that only facts we have available to see what is the truth.

Having come to that question why did her lover John F Kennedy have to die. Or his brother Robert ,also Munroes lover, suffer murder as death.

We all know her movies her sexual majesty in that fact she was the most exciting star on earth ever. She married Joe Dimaggio  the football star and was happy for a while but she was plagued with shadows of you childhood insecurity, always.

What we saw as her on film was far from the real Norma. She was a frightened child a girl with demons even in adulthood. Her fears never left her for long. She clung to men for safety and warmth and sex was her ploy to be loved.

marilyn-monroe-kennedy-brothersMunroe with both Kennedy brothers in the Whitehouse office.

The day prior to her death she was on  a high, according to many of her friends she was planning a rest in Mexico and had renewed her contract for the movie she was working on. She had promised a day out with one lady she was friendly with for next day. Friends told of her bubbly self  and how she loved life ahead. She was rich famous in in company she liked.All was planed for the day ahead and Marilyn was excited to be free for a while of filming.

This cant fit in with police details of Munroes last days but I believe that moody Munroe was in fact clean of all the pills and barbiturates that many enemies said she was hooked on. Her stomach was free from all drug use when inspected by coroners dept.

Then when the Coroner did not comment on the large bruise on her leg, her organs taken out by doctor and Coroner on the search for clues suddenly vanished from shelf. Then the Coroner, cornered by press, some days later confessed he had rushed the examination of Munroe through and told of probable suicide as he had been told. Told by whom was never discussed. He faded away rather fast from this case and no one thought it worth putting him on the court stand as witness.

Police then came up with the finding of barbiturate higher than death limit found in Marilyn Munroe liver. No one could argue as the organs taken out had been taken in hiding by those interested in keeping facts hidden and altering the true cause of justice.

Then why would a famous actress be the mark for CIA if this was the case and it really could be so. Well her lover JFK was dispatched in a similar way. So to his able brother Robert, again connected to Munroe.

Death Scene

The body of Munroe with hand on telephone ready to ring for help.


Years later Munroe maid came up with a tale of her injecting Munroe on Government orders.

Then she vanished.  We may never know the real facts but it remains a smoking gun case forever as who in power will ever admit that Governments kills people.

Too many strange events in the life end of this actress to make any sense .Then that will keep her memory as legend and that is what she was in life and in death more so.

Marilyn Monroe's body at the morgue in Los Angeles for autopsy after her death on august 5, 1962

Photo taken after the Coroner had spent less that minutes examining the corpse.

It was said that Jack Kennedy was a total womanizer  and who  talked in his sleep. So did he confide somehow awake or asleep secrets to this actress,as he was watched and recorded always.Did he leek something vital enough to make him a target.

Then how would Robert come in unless she told him what his brother had said? Bang! down go the Kennedy Brothers and poor lively Munroe is nailed by massive dose of something lethal.

Too much in the limelight plus love of Powerful men and down she goes. Sad story this week but I leave you to read all facts and see what you think.This is more than just a theory ,or a conspiracy  it is how the facts lay out when read. No one tells the same story is a big clue to cover up.Then her organs vanish. If that was not enough the Coroner admits he was told what to say.  Spend an hour going through the files and see what you think. If she was murdered than who killed all three playmates must be the question? A big question is who could and not be traced ? Who could cloud the pitch and stop forever a story of fact to be told. Nothing adds up from the moment her death came to be. it seems that all trace now of the Kennedy power and all the touched it have been dealt with. Was poor unsettled Marilyn a victim of a Government plan to remove all trace of JFK and friends and if so,why? Something Kennedy was involved with lost him his life. The death of Munroe is linked to that singular fact. There is no real other way it could have happened. All three deaths are connected and too many to hide.  I believe one day we may know the truth as nothing can be hidden for ever someplace a lead will fall out as now in the Kennedy shooting facts show clearly that more than one rifle was aimed at the slowly moving car. Three bullets hit Kennedy and car. who changed the plan at last moment to drive the US President down the route un chartered? Setting him up for death? I think as it was not Joe Soap it then must be Mister CIA.

Dangerous ground we travel on today my readers but an amazing fact is this case just will not go away. The dirty tricks department exists in all nations as what comes under defense office of the interior.  Dont be surprised dears it has always existed since time began. The Official Secrets Act is a clue.

One more thing. Look at the last photograph. The lamp shade. The bag on the floor the fact that her body is wrong way on the bed. It all has been arranged but not by a woman to look as if shed died in her sleep but owing to her bruises she may have fought like a tiger.

Thank you for being my readers I hope one day someone investigates this case fully and clearly so no doubt is in our minds. For this woman is still a legend for all time.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019.

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