The war criminal who was Queen Victoria Nephew who escaped justice in 1919.

In June 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm 11 decided that his Grandmother was dead as Queen and Empress in England and the shooting of his brother and newly married wife on honeymoon in Sarajevo gave him revenge on the world. He could now please himself about the size of his empire. Prussia was strong and able to build a larger European empire after all India belonged to England, he told himself.



He with withered arm was never photographed to expose his withered helpless arm. His mother, Victoria daughter, hated her sons deformity and set about trying methods ,often painful to rectify the dead arm. She had no concern for her son and showed her son no love at all and disliked him often. He wore such wonderful expensive uniforms designed to shield his defect and so he, after all deaths in family, decided on world domination .


So his march into Belgium was no more than occupation and rape and murder of some 5600 Belgium peoples.Babies stabbed in their dead mothers arms. A free for all and blood lust from troops encouraged by officers under Wilhelm who saw them as rabble accused them of snipping at his men and all sins forgiven for rape and butchery. It was here that France and Britain took action .It was September 1914 and war was declared on Prussia.

The war cost 6.7 million casualties and over 8 million dead.  a war fought in deep mud and trenches. A line of stones marks one trench near Paris. it states on the stones ,”Here fought the men of the Dragoon Guards ,they lay here still. ”


My grandfather came home with out a lung and two shell holes in his arm. Gas and conditions caused him to be in pain for the rest of his days and I was born six days after his death.

We all know of what went on but not many know that this evil  king of the Prussians and Queen Victoria nephew one Wilhelm was a war criminal for sure. In 1919 he was accused of this but he manged to escape into exile into Netherlands into the care of Queen Wilhelmina who gave him a castle and all his belongings carried into it. Lap of luxury but no more a King just an escaped war criminal at large. The Queen had ensured her county would remain neutral and so refused to hand her guest over to the victorious allies .


Time wore on and in 1927 the trial of war criminals took place in liepiz but so bad was the German judge that only a few real offenders were executed. As Wilhelm was not attending it was not possible for the Germans to judge. Or so they insisted.That mystery must be the reason the British could not insist this man took the stand. Queen or no Queen she harbored a known criminal and that is illegal is in all nations law. No ruling Royal can be above that law , or any other for that matter.

In 1941 Wilhelm died in Holland but his grand Prussia was no more, now a part of it was just Germany, who  soon they would start war again.

Wilhelm was in my mind an evil leader, a war criminal certainly, as what was dumped on the poor Belgians by his troops before that outbreak of first World War and owing in part to this vile murder of so many innocents it is clear that he was a war criminal in more ways than just one. 8 million dead men on both sides of the field of war could stand up and accuse him I am sure. if asked.

You see going back in time to that day when he told Victoria he wanted Poland and she as his grandmother, reprimanded him, all was clear what Wilhelm was in truth a villain, but no one took enough notice at the time .He was told he had enough land and titles.

May be that ugly arm gave the boy a complex I can see that but to do what he did was criminal and his actions had an affect on every family in Europe, Canada ,India and England her self. The generation that was butchered and damned, lost us all we valued at that time. It went on to start a second World War and still the legacy on one War Criminal in the form of one Prussian King continues even today to haunt the face of Europe.  Wilhelm was a selfish monster, the Devils own minister. A man who threw his subjects into a war so vile and cruel it shook the very fabric of the world that came out of the abbess a very changed world.

Thank you for reading ,Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019


2 thoughts on “The war criminal who was Queen Victoria Nephew who escaped justice in 1919.”

  1. Yes thank God as to us it looks so silly and once I had a mustache when officer in HM forces. It was far a farce but only my top lip and it went dead. Shaved it off and no one took notice of me as thought me a kid at 23. Never bothered after than growing one. It was but the fashion an 1850 and Kings just had to win the prize with rats of lip with wings.How simple awful with soup or gravy it could be used as a strainer. Having to wrap it up in bed in case it creased in sleep. More care taken of the faceful than he ever had for his subjects or mankind. 8 million dead owing to his direct orders.


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