The facts related to the Pied Piper of Hamlin town.

Long ago as a boy I read many tales of yore.I loved poetry and by reading Robert Browning I came across the famous story in verse of the tale of the loss of 240 children owing to the Councils lies. The man in a coat from neck to feet half red half yellow. The Pied piper legend of 1284 that Browning had penned went viral and now almost all children know something of the story.

The poet had license to add what he needed to make words fit it is true but in fact this is not a fiction it is heavily based on real fact. 240 children did vanish in Hamlin town in said year. All at once and witness told at that time of  a thin tall man in red and yellow coat that almost touched the street level piped a long thin flute and children flew from all directions to him. Never to be seen again.


Robert Browning.

That date is before the advent of the Black Death so what could have happened to those children?   The fact that rats do not belong to this tale at all may be Browning once again but records only show that this said piper lead the towns children up the street, that still exists, and they all vanished from that same main town area.

Record fails to explain the true cause of the loss. Yes the pied piper was seen by many playing the notes so sweet and children came to him happily to follow.

Then that is all we do know. It could relate to the poor who sold their children for cash for food to be able to survive. it is not unknown even today in some parts of our sad world. So 240 kids is a bit of a stretch of mind unless it was a pact and the piper a head of  a pedophile ring.

Seems not really a case for that with so many children. So what could have happened . The witchcraft stuff could be real. In 1248 many strange believes existed .  A magical piper is as much as a joke as possible but he could have enticed as starving kids may well have followed hoping for feed.

A stain glass window in Hamlin church depicted the event but even though it is recorded as being fitted in 1300 and is the earliest mention I think it burned down in 1660 so only the mention of it exists in records.

What I see is the symbol of death being the pied piper the children could have all died of some first runner of what is called the  black death. All perished of a sort of child related infection with no medicine to cure it then may have claimed the lives of the young. The shadow of the Angel of Death is an ancient bible story so was it seen that a lone piper seen in such a loud outfit got the blame and he became for the parents the Angle of Death without him ever knowing. This to me is how stories spread .The dead children piled up in roughly made boxes waiting burial may have been in the said street of no noise that is really their shrine today.

Red and yellow robes common for street performers related to the colours of Knights attire so nothing would have been associated I feel at that time if he had dressed more soberly. Then the legend would not have grown as Angel of Death as blamed for the many deaths of that generation. Then no one would have even recalled the event perhaps.Though 240 children is too many to forget .


The brothers Grimm also wrote this  tale up in all it gore and blood . Though not much help for research in their recant of the old story. Rats and all they tell of. Though this was not the case. Rats added later for better effect.

Hamelin today is spelt this way and is in Brunswick and not far from Hanover with the vastness of the river Weser .The said famous street is still banned by law from any music or noises and in English translates to the street of no drums.


They later added figure of the piper set in the main street of Hamelin Saxony Germany.Though he seems to have lost his pied look.

Thank you for your loyalty in reading my work.

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright kevin Parr Bt2019

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