Thomas Jefferson and the new Bible.

The fourth President had a big secret in his desk all the time. In spare time he cut of passages in the Bible with a sharp knife. Taking great care not to mark or stain the pages he never the less removed over 12 years all information about Christ as son of God. All miracle went in the waste paper bin All Pauls preaching too. For Thomas this was his idea of who Jesus was , just a man who preached to the crowds .He did not belief that he died on a cross nor that he rose up to heaven after first appearing to many.

What is remarkable to me is this was 170 years ago  and no one had checked that deep into Roman and Jewish records before the 1900s . He was so far ahead of the peoples he led as President. He could not risk this book being read or even seen for destroying a holy bible with a blade was heresy by the Church and a crime to the many billions of Christians around the world. For President of America to be a non believer would have seen Thomas dead.  He knew this and that book was under lock and key and worked on only in secret.  It was discovered many years beyond his death anyway.

For many who believe in Jesus as son of God Ill say this, we are all sons and daughters of God who made us. The fact that no historic proof exists that Jesus even existed makes it harder for Thomas or myself to come to trust, the word of Paul, as suspect. The fact that Jesus lived in the time of Nero according to Paul and his scribes who became the first followers some 50 years after the so called death of Jesus is amazing as we know the names only owing to Paul employing them as scribes to write at dictation and from the cult of Mythras and words of Paul the new church faith.

We look at the first world record of population count that all subjects had to sign and date against birth dates from the Emperor Augustus some 40 years beyond Mary on the donkey and Joseph and the stable. What were they doing there as no census existed then.  We look at Pliny the Younger who worked for the Roman army as traveling historian at the time Paul says Jesus existed. With all his followers one would think Pliny would know and mention the moment Jesus came before Pilot in the office above Horse Guards set in the Western wall of Jerusalem city.

Well! he did but he mentions Jesus Barabus. A criminal and rapist and  was passed over from the San Hedron Jewish elders council to be judged by Rome. The man was released by the will of the crowd on the feast of the Passover. Nothing else, no Jesus and Barabus.

I have stood on that stone ledge in what was Pontious Pilots office and although he was small at 5 foot 3 inch that ledge could not have held three men his size as at nearly six foot it was all I could do to stand alone on it allowed by my guide for one photo of Herrods Palace.

Thomas Jefferson was a clever man a good living soul and he was right about it all.


God told us put no idle before me but that did not stop Paul or Saul of Tartus as he was in truth. He wanted cash in preaching and all hated him.He was called Paul the liar in his own life time. When ship wrecked off coast of Malta the population refused to aid him and for him to drown. He made the shore that day later bedraggled and even today it is named by the church they created as saint Pauls Bay.

To me Paul was a preacher with his own theme .A bit like Billy Graham who made 16 million dollars before he died. Paul was murdered for his purse owning to an argument over Jesus.

The Jew who abandoned his people to be Roman for the pension was a greedy man with instinct to make his life richer. The Vatican still works on that idea.

I was born christened and a chorister in church aged 6 to 11. I loved it all took Jesus in depth as my savior. History was and is my love and so growing into manhood I just had to know and worked hard to find in the Holy land where it was said to have happened. Sadly I learned the truth that I had been conned by expert liars. I was coming down the Via Dolerosa and below me hundreds of boys and young men some walking with palm leaves, some riding on donkeys, all dressed in white. I asked my guide what this was about she told me happens every Palm Sunday as tradition from long before Jesus time. All boys try to be the Christ ,the leader promised to come to lead us against our enemies.

So it happens even now as the true leader  the Jews have never found.

The steps they call the way of the cross are some two hundred years younger than Jesus time and are the work in part of that old Roman wall and the 1127 church made by Templar over what they claimed was the tomb of Christ. The Church of the Holy Crypt.

So the via Dolerosa may be the entire work of the Knights Templar. One more nail in the story is that no cross death was ever recorded there, they used to hang them over the city walls  on reuseable bar and ropes. A long slow death as lungs cannot take in air as the body weight sinks down and no foot hold secure against wall.

The first recorded cross death was at time of third slaves revolt when all the men that fought for Spartacus,  the leader who  was killed in battle in 71 Bc, where nailed to crosses all the way down the Via Appia into Rome. It did not become the normal event as timber was priceless for building stockaids and walls for invasion and pontoon bridges as the Romans took over the know world.

Jefferson was born 13th April 1743 .He became Secretary of State and then 3rd President of America in Feb 1801 -1809. He spoke many languages, was a wine collector, book reader and a clever man who loved dabbling into architecture and history and wrote over 19000 letters in office. He married a widow, Martha Skelton and fathered six children  Yet on his grave it fails to say he was elected President?  It may have something to do with the discovery of his book Bible.

We cannot make people research as indoctrination  is the way of spreading faith . I cannot force a believer to give up unless they them self seek in wish to find the truth.

This is my belief in time with Thomas Jefferson s faith but I believe in God Almighty only.

I have said all this to aid the story on doubting Tom as to me he was right all along I just hope he is with God now.

It will not be what so many will see as what their faith is I know. That is for you then to study and i wish you well no matter what. I work only on my findings. This account tells of  a ,man who knew it long before anyone else and made his own bible. I end with the Knights Templar , did they too come to see Jesus and the idea of Paul .Yes I believe they did and it accounts for many things about them.

With respect, Sir Kevin

Copyright 2019 Kevin Parr Bt

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