The man in the Iron mask.

Perhaps one should not expect the truth from TV historic plays and series that at first glance look the real period. Then the scriptwriters start the lies. Why ,when real fact is far stranger than fiction in most cases.

I allude to Versailles with the great George Blagdon as King Louis XIV and his brother who is driven mad by seeing the man in the iron mask. Pure fiction by the writers of this moving series. As with the movie staring De Caprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio In 'The Man In The Iron Mask'

Voltiere wrote the first book on this character we know was fiction but he wrote it long after Louis death in 1715 .It was published in 1771 and was picked up fast as legend. Other works came on later as the man in the iron mask. Alexandre Dumas who wrote the fictional tale of three Royalist soldiers called the musketeers. One epic tale that stirs the reader into the pages one by one of that said period. A great novel written by a black man who had a famous father who was hailed the best army General in France.  Musketeers did nit ride about on fine horses they were foot troops carrying the fisrt real rifle in history over a shoulder and the big iron rest for the leveling of the fire arm in the other.Around waist and the other shoulder came the belts of balls and powder. A taper of tallow burned in the hat band for igniting the fire box to shot the weapon. A musket man was a slow moving front line soldier. How ever he also caught on to Volieres tale of this prisoner who Dumas now added Royal blood and off it ran as best seller.

Sad to say this man existed but not in the way of this tale. He was a racketeer rebel who had committed a series of crimes against Italian nobility. He was tried in 1669 and jailed in Pignerol Fortress in Italy. His jailer one Saint -Mars. This prisoner of the state was moved about a bit owing to information of jail break. He was covered in a leather mask to his head with buckled and locked so no one could get it off him only by the keys that Saint- Mars left in safe places. If this man did go as said to prison in France it was not for long so cant see why he was sifted over the borders. We just dont know as no real record says why. This now started the rush to legend status for many French writers who jumped on the band wagon.

This prisoner did not wear the mask in his cell only placed on him when moved to another cell or floor as he died in 34 years of serving his sentence in Pignerol  Italy and on his grave his name is recorded as Eustache Dauger ?

The rest goes on in fiction that he was the bastard son of King Louis who had many bastard children so why keep one in prison. Then he was First born son of Louis  mother. Then he was the real King of France but in fact all the time he really was just a criminal called Eustache Dauger that caused so many to believe so many stories and that my friends is how legends and Urban myths start rolling.

I do not think Versailles will be my thing from now on as in Vikings the same no fact and two centuries added as one. Deeds attributed to other men and to a real historian it becomes offensive as we know many will believe it all as fact , why ,because its on the tv. It must be right. Then it is not as I make my point.

One hopes this will help you look deeper into what is said for if you like me want only truth then this article is right up your street.

God bless ,Sir Kevin at your service.

Copywrite Kevin Parr Bt 2019

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