Little Girls used as work slaves

This may amaze my readers but all facts researched can be proved by reading the Chinese books on this subject. Foot binding was a practice in full swing up to around 1970. In certain places still used even now outlawed.

Babies of nine months had their tiny feet broken by a hammer on a stone anvil or worse. The mother would then bandage the feet into a shape of a lotus .This was not an easy job. Once the foot was wrapped and bound the foot would take shape over time. In some cases years.


In rich family homes this was done so daughter with small feet could be married into an even richer family as acceptable for for a young man as fashion. Big feet in your back no one likes but to go this far in cruelty is beyond the need for change of what God made us to be.

Now this practice was also linked to the poor peoples daughters who had the same treatment but for quite a different reason. It mattered not which man married them as the parents merely needed servants to work at home. By crippling them it made them stay at home working in cottage industry knitting or weaving to sell to feed them all. Only the best at this survived as some just vanished.


The practice went on across China as normal and daughters could be sold as profit for the father. Too many mouths to feed and another girl simply vanished.  All girls had the feet bound as big feet meant no marriage too.


Today this is against  Chinese law. The poor ladies are stuck with it as to try to break and reset would involve a lot of pain and no promise of being able to stand after the operations performed. For most cannot stand without shoes to hold feet in closely.

It has been estimated some 40 million women had this problem in 1950 .Today still so many alive suffer this man made evil deformity of what is called Lotus foot. It opens like a lotus in motion. The shoe has to hold it all in or the woman cant walk.

Sadly I am informed the pain is always there but not enough to stop them walking in shoes made for this deformity as over that last 10 centuries unchanged.

I hope this story will not upset but inform more strongly.  Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019

2 thoughts on “Little Girls used as work slaves”

  1. Oh my gosh this is disgusting! What a crazy thing to do to these poor women. I can’t imagine living with so much pain and deformed feet. Seeing posts like this are a reality check for me to realize how good we have it in the US. As horrible as this is I am glad you posted it because I never knew this.


  2. Sorry dear but being an historian and a traveler into China and beyond in my prime one sees the world as it is. America was the biggest import of Chinese in the 1840-90s to build your rail road as we have in England. Some two million Chinese with otis foot wives came out of Manchu to work on the iron horse project. Sadly you may even find one or two older ladies alive today in New York with such man made deformity. I knew a woman who served in my club who had the problem. I can see for many this article may have shocked but amazing facts it is.


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