The Ghostly event at Chipping Hall.

The Inspector gazed long and hard at the painting. True it was a valuable oil by a brand name. What lay behind it was the safe of Lady Davinia Maria Dawlish.  That safe contained her mothers jewels. Six Indian Emeralds that sparkled in the lighted room. He had had them checked and the things real not taken not replaced with dudes.

On the floor at Inspector Harry Oldfields feet lay the safe cracking tools of one Soapy Joey Wade. A master in that trade and well known to the police. Oldfield was at at a lossand he knew it.

Lady Dawlish had no answer to why she had escaped the robbers call. Nor what had happened for him to leave without taking her valuables from the open safe .Nor why in fact his set of tools lay where he had left them.

The Hall, built by her ancestors from its beginning in the age of the first Elizabeth, was her inheritance when her father Lord Croft died from natural causes just four years prior to Soapy Joes call.

Oldfield was stumped .The cost of this set of tools was Joeys pride and joy. No safe cracker was any good without them. He ,like the rest of the pack nearly took them with him to bed. Yet here they lay in the lounge room of a wood paneled room in the peaceful county of Kent.


Lady Dawlish  had been out all evening playing Bridge in a friends house some miles off.

She had returned to find the tools laying in the rolled out pouches and then the open save. Panicked but was amazed to find nothing had been taken.

Oldfield team had discovered the way Soapy had scarpered out of the place leaving a  trail of damage to the window he had entered by. Nothing added up.

Inspector Oldfield was just bidding Lady Dawlish good night when suddenly the rattling of chains came from the curtains and startled him. He looked into her eyes for some sort of explanation but Lady Dawlish had not heard it.

Asked candidly if the old Hall was haunted Lady D had no knowledge of any visits from the otherside. Then there it was again a faint rattle of chains. He looked again at her and she smiled. It was her own pet monkey Chirups . He liked to sleep high up and his way up,or down was the curtain pull cord.

Oldfield had solved his case the monkey had saved her and sad soapy Joe was safely locked up in the jail cell. Still raving about a ghost. Oldfield did not bother telling Joe a thing. He had now seen the face of the thief he had chased for four years .Always just behind his robberies. Joy of joys ,he went home to bed a happy man.

A short story again for you. Hope it is to your liking. Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019. October.

3 thoughts on “The Ghostly event at Chipping Hall.”

  1. Thank you dear Kind lady . It was written in just under six minutes as rushed on workshop timber arrival. I do not wish to let anyone down so made this up to patch the hole of my blog. I write many books but could not find publications so after 12 years gave up and then as the finger must write even though the mind sleeps words are my life so story must be the mother of invention at times .


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