The Autumn harvest.

The sunlit path led ably unto the leaded door,which in turn led into the most beautiful garden that this young man had ever seen. The red and yellow hues of oaks donning winter gowns lined the hedged walls but inside that garden; all was still in summer passions and high design. He advanced behind her, his senses filled with the scents of blooms. and his ears of gentle bird song. His desire to know how this was done gave him questions but as he came to the house door his guide of such beauty slowly advanced taking his hand, they both arrived in an old room.


Books lined the walls wood panels and leaded windows told him that he was inside a gentlemans home. She, smiling led him deeper into the darkness of corridors and there at a great ball legged table sat a man in sort of robe around his shoulders. He  became aware that the girl had left him standing before her father but before he could think the next step a cold blade ran him through from behind. The sense of pain and the sharp taste that drained his life blood gave him no will to speak for he knew his life was over.

Many more poor gentlemen ,young and virile walked that same path to that said same door. Over time the authorities in the area of Rabat came to inspect the loss of sons and families gathered in the square in Saint Pauls bay to talk and decide to act.

The wind flew in the open window as the Minister sat at his paper piled desk cursing his wives love of fresh air. The window he jumped at soon closed shut. His duty was to the people to find the killer but all roads ended at the sea. Malta, an island, surround by seas what caused bodies of the islands young men to float  into the bays was beyond him. The public meeting had ended and all hands to the boats to check for signs of murder had brought in nothing of value in the case.

The winter was gathering out at sea the ocean raged and the port of the Gut gates fully closed giving Valletta town a plethora of foreign sailors access to the many eating houses and tavern drinking holes that still adorn that part of town.

The port was in truth over expanded. The Minister had a big job on, as soon many more young men would float back in to the resurgence of the harbour.  The high sea unable to name them and the clues vanished in the power of Neptunes snare.

Who ever was the killer was on land. The search for the murderer brought them to a withered gardens, dead oak trees and a house not lived in for a century.  No sign of life and so they moved on to other mansions and gathered groups of houses. Nothing gave up clues but the dead men stopped floating in and the new year of 1900 came in with no repeat cases.


Sir Simone De Malifont and his daughter Morgania  had taken rooms in the Italian country side near Sorrento on the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Sir Simone was a silent young man with dark mysterious eyes who left all business to his beautiful young daughter. The room looked out from a cliff to the bluest of seas of Naples Bay.

Soon after the remains, and I must call them as such as the corpse was in two halves, was the subject of much discussion by the police. 1935 had been a slow year but this murder brought in so called experts from Rome. The dead male was the grandson of  Duke Debaldi Lombard a well known Law maker with Government in Romes house of members.

Soon after the body count built up .Some 34 young men found floating in the rock wall depths of water. Like flotsam and jetsam they hugged the shore line all along the lower dock of Sorrento town which overhanging the sea with balcony of rock gave up no clues.


Then all stopped.  After a summer, not another did come to light. The corpse count had

ended .

The rooms of rent had been vacated when the officers arrived Sir Simone and his daughter gone. The case without a single clue failed to solve the deaths of 36 poor souls, all young men of 19 to 25 in age.

The ship across to England also lost two young travelers both young men of 17 and 19 sons of an Italian tailor in London who had sent for them. The verdict was drowning but no body was  ever found in the sea and nothing of a clue on the ship. The Captain said that a beautiful young girl had befriended both men at dinner on that evening prior to the men vanishing off ship. The girl too had vanished.

As the ship docked in London port a deputation of police interviewed Sir Simone and his daughter but both told of the young men as just at diner table with them. No idea about them save than Italian and brothers. Police could not bring a case. Deep investigations led to the young men committing suicide as Sir Simone had not known either of them no link to murder was found.

On a painting in the Royal Art wing of the Tate art Galley hangs a painting of a Knight Templar Captain who led an attack on  the Coral Island castle of Saladin the Muslim leader against European Kings and Richard the Lionheart King of England. It is that of Sir Simon de Malifont. Could it really be that same man?

A letter found in the house in Jerusalem in 1998, where Sir Simon had lived and signed by him says this.

“Beauty is the highest wards of the occult influenced by power through my quality of ever lasting appearance and my senses awakened spiritually emotion in the mind of man who feeds me. Their souls do make me live.”

This was addressed to a monk in London England but was never delivered as it was captured in the mail bags of courier by Arab army In Lebanon. Somehow it was to appear back in Jerusalem after Sir Simons departure to England after the Crusade was over.


What ever happened to make this happen we can only say fact is stranger than fiction. Sir Simon de Malifont vanished with his lovely daughter In London England outside the site that once stood the Templar church. Two policemen came near to tell the man and young lady not to stand so close to traffic on the corner but reports claimed that both backed into the tree line thicket hedge and searches did not find them. When asked what description an elderly male around 60 with a grey suit and a well dressed young lady.

No sightings of them since 2013. The painting was found in one of the murder houses in 2002 where a young doctor had been killed by a sword or long knife through his liver. no evidence of any sort but two people, that his man may have known, did the murder.One at his front occupying him while the other from behind ran him through with a blade at least 3 feet long. A wide entrance cut similar to that of an old fashion sword blade.

Thank you all dear readers ,Sir Kevin.

Short fictional story part with of my own garden in  focus to illustrate the story for you.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019


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  1. Many thanks dear lady. The bit if garden is near the house it goes on through three acres divided by rose walk arches into new garden just making it.Wait for hedges to grow and six rooms of walled gardens with wide avenues and vast borders of flowers and plants takes you down into another old world which meets to lake path and forest walk. 5 acres nearly 6 of hard work but peace at my fingertips.

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