The day of destiny

“Hello, is that Carling Cabs.I wish to order a taxi now. ”

The callers last words. Not a trace of her in the flat in Londons best corner. The facts do not add up for police nor for private detective Alan Bale.

The door is open the house in darkness Bale has been called by a client to this address. Inside are but empty rooms and in the last place he looks ,the bedroom a coffin lays where once the bed was set. He feels stunned as he sees the lid slowly lifting and suddenly he falls to the floor in shock as  a white faced girl takes his hand.

“What the hell is going on.” declares the police inspector.

” No idea sir , nothing here but dust. ”

“This is the house Bale told me he was in last night to see a client. He came alone. ”

“If he did sir we have no way of knowing as no foot marks  in the dust so he cannot have entered inside .Then that door is heavy and locked. We had to fetch the locksmith to open it. ”

” Bale is missing. Put out his description and close this place up .It is chilling me out lad. ”

” Yes Sir it is colder in here than expected for time of year.”

The police are gone Bale is sat in front of tall man who insists he needs help.

“Who are you, as that girl looked very dead? ”

” Not at all mister Bale, Amanda is alive and well. Ill call her she is awake. ”

‘You need not bother. Seen enough to know something here is wrong”

‘Wrong. Come now sir .We are two adults what can be wrong. I want you to find a man who is hiding from me in this city. Nothing else.”

” His name?”

“First my situation. Call me as soon as found. I am at work after dark only. ?”

” Why?”

“Why call me or why work only at night? Time to answer both questions. But first your solemn promise you will tell no one of this meeting. ”

“Another question in the riddle. I am finding you vague and if no details will you give me, ill walk away mister Black.”

” This is my ward Amanda .You meet last evening. See she is well and as lovely as ever. ”

” Why sleep in a box then?”

‘My ward is an actress and studying her new role for some film or other. Come; answers now. You see mister Bale .This man is in need of my help. He is a drug addict and left my surgery un attended.”

” You are a doctor?”

“Oh! far more than that Bale. I am a healer of lifes pains. But we move on. Yes the man is called John Little aged about 21. He is of good family in the city and came to me for help with addictions. Amanda here gave him rest and I was called away with another matter. He was gone on my return. I have not helped him at all.”

“I see. Then the next question?”

‘” On your insistence. I work at night owing to my eyes unable to suffer strong light. ”

” So wear sun glasses by medical needs.”

” You have sensed something have you not Bale. I see it in your eyes as of just now.”

“You mean am I speaking with a Vampire ,then yes ,I am. So help me God no reflection of Amanda in that mirror is a good clue would you not think so -Mister Black?”

” Then I need not bore you further Mister Bale.”

Suddenly Bale was in an empty room again. So strange with such speed it vanished and he stood alone in the dark save for the city lights in the window as he pulled the heavy curtains back filled the room with light. It was daylight already.

His mind as strong as ever just his legs so weak he made his way back to the street and behind him the door slammed shut. He was alone and now the impulse to run for his very life. His interview with death a thing to forget, if only that was possible.

the vampire in the hood with glowing eyes in the forest

The body of a young medical student was hauled out of the Thames at Mortlake six days latter by police. The dead male drained of blood was named  by police as  John Andrew Littlejohn. A 21 year old student of law.

In his memoirs Detective Alan Bale left us just one clue as  to who this mister Black really was. He is mentioned in the bible it claims. To us his number is 666.

How he had been spared he just had no idea of. ” May be”, Said the priest at his funeral ,” This man was loved by God.” For the police it was just another day of London life. For many like them nothing so sinister will ever befall them and so many many will never believe that we are never alone.


Let me now thank all my readers for loyalty shown and God be with you all.

Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020


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