The last farewell.

The morning started much as ever in the live of Mary Gifford. She had kissed her husband Tom and left for work with her camera bag soon after. For Mary was a photographer for international news.  Working close with police. While Tom Gifford was an advertising agent in busy Fleet Street London England.

Life for the newly married pair had taken much planing but now happy with life in harness both had their jobs to go to and meet up at night at home for dinner. It was a good relationship as it had been so decided at the off that nothing would be held back by either and no secrets either hidden by either side.

Tom was working on a big promotion when he met David in the office of his employer. David had sought Tom out and the two became friends. David had just arrived in the cafe with Tom for coffee. The talk turned to women. David said he had lost the love of his life and she he hoped was happy. He had called her a pet name of Bundles. Tom listened to all David said before he spoke of Mary his wife and was surprised at Davids interest.

Time went by and he was ready to leave for work pressed Tom but David remained. As he left Tom saw all at tables smiling at him and so waved at then who now scowled. Confused he returned to his desk.


The evening he told Mary of his chance meeting with David and Mary smiled as she was happy Tom had a friend at work. Dinner over they sat resting and then Tom told her that David had a strange pet name for his ex girlfriend of Bundles. To this Mary gasped. She soon took control and listened to all Tom had said and what this David had said. Over and over again until Tom was tired with it. Mary then changed the subject to holidays.

Tom had said that he was going to meet David next coffee break in the cafe on Lyons corner. That day Mary too made time to be there. Tom sat talking to himself and looking at an empty chair. To the amusement of all in the cafe. Mary felt ill just watching the performance. She had to be sure. Camera set she took a photo and left hurriedly.

Tom was back home now and upset as people had been so nasty to him saying he needed help. Help quite what for, he had no idea.


That evening Mary brought the conversation around to David. Tom told her that David was to travel away on business finished here. He was sorry for that but he said that David was happy that all was well with my marriage and left me in the cafe to finish my coffee. He did not think he would see David for a while.

Mary took out a photograph of her dead lover and Tom said yes that is David .She then showed him himself talking to an empty chair and Tom slowly came to see what had happened. David was the ghost checking that Mary was alright.

Living down his talk to a chair he avoided that cafe and worked harder to forget and be useful so none would bring the subject up.

Mary was happier than ever and made her husband happy with their life as one with a boy child soon after. David never returned but having left her diary on her bedside table Tom saw her last remark and smiled.


David, rest easy old friend.No worries do not fear.   Words from her diary .

2 thoughts on “The last farewell.”

    1. Read it at last. i have a favor to ask. My old pal john Roberts of Lower Heswall Cheshire number must have extra digits as I have 0151 342 2149 it comes under Merseyside now im told but phone says no connection. Ill tell the truth I had a bad felling in my gut that something us wrong .Hope im way of track but suspect my gut tells the truth. So can you find how many numbers are added to make it contactable. Here not chance. It must be 7 numbers not four as i have.12 years abroad all alters. xx


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