The burning building case.

Long ago in deepest darkest Oxford a young man leaves university life to join a Vicars sub division selling arms to anyone who paid well. His name was Roger Morrison Sellwood and this is his story. It is a tale of greed, dishonour , and, perhaps pay back.

This case takes us far from our shores into Ukraine in May month 1952.

Winning an order for six armour plated tanks and over 200 new Gpmg machine guns from the Russian unmarked soldiers he saw the massacre of many poor peasant farmers wives and children.Yet after the initial shock and having been treated well by a General from Moscow in soviet dress who signed the form for order, he said nothing but thank you. Over the next 10 year Sellwood sold thousands on arms to Russia in all parts of the world . Back in 1956 Sellwood alone made his company more cash than ever seen before from the Soviet Russian envolament  in the Hungarian revolution . Thousands of civilians died alongside soldiers in this horrific war .Then Sellwood saw it as his best wages ever.


In Serbia in 1970s he made millions in commission  pay with full order books for his employers. Many dead he stepped over to reach his target of arms sales.

Back home for Christmas 1958 he meets miss Cora Harvey, working a Lyons corner house in Trafalgar Square London. She was serving at table cakes to the middle class ladies. It for him was love at sight. Over the next two years of courtship he buys a house just outside of the city of Oxford. Foxholes became their home as man and wife. Little Henry was born in 1963  and his life as father could not have been better. Cora was a good girl good wife and mother but not an educated mind. She did ask what Sellwood did for a living once but was told Government oversea agent. No more.

He was in fact gone for weeks at a time but she trusted him and was proved to be right as far as faithful duties.She wanted for nothing and so when Sellwood packed to fly to Middle East she first noticed the pistol in the side wall of the half packed case.


That evening ,after her husband Roger had left she first saw the line on ghosts coming down the main stairs towards her just faces in a sheet of mist. faces with open wide mouths and silent screams. She was found by the childs nurse flat out cold across the hall floor less than half hour later.

Roger returned and she told him her plight . He laughed loudly ,Ghosts do you no harm they cant, their dead. From than on her visions became regular and in different forms.Then in a dream like trance her young six year old son Henry fell to his death falling down the stairs. Roger never got over his loss and his wife was taken off to hospital having tried suicide. In the passing months Roger was shot dead in Serbia and his great house far back in England caught fire and burned to the ground. Her body was searched for for days but no human remains were found by police teams. Firemen and Insurance agents. Mrs Cora Sellwood had vanished. She has never been seen since.


Make what you may from that, but this case is closed.

Hope you enjoyed this fictional tale Sir Kevin says thank you for reading it.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2020

3 thoughts on “The burning building case.”

    1. Thank you dear it was in my mind for two days working on logs for fire it worked out bit by bit and when writing up to publish too no time to do.I can do this often but then mental blck go back to history having my degree in it. So glad you liked the ending too.

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