The Devil who was hanged.

He was born in the steel milling city of fame called Solengen a middle ages sword masters work shop place in Westphalia,  North Rhineland, Germany; into a middle  class family of hard working business people.  His birth date is 19th  March 1906 as karl Adolf Eichmann.

He was just a child when his mother died and at school was mocked as the tiny Jew. He had swarthy looks and only a small boy who would grow into the Devils own disciple in an age to come. index

He left school to go into sales after working with his father as a milling engineer he wanted more, far more from life than that. He later found himself in an American oil sales unit in Europe.  In 1932 he joined the  expanding Austrian Nazi party and rose bit by bit into the man who had studied well the Jewish ways and could by now speak some Hebrew yiddesh. Filing clerk was his first job under Hitler. In this role as war broke out he studied Jews as fascination until the plan came into his mind to sort out the full movement of Jews out of Europe to Madagascar in the Indian ocean.

In 1938 he had tried to put this plan to the Arabs in Palestine but was caught in the act by British spies and ordered to leave the county. if only he had been arrested all of this may not have happened for Adolf Eichmann was the architect of the death camps.

As Hitler saw a great mind in this new boy Eichmann was soon to rise into the SS ranks as head of 1v B4 units in full control of the newly provided death camps.

in 1944 he was in Hungary at Auchwitz working on the Nazi so called final Solution program . This was to rid all Europe of the Jew. In same year Eichmann was to report to Himmler as his boast was he had murdered 5 million Jews and was about to march 50,000  more into death camps as best way is to starve them to death and let disease finish the rest.

Himmler told him to stop,  but Eichmann had started and so 50000 people went on the death march from Hungary in winter cold as ice in bare feet and thin clothing on to Austria over that mountains in terror ,hungered and ill; few made it all the way with thousands of dead bodies in the snow.   It chills me even to write this.


He now turned on to 4 million Jews left in all camps to exterminate but the war had come to an end in victory for Britain and her allies. Eichmann vanished but was captured by the Americans . Eichmann was not known as yet so his guard was lax and Eichmann escaped .He worked on rabbit farms and such but he had friends in the Vatican in Rome who remarkably helped him reach Argentina . He was a man who was now well know for his crimes. News carried the voices of the dead he had killed into peoples minds . The Diary of Anne Frank nailed Eichmann as a name to fear.

He must have watched his back but had said many times.” I will leap into my grave laughing because of the feeling of that I have 5 million people on my mind is for me a source of extreme satisfaction ”

Unbelievable that any human could think like that or wish it on himself in death. He had no God but will know for certain the fires of  Hades for eternity as his crimes are unforgivable.

In a concrete box made into a house he with a woman and a job in local factory of Mercedes car making traveled each day on the bus at same time  each day. Back and forth for years but in time the Jews who had survived the ordeal  built a Nazi catching police unit and Eichmann had been found. By stealth alone they hired cars and set a plan to take him by night from the bus home to a car waiting .Plates changed out to the waiting plane . They first had to identify it was he. This took some time as the SS tattoo had been burned off with the number too but Eichmann had slipped up in fast interview gave his SS number as another name not his for a soldier his number is foremost in his mind forever. So the SS number was that of Eichmann.

He was tried  back in Jerusalem and unrepentant hanged in Tel- Aviv 1st of June 1962. His body cremated and his ashes dumped from a swill bucket into the sea well off the coast of Palestine. For me a school boy in England could not understand why the Vatican was part of it. Then over the years since have come to see the evil of that same institution who dared to pay Spain to attack England to make our dear Queen a slave of the pope that Bishop of Rome who hated Britain for loss of funds paid to Rome added into billions  even then in 1540.

Eichmann was the Devils own Disciple and true follower of his own mind and thoughts like Hitler who had endorsed him and knew what would be the fate of millions in death camps all over Europe.


Was it a war of pure greed or was it a war that produced more the hand of real evil from the many who flocked around Hitler all the same evil mixture as each other. Hitler and perhaps Eichmann too of Jewish extract makes it even more sinister in truth. The fact that Hitler married a Jew makes it even more amazing. Only they knew why it was brought about as no human being could ever condone it. A mass murder of around 8 million Jewish people in our times, horrific.

To look at him at trial, a frail dwarf of a man, one would not suspect he could be so evil but he was.



imagesMaybe here the real sick smile of a true villain can be see as sentence of death is passed by court on him.


I wish you all my best and thank you for your time to give me. Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. 2020.

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  1. History degree taken in Liverpool university England 1967. Always loved the subject. Law was my job but history made laws Kings and dead ministers are all history. Thank you dear friend for your comment. I intend to alternate in history and short stories as hope it helps my readers to enjoy the read and the visit to my page.

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