The great hijack in the sky.

1971 .America. A man who called himself Dan Cooper boarded a passenger flight as a well dressed business man. After take off he handed a letter to the air hostess  .He said nothing as the latter was self explained. It said that in his case he had a bomb.He demanded 200000 dollars and 3 parachutes. Or plane would explode. At no time did he speak or remove the dark sunglasses off his face. The hostess was to tell the airline right away. They landed  at 5.24pm at Seattle Tacoma airport       For received amount of cash demanded and the 3 chutes. Taking off as soon as all was collected he asked for      They told him only enough fuel for

He then told them to lower the plane to 2000 feet and slow speed down. The landing gear down The plane was the only model that had the staircase lift at rear. This staircase did not affect the planes control but after a while slowed the plane down. Some time went by until a deeply concerned pilot Bill Scott aged 51 saw that no one was on that stair and so closed it. The bomb and cash bag gone with Cooper. He had jumped into thin air.

indexwitness and photofit of Dan Cooper given to police by flight attendants.

Over the 49 years since this FBI case began no one has caught the hijacking thief Dan Copper. If that was his real name? Not a marked back note was spent. The man in question had no idea of terrain as he had asked for — So dressed in a thin business suit with a case and a bag of cash he jumped off someplace between-

The shoot had no modern control strings .Then another fact is it was winter and from even 2000 feet the cold and windchill may have frozen him as badly he may not have pulled the rip cord. Lets say he did but then cold as ice he hits the fast flowing river and is knocked out on impact. He dies in 6 seconds. The bag splits and 25k leaks out to shore. The great dam takes him in and that grinds him up and shoot also. No trace of him after which is what the FBI could not face and the hunt went of for 45 years for this man Copper taking his legend into history as never ever caught. Then the man died that moment he jumped from the plane he had in effect signed his own death warrant. To me it is a case still on as who was he is the biggest question ever asked of FBI. Someone knew him that is for certain. Many have come forward with details of parent or uncle of even a woman. Silly as not one note was spent so if he exists what did he bother to rob that cash for if not to spend. We can rule out  he was intelligent as he did not know where that plane could take him he had not given thought to fuel.  He had not worked out a thin suit was silly in a sky dive at night in coldest part of winter and in a storm. My guess he was just a chance taker with first time robbery.

Boeing_727-51_N838N_Piedmont_ORD_30.09.79_edited-2 REAL PHOTO OF PLANE INVOLVED.

Who he was he was not DB Cooper that is for certain. When he failed to come home someone lodged a case with police.Yet did FBI check all states .I doubt it. Yes he made fools of FBI as they even today have no clue at all of who he was.

Mystery even today but is mine the only conclusion? I think so.

Yours with love and respect as always,Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2020

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