The last dance on earth. Concluding part.Eternal

“So you say he died by blood being drained from his body.”

‘ Unless your deaf Napoleon. Yes he is drained of every body fluid. ”

” Through two tiny holes in the neck.”

” Those exact holes ,yes.”


” Im good at my work ,but not a magician .Cant say how it is done. Cant hazard a guess even. Unless we consider your man in the cells statement and we are dealing with Vampires;   that is .”

” Vampires .Its 2019 Doc sort of out of date ,redundant on death of Bram Stoker I believe.”

” Whitby Abbey and the bats are fiction it is true. Stoker is dead .Then so is our victim who is remarkably similar to the story that you elude to Detective.”

‘ All of them died this same way. If it was Holland I would say someone was after cash by selling plasma to hospitals. ”

‘ Then Holland no longer pays for blood .I see your point but how it fits in to the facts. Maybe we are looking at this wrongly. How about if it is shipped abroad to sell”


‘ Good man you ill set my team of it right way. Thanks Doctor .”

:Dont mention it Im sure.”

Over the following few days all stops were out. Trying to find a link into blood sales abroad .Nothing that could not be fully sorted and proved.  Then a disturbance in the cells .A scream and all rushed down to see a woman at the detainees  throat . Detective shot her in the head and a face of the dead looked at him, her eyes opened, green and flashing. All fell back under her spell but he did not but emptied his pistol into her heart.

She let out a roar as loud as it was deep. She brought her teeth to his neck as a flash but he opened his shirt to show the silver cross and she hissed like a goose and vanished.  He felt the darkness folds pass his head  a thin almost invisible line had parted the darkness as a slightly flowing robe. All came too .The dead man in the cell draped head down in his own blood, eyes wide open as if searching the detectives face. From that moment on all there had been left in no doubt but a vampire did exist.

He walked home across Waterloo Bridge, alone, armed and shaking, with anger and even fear held him still in mind. Onward to his lodging s then there she was just ahead of him. Her powerful gaze held him for just a moment then he shot a hole in his over coat pocket. She smiled but it was a silver bullet made from a childhood blessed cross. Her face aged she clung to the rails in shock gasping for life to try to enter the tide below but he was on to her holding her arm. The sun was setting over Waterloo .


The Thames River red with glow. Her face fell apart she cried pitifully as bit by bit she turned to ash. The last light of the sun fell upon her and it was all over. He held the gun in his hand as four policemen raced to the scene to arrest a terrorist but saw who it was and a pile of black dust at his feet.

A day later,his  police station was full of reporters after a story having heard by the grapevine that some woman was shot on the bridge.It had taken that long to put two and two together. He looked up from his desk. “You lot sod off home . Nothing happened it is but rumour only. No story here. We have work to do keeping the city clean.”


You will not find this story in the reports of police files stored nor from newshounds who could not even dream of making it up .As who would believe them if they had.We know that Vampires are but tales from the grave and fiction reigns as King. Then do we even now what is in the darkness when un protected we sleep. How can we known all that is on earth for who has seen a ghost must have open mind.

One hopes you liked this three part story.  Another next week, as this tale is over.

Thank you for reading. Being with us even those who come via GAVITAR as cannot get through to thank them personally just hope they know I care. So another story over, working on the next as we speak. God be with you all where ever you are in this world.


Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2020.

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