The last connection (Eternal ending}

Another day in the office of Detective John James. His desk full of case files told of the many nerve racking problems in the Capital City of London. The phone rings making him jump to pick it up. Like a dog with a bone he held it to his ear.

‘So what is it Doc another bloody Vampire?”

“No I think not but best you come and see.Your the detective Horatio. ”

In ten minutes he arrived flustered two cases on the go had his back to the wall.

” Shot ,stabbed or just fed up with life in general. ?”

“None of any that one can finger as true. Here look .I cant say more until I have him on my slab. Maybe those two holes in his hand relate?”

” Maybe so if the blood sucking ash burner sod was blind he may have missed the neck.”

” There is one more thing. ”
” Oh!

“Here ,just before the ear lobe .See come close .There see it. ?”

” Like a pierced ear gone wrong. ”

” He may have wore one of those gold pig snout clips they call fashion today. ”

” Yes right. When ”

” Id say between 2am and daybreak . Cant say more as of now. Say 4pm shall we?”

The London streets so deserted as virus spread and public told to stay indoors gave the streets a strange feel to the mind of the Detective as he strolled back inside New Scotland Yard doors.

” Rights ,you lot I want all you can find on that sod we failed to catch three years back. ”

The team looked dazed. Then one spoke up. ‘Sir are you saying we are back in the camp fire light on vampire hunting again. ”

‘Cant say in all honesty Phil. Could well be as we never did find that young chap who killed three people under my nose.”

“What is the Doctor Dee take on it then?”

” Dont know until he calls. My guess is this unnamed well dressed chap we know had something to do with the landlady case. He was never interviewed properly and vanished so fast we need to go back and nail him down. ”

” Another Vampire case then as said Gov?”

The days went by without trace of the man in question. The work of Doctor James Dee had proven little as no holes or bite marks in the dead mans neck and all his blood in tact.Yet the puncture marks in his soft hand could not be explained. The case was wide open for interpretation.

Morning had broken and the cell empty.The morning meeting underway.

‘So there we have it . Bite in his hand on further development gives us the cause of death of poison. Then thats where it ends we have nothing on files to relate to this poison. ”

“Bite or injection with two tries Doc.”

“No Sherlock not this time. It was a human tooth that bit him. ”

” really. Then you say was”.

” Yeah I did. Was is the operative word. Meaning who ever bit him was human once.”

” It is another impossible case . Vampires in 2020 Dee is beyond me. One yes vanished into ash before my eyes.”

” Seeing is believing old sport. Now if you will excuse me detective I have an appointment at the blood bank sharpish.”

” Trace on plasma Doc?”

” Something of the such, tat tar for now. ”

The search closed in and by slightest chance the Hotel in Baker Street held the man on record as wanted. vampire-fog-waiting-walled-city-halloween-horror-concept-44691187

“We meet again young man. ”

” You are that Detective fellow .Let me see ,Yes , it is James John James . What service can I do for you Detective.?”

” We are hunting a Vampire my friend. I think its you myself.”

“indeed .One very large guess sir.”

“Er! No just stay still .I know your exits old son. Sit down and we talk this over or we handcuff you and down to the cell you go. Your lady friend ,by the way, she dropped at my feet ,ash she was .A small pile of black gray ash.”

” So thats how it ended for her .I did sort of wonder.”

” She was the one who changed you then?”

” I was a mere card playing drunk in a town far off these sainted shores. I was 22 and a bit of  a lad in the year 1786 I meet Morgan a woman older but so rare.Sex was my aim she drew me near and set her lips to mine.I woke up in a brothel as the sun came up i nearly died my hands burned face stung and only that she pulled me inside a darker place than I have ever been I would not be here now. ”

” So you are 256 years old you claim?”

” You area fast thinker sir exact in good bye.”

The room went cold but quicker than forked lightening James grabbed hold of his arm and  in a flash handcuffed him to himself.

‘What are you doing idiot do you think I cannot escape .Watch me,”

All that the detective was left with was handcuff handing on chain at his waist.The man had vanished again.

‘Not bad for an old man sir was he. ”

‘ No rather clever really. Search this place attic and cellar.”

“What are we looking for sir?”

“A large box coffin like ,or a locked upright cupboard.”


Next episode next week.

Sir K at your service and thank you all.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt.

3 thoughts on “The last connection (Eternal ending}”

  1. Thank you dear . Yes not to say much to give it away.I have two more stories that are on that hansom young man from the first part of Eternal. He vanished before police and this is on the mind of Detective John James of Scotland yard. The Last Vampire in two parts is in the pipe line waiting ready.


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