The chase.Part two of this last story of Eternal

The chase was planed by Detective John James on the phone call he took from police department in the city of Rome.

” Look sir I know the Government as not happy .I need to follow this lead . So will you sign my expenses form or I cant ever book a flight. Two weeks that is all .Put it down as vacation if its your wish. ”

The Chief Super lay down his pen. Looked straight into this best detectives eyes. “Not a matter of using you holidays for what would be a police matter. You see it puts me in a bad place talking the need to go to Rome. ”

“World threat it is sir. ”

” Yes maybe it is at that. Then Detective James in my place would you tell Boris Johnston we  have to sign expenses for you to go chasing Vampires. ”

” Well no perhaps not but, if his kids are attacked by a Vampire sir will he think about it.If I save him from this horror what will he do. Nothing as he would not have known in the former place.”

” Your making no sense man. Your asking me to lie to the top desk. ”
” No Im asking you to help me make a better world.A safer place to live.”

“James my hands are tied . Next. ”

The Detective sadly walked back to his desk in a room a corridor away.  He knew he was obsessed by this case but still saw the utter need to stop a hansom ancient man make more devils out of human beings. Just then the phone rang.

“Detective John James here”

“Dee here .You know that body with the holes in hand?Well it got up and walked out on the morgue sometime after midnight last evening. Case of the un dead  Id say old son.”

“Blast it man. Can it be any worse. It means  our wonder boy bit him to make another vampire for us .”

“Servant you mean. Perhaps why he was not drained of blood. ”

“Will it never end. Virus is all that they talk of and under the shadow of this plague Vampires dance the feed of death. Horrid creatures. ”

“Chin up old son .Just another for your memoirs.”

No sooner than he had placed the receiver down the phone sprang back into life.

” Hello.”

” Good day Detective this is Marco Parisi. I  Detective in the Roma Poitzia department. ”

” Ah! Marco how nice to talk .I read your letter but here I am stuck as my up line will not sanction my air fare even. ”

” I suspected as much . Never mind John here we know about Vampires. My er! up line,yes. They have paid for flight and hotel. You see you are the only one who has burned a devil to ash. Big celeb you are. So one needs your help much. You accepted this case asked for it.Now come with no excuse. ”

‘ Thank you I will. Have to clear it here and book it as leave. That way no need to report. When to expect tickets Marco. ”

Fax copy over now. Just go to air terminal at 5pm your time tickets will be cleared by Politza here. See you at noon tomorrow as Im off to funeral of gallant officer murdered by your friend of ancient birth. ”

Rome 2nd May 2020 . Politza dept Via di S. Vitale, 15,00184.Roma RM Italy.

“At last Here you are John. No time to talk we can do that in the car.”

” So is it always this hot.”

‘ NO far hotter in June. Here is the Via Nationale behind which the body of uniformed Constable Beagio Delmarco was found drained of any blood and two holes in his throat. No clue to who ,or what killed him. I read your report in the police gazette and came to see the only possible cause ,no matter what, is Vampire at large in my city. That brings you into play.”

” How good is your coroners office here?’

” You can work with him speaks reasonable English. Here we get out and walk I have something else to show you. ”

The walk was welcome as heat in the car was giving the English man problems.

“So here we are John. This grave is over two centuries old. It reads Died 16th March 1874. Killed by Vampire attack. ”

” You have been busy as you say Vampires are not new here Marco.”

” I have not told you the victims name?”

‘ Indeed you have not.”

” It is John James from London who came to Roma on holiday.”

‘ My God sir. What is this the future or the past.?”

The day progressed slowly and at last at dinner with Marco near The Spanish Steps the two men had only to find the devil to succeed.

‘We have searched every place only underground is left. ”

” Sewerage you mean.”

:No no the catacombs under the city. Here many believe in keeping the remains of the dead in stature forever. Whole rows of them preserved in salty air line the way below.”

‘ Who is it who wants this?”

” People will pay high costs to be included. Some go back to sixteenth century in same suits they died in. Ladies with handbags parasol or even couples hand in hand. Too us acceptable to most others macabre to say the least”.

” How many or them?”

‘ Cant say must be a record someplace. Why.”

‘ Is it possible to hide down there?”

‘Who knows but we can go down and see what can be found. After breakfast in morning. For now relax.’


The horror of the dead displayed shocked the Detective from England.




John James had had enough by this hour of day but just as he turned to leave he saw the eyes upon him and saw the dead man from Dees slab and so dived through the dead to pull himout of hiding. Amazed Marco stood rigid for valuable moments until at length he jumped with baited breath onto the wresting pair on the crypt floor.  In that moment silver letter opener that James had concealed was now driven through the young mans heart. Before their eyes a yell so loud it echoed around like thunder ripe and active. The policemen thrown off him as he slowly turned to ash  bit by bit they witnessed it with awe.

“Pity he had not the time left to tell us the location of his master.”

For many days they searched. Not a sign of the last Vampire came to light. Then in the midst of all they stumble onto his coffin in the depths of an attic above a hat shop in central Plaza. It was empty on inspection and all they had to do was wait.

” So it is you at last .We nailed the lid shut. Just you and me now my lad.”

” Day light is almost here what you to do young man?’

“Two of you.I see, well you took away my servant. I have other sleeping arrangements farewell.”

” Just you wait a moment I have something to show you that is my gift to you. ”

” Gift from you? What can that be I wonder .Time is standing still policeman i MUST GO.”

“Oh! you will go my friend.”At this he pulled back the roof tiles and the sunlight flooded in .The two policemen stood in awe as the Vampire snarled The flames leaping through him.

“The gift is death Vampire its over now. ” The last words he heard as ash fell to the attic floorboards like so much dust.

Back in London no record of that event was ever brought to news hounds noses. The last Vampire ever created was now gone from the earth of mankind. No medal from the Queen but no virus did John James Vampire Killer affect.


Thank you for reading my blogs it has been my pleasure to write for you. All who have joined us from Gavitar and all over the world i say God be with you all. I found it impossible to join Gavitar for many reason so thanks to all who  contact me.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt2020

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