Part two Detective James case

German made pistol loaded from breach found in river by Tower Bridge steps. What is your verdict Doctor.?

” I found it be exact match for the bullet we have from Diplomatic agents head sir”

‘ Then are there any prints?”

“Yes partly. As i informed Detective James sir. Not much to go on but yes middle finger print inside the barrel . Carried it that way and dumped it. Water did not take it all away. faint but still certain it matches and so same man. ”

‘Thank you Doctor Dee. Now John can we find this killer before I have egg on my face from above. MI5 have no mercy so bring me a name fast.”

” I think sir I have a name now. ”

” Really that is fast.Go on man.”

” Well! can only be a ghost but its David Ashby Jones.”

” But he is dead .1989 plane crash. ”

” Good cover sir. Perhaps our man escaped.”

” Highly unlikely Detective ,I saw the body.”

“Then sir we have ghost to blame for an international murder.”

Good God man i had it with Vampires never could believe half that evidence. Ghost you say. Maybe ?Better do your thing man. Ill be in my office until five so in that time please,if you can?”

The Doctor smiled at James and beat a swift retreat back to his lab. Detective James pulled his tie end into his suit and on with the jacket left the building. Detective constable Harris joined in and drove out to London docks.


‘ Who are we after Sir?”

” Charlie the brick. Shed four end of row.  Coppers Nark from years back. ”

“Is that him sir. Black mac left to picture?”

‘ Id say so looks his size.”

‘ Blimey sir he is a big bugger.”

” Prize fighter at one time .Drink got hold of him early on. ”

The car pulled up alongside the man.

“Mister James himself is it?”

:” How are you Charlie still in the ring.”

” No no mister J trainer now more cash no bangs in the face. What can i do for yer.”

” Well! what can you tell me about Ashby Jones?”

” Six feet under as you well know. ”

” I say he is alive Charlie.Be a good boy and something in it for you. Hear me do you Charles?”

” I do, loud and clear sir. Keep my ear to the pump sir.”

Back in his office the phone rang.

‘ Yes James here . When. Ok thanks. ”

” Glad you could come Horatio. Phoned to tell you but here it is self explained.”

” Great Scot what the hell is it Doc?”

‘ Your looking at David Asby Jones liver. Or so we have been told. Your right who ever that body belonged to it was not David. Liver is riddled with drink related signs. Older man by my reckoning. Say maybe dead before he was killed you see. ”

” I get our meaning. So we have our killer at large.”

” Not a ghost it seems old boy. Good luck Im off to dine with Sir Bill.”

William Forsdyke head of department C. ”

“Very man indeed . Toodle OO.”

The hunt was on and all department on the case by mid day.

By two oclock they had their man .

‘ So as I found him for you sir whats my cut. ”

” Later Charlie lets get him in the cell first hey?”

The criminal sat silent as Top brass attended the interview.

‘ Though you had it all sown up Ashby Jones?”

” Got me over thirty years freedom. Cant be bad can it ?”

“No it cant but we got you now. ”

” Saying nothing copper.'”

‘ Dont have to but I think you will start singing soon. Bring it in please .Right Harris take his prints.”

Later the proof came through all points now matched.

” Now I need only to find out why he killed a diplomat. This should be fun. Is it five yet?”

” 4.12 sir why?”

Five is the time over according to upstairs. Tell you what Harris get up there and tell super its in the bag we have our man proved.Go on chop chop. ”

Down stairs Ashby Jones with his lawyer.

” Right lads move over. Just tell me why you shot a diplomat for the record. ”

” Just a job no other reason .Then how ever that was is for me to know you to forget. ”

” The paymaster is in this building then. ”

” He has said enough my client claims the right of silence Detective.”cried the lawyer

‘ Then maybe your client will sign a statement and mention his paymaster in it.For me to act .If so maybe a deal can be reached. ”

” What kind of deal James?”

” Less than life for murder?”

“Im listening but at my age who cares 20 years in state lock up I will not serve the whole sentence mate dead as brown bread in five Id say. ”

” Cant say I care . Your sentence will stand but it could be soft or hard just as you wish ,mate.”

“Open prison and ill talk.”

” Ill see what I can do yes.?”

Your man is – Sir Gerald Smith. ”

” really you prepared to put that in writing are you?”

“You prepared to give me my prison in writing are you?”

” More likely Walton Liverpool.”

” Thats top security. ”

” Yes and better than London your a dead man in any of Her majesties prisons here.”

” Some place I can see the sky and walk about at times.”

“Scotland suit you?”

” Not lowlands no higher up yes.”

” Judge will decide but we can guide him.Ok deal”

“Paper and pen please and lets get this over. Nailing that bastard upstairs is sweet.”

The police cars piled up in the driveway. The Detective wrote in his diary that Sir Gerald had seen the end and shot himself dead rather than to face British Justice. From top of secret service to an out and out murder arranger over the years of privilege had shocked the whole system of power. Why had he hired out killers without leaving his desk was not know only his bank accounts told some of the story.  Another case over.John James walked home drained of energy at the speed this case had raced through. In his mind his England was a safer place and that pleased him well.

“Good night sir,”

Thank you Harris same to you,and ,thanks for your help today.”

“Your welcome sir.We got him and that is all that Im paid for.”

The End.

Thank you for reading the stories.Yours with respect Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.2020

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