Detective James under fire; conclusion.

The sunset over Waterloo Bridge as  old man Thames river sparkled red and lovely passing by under his gaze. It was a sad Chief Constable thinking of the near death account of his friend Detective John James. Was it over.  He would only know in the morning and that was a weight to carry. He waked the embankment watching the sun set before taking the cab ride back home.Another day in the city was over.

” Good morning boss.Any news?”
“No not as yet. Case for you on that desk Jones. I could ring Middlesex hospital. What ward was it Jones?”

He was about to pick up the receiver as Doctor Dee wandered in to the main office.’ No need I have just come from ward 2 .He is out of danger they said he needs rest. Bullet passed through his lung you see no way can they patch it up.  Breathing is a problem which ever way it goes. ”

” They will retire him then Doctor?”

” Not my bag to share is it ?”

“Then thanks for the news Dee, best get on with it, take my mind off the horror of it all.”

“Indeed but the bullet I have as evidence matches the slug that killed Rita .Find that .38 and you have who shot our friend the good Detective James.”


He slowly turned and walked out back to his lab. The phone burst into life cutting through the barrier of silence like the echo of machine guns in 1917.

The call from staff upstairs gave them first clue. A hand gun had been found in the mens toilets blocking the water flush and found by janitor at 8.23am that day.


‘Right you Jones go and bring that pistol back from Fenchurch rail station .It can be we have all the staff fingerprints on it. Speak to Harry Waterman hes the janitor who discovered it. Someone couldnt pull the chain in the loo. get on with it then man we have a department to run. ”

The streets of London full of public figures rushing this way and that in an effort to go no place. Jones came back with a .38 Smith and Wesson hand gun in a specimen bag. In the barrel Dee tipped out three rounds and took the gun to his test station and fired one round into the barrel of sand.  In moment it under the microscope revealed it was the very gun used to fire the bullets into Rita and later into James.  Fingerprints showed at least 12 sets of fingers had held this gun. They looked at Dee for help.


‘Not a grain on use but the bullets were loaded by someone.If no one fiddled with them we may still be lucky. ”

The bullet fired and shell plus the able round in the barrel chamber revealed nothing.Cleaned and left to be found by someone who either wanted to finger a killer or perhaps just puzzle the police a bit more.


Detective James came around at 3,34pm. In the mist before his eyes he slowly saw a vision before him .She leaned over him to build up his pillow saying :Arnt you the lucky one.” She was fresh and crispy white starched and nurse like .He relaxed as her slight scent of Chanel drifted near his nose. If only he could focus,

The morgue was still and silent as Dee tried hard to think. The corpse of Rita had gone for burial the empty slabs rare in this room lay accusingly as he sat ta his desk .Then it hit him. The water tank lid many have prints and only Harry the Janitor and if any other print is found we have the killer,or at least who left the gun there. He picked up the phone at announced it all to Chief Constable who organized it with department.

The fingerprint gang arrived half hour later as police manned the toilet door. Six sets of prints one Harry Waterman the others to sort out on interpol list and office print room.

By noon Detective James sat up in bed feeling almost himself. Nurse Julie Haskins at his side again. “So sir how is your wound in the neck coming on. We can change bandages and maybe you will feel more comfy.”

James looked up at her and he knew for the first time in his life that she was the one for him. She smiled and sang sweetly to take his mind off the gaping hole in his neck. It was nicely healing .The bullet had passed through. He could speak and that was a good sign. She did her duty and left him to see to another. He watched her every move which kept him very involved with nurse Julie until flashes came before his eyes .Red jaguar black windows. He was looking at the gun man through a half opened window. He tried to bring his face to him but all he could see was the flash of metal and the fire from the gun flashed before him again. She looked back .He was asleep again. She smiled and went about her duties happily.

“So the gun is registered to a company we know. get the cars around Adams fast,”

The ride through to East End took an age in the mind of police inside that car. Armed up and able they pulled up and marched into to Lenny the Jewelers shop.

‘whats this about then?

‘Lenny dear man we meet again.”

“Your the copper that put my daughter away for life, you bastard no help from me.”

” Really Lenny, murder is murder and your Gill went down for killing her friend for her car. Now come with us. Jones pack up whats in his safe. Key Lenny or we blast the bloody door off it.”

The contents a tray of diamonds worth some half million on sale. A gun loaded Glock and box of shells. A small metal rod and a box containing a set of photos of Rita Coleman the murdered woman.

Dee examined the box fingerprinted with no match to anything. Only Lenny. The hand reached the rod. Picked it up and gave it all he had but it was just a brass like metal rod. He looked at the five photos of Rita shopping in some supermarket. He need the mind of James for this he knew that. He moved the rod and box out of his way as the rod rolled it opened into a silencer. Dee amazed at the workman ship gloved as always took it up to PC Jones and Detective Adams.

No one had seen anything like it ever. Lenny said little of any use but when faced with the gun and silencer fixed he came clean. He hid it for Peter the Painter a hit man for Prestons gang.  This Peter had been brought in for a job by Preston. His target Detective John James.

“Did he murder Rita too?”

“Want to go as police witness I can tell you a bit more rest will be what I think happened.”

” Deal can be made if your info leads to arrest.”

” It will . Rita got in the way. More when deal is done.Protection new name and full story of what I know happened. Deal first if Preston finds out even in prison he will kill me dead out here.”

‘ France, new name and set up as Jewel dealer honest trade of we tell French police. Best we can offer. Better be a good story we can act upon.Fire away Lenny.”

“In writing signed by above and clear my shop for me to move as I cant can I ?”

The thing was now in full swing .He told his tale that nailed some twenty top drawer criminals.

At this moment Detective James was able to sit back up in bed. His nurse came to feed him and feeling helpless she knew he was not comfortable being served.  Here was a man of action of kindness and duty she started to feel his power and his eyes told her he liked her. Not a word was said but they both knew the future at that moment together.

‘So you say Preston from prison brought in this German Peter the painter just to kill our Detective James .Rita was able to see the execution of a gangland drugs dealer called Gordon Miles. Why was he snuffed then Lenny?”

” He owed money to Preston been skimming to pot. Cant do that and live you see.”

“Shot by whom and where .Supermarket car part Id guess but who pulled the trigger on both victims. Give than the name and your free to go. ”

” No cant leave here now my shop.”
” you can sit in the cells .Your shop is now being searched but really stored into a furniture van marked police. By now maybe ready to ship by container with all you home and workshop gone from London cleaned out by police raids. You can be taken upstairs for new passport new identity and vanished within the hour. My promise you stay under the radar and your safe for life. Understand as much as a driving fine for speed and they may find you. ”

” Yes and thank you. Your man is on his way to collect that tray of diamonds from my safe at 5pm tonight. He will be at my shop. Peter the painter is also called The Shark by those you book his services on the deep web.  I have met him only once but he is noticed . Nothing to look at but eyes dark and eyes as lifeless as a shark look right into your soul as meat only. He is a complete killing machine Id say. ”
“Where did you meet him?”

“Last month at a party in Marylebone. Given by some big wig in Government .Not my scene really but had to deliver a necklace to madam Preston who was accompanied by the Shark. ”

‘Was he introduced?”

” Not to me I am just a delivery boy. No it was Prestons wife who let it out to her daughter Carina as he was in ear shot leaving by the side door .”

At 5pm Detective James was out of bed on a stick being aided by Nurse and doctors as he made his first steps and breathed in air. In East end The shark was captured and finger prints sent to Interpol. In the cell this arch criminal opened his veins with a glass shard from the crushed water jug. . He was bleeding to death but doctors attended to revive him successfully. Interpol had been on his tracks for four years but he had always vanished. The killer had been captured and jailed read for Interpol to take charge on this international murderer.

James had survived .The hole in his neck had healed and nothing damaged.Not so the hole in his lung.  The Police board decided to retire him on full pension as awarded top detective by Police top brass. He married his nurse and bought a house in Surrey with gardens to work in.  All was fine happy and best days of his life and hers. Until a call came offering John James consultancy job from home as police needed his brain on cases even now.  He looked at her hard as he told her.Julie James was on his side and he loved her with all his heart.

So that must be it for now. Hope you will read my blogs and enjoy is all I ask of you.

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 July 23rd



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