Pearson of Kendal Westmorland

Not much in the name, no one hows him . Yet Sam Pearson died in Kendal flat in Stricklandgate in 1909. A silent sort of chap who walked to market for his food each day. Until he didnt. Died in his sleep an old sad man no one every can recall talking to.

In fact we could leave it at that until day after all was in care of funeral home someone opened Pearsons trunk stored away in the attic. Trooper Pearson charged the guns at Balaclava  in 1854 as a 16 year old soldier.Having been shot from his horse Pearson had crawled across the mud to mount another horse and returned to his lines. Surgeon had saved him but loss of blood had him out for the count. He woke and heard the bugle call to arms and so rushed out bandages flowing behind him. In the last minutes of war he saved two of the regiment by dragging them out of harms way behind dead horses from the first charge. He was decorated by The Queen herself and Pearons paybook and medal  gave the story away to history.  He was born in nearby Morecambe in1839 died 30 miles from birthplace in a dark one room bed sit. He had charged with the Light Brigade as a horse trooper. Little wonder he talked to no one he must have been able to look after himself and all else alien to his aged eyes.  A marvelous man who not a soul around him knew a thing about him. At  he walked the half mile to market each day for his bread and milk. A tear came unto me telling this sad history for I would have loved to have spoken with him. Then he died before my own birth. he was my age 70 but 70 then would be 100 now I expect. From his last photo I found he never looked 70.


I too would not have know of him if an army record I was researching of my ancestor another Kendal man called Sir John Parr who died of wounds four days later after that charge that was glorious but not war said the Russians. It had been a gross mistake but still that brave thunderous charge is the stuff that makes us British .

205_la carica della cavalleria inglese a Balaclava
205_la carica della cavalleria inglese a Balaclava

I turned to local newpaper reports of that day There this story lay hidden in the files of yore. History yes a tall tale no as his grave is in Kendal for those who may visit that old grey town look for Pearson and read for yourself carved in his date of birth and his death Says he changed at the guns in Crimea fighting Russians.


index Trooper Pearson in 1860

imagesLast know photo of Trooper Pearson.

Kendal parks cemetery Kendal Cumbria England he can be found today his grave says it all . Brave man who spent his last days in my town back home.

Yours Sir K.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020.

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