Detective John James last case

The day was hot .It was June 18th Waterloo day to him. For the rest of the office who now drank his health over retirement sat chatting about old times. His injuries healed as best they could he now had time to thank them all before the Chief Super marched into office one.
‘Ah! Detective James himself. All happy now are we ?”

‘Hello Sir thanks but Id rather be back here really.”

‘I too would like to see you back here but lets face it James. Doctors say it is a no no. Retired full pension man your better off than all of us now. Enjoy the time at home man.”
The phone suddenly broke the silence as someone on the other end shouted Help me. Officer Pendle was on the call.

‘Seems sir he ,that is the caller Fred Perry said he has been attacked by a wolf.”

‘Perry the Tennis ace?”
‘ No Sir hes dead .This one is scared to death.”

“Get his details and keep me in the loop. Nice to see you James old man. Keep smiling good day to you all Ill be upstairs in my office if needed. ”

The Super left and the office mumbled “Wolf.”

‘In London ,never ever. Someones Wolf hound on the loose more likely.”
‘Mind if I tag along .Not to interfere just as not much else to do .Mowed my lawn four times if a week so bored with it all. ”

“Dont see what harm it can do. Just dont get in the way John.”

The team went out to walk the distance to the city flats. Inspector drove direct to hospital to see that man who was mauled. John James at his side. They stood at the bottom end of his bed.

‘So what happened Fred. In your own words.” Asked Inspector Jones.

“I was sittin watchin BBC News on tele when through my open window came this massive black dog. Bit me in the hand as I was so terrified I tried to stop it. Must have conked out. See the bite.” He offered his bandaged hand up as proof. Jones was interviewing had not seen James vanish .With the nurses he watched the xray of Perrys hand.

Jones had learned little from the man .He turned as James returned. ‘You live in flat 54 sir is that correct .”

‘Yes 54 lived there now lest see . Mary died in May four years give or take mate.”

“54 tell me which floor that is on.”

“5th floor of course.”Replied the man.

Outside the ward on way out Jones asked why James had interfered. He had not himself discovered that much but regarded James as an outsider now.

‘Sorry could not help to take an interest.You do see it dont you.Perry says he was attacked by a large black wolf that entered his flat through an open window on the floor five. That is the Wolf ran up a straight wall some 70 foot high to reach his victim Jones.’

” He must be deluded.’

” If he on his left hand is bearing dog teeth marks so large it is scaring me what this case may leads to.”

‘My God its you .You had so many of this type of case your back after sixteen months of nothing like it and in ten minutes we find a Werewolf. ”

” Or not. Maybe a Werewolf but what if someone knew I was back and set this up?”

” Who knows your back .You only called in for us to say our goodbyes and here you are at start of case. ”

“Quite correct I am at start so may well finish it Jones.”

“Best see what the Super says mate?”

‘Well ill bag that piece of hair thank you .Bag please.”

“Looks dog like to me. Here dont say I dont care”

“Thanks for that. Yes it is animal hair. Black and greasy. You missed the scratch marks on that window ledge too.”

” Blimey so I did. I saw that rips in that chair cushion though. ”
‘ We say he had time to pick up that cushion to defend himself. No other way that cushion would be in that state if not. Bag it Jones maybe DNA on it. ”

“DNA from a wolf? Unless you do think its not just a wolf.”

” After working three cases of vampires real why shudder at the possible chance that man can change into evil. ”

Back in Scotland Yard Jones gave a verbal report to the Chief Super who than flew down stairs to see for himself who had dared to act in this case.

‘ Ah! so Jones is right you decided to act on your own behalf .I though I told you your retired James. Go home.”

‘I am a member of the public now as you say .One that has just solved yet another of your cases.Then as you do not care to see me Good bye all. ”

‘ Er! hang on John. Case solved in less than an hour”

” Yes I can tell you what led to this case. ”

‘ A werewolf is it man. Bit rich ,even for you id say.’

” Werewolf, yes real and evil. Then drugs bring on all sorts of imagines.”

“Drugs you say. What drugs change a man into a bloody wolf for Gods sake.’

No drug I am aware of. I said drugs brought on a werewolf yes. You see our friend had injected himself with stuff tampered with. In the darkness his failing mind dreamed on the fear of attack. Someone clawed at him and result was he had a bad trip. He has needle marks all down his arms showed me he was a heavy drug artist. Tracks like that lead to many visions. I think we need to arrest Joey the Hammer from over at Fulham Road bus station where he sells the drugs. He will have some explaining to do. ”

Two hours later John James was phoned at home. It was a short call and his wife noticed the facial expression as he placed the phone back on the holder.
” So they want you back then dear.”

” No. No, that was Buckingham Palace. I am to be Knighted my love”

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