The last part of the vapour.

Sir John had read the letter three times.Sat now at rest in his easy armchair his mind racing on as he had seen this type face before. It was Garamond face type as printers often use. Then suddenly the phone rang in the hall.

‘ For you John someone you asked to phone.”

Slowly he approached the phone for he knew he had asked no one. “Hello.”

“Sir John is it now.Well! how are you old adversary. Holding on are we? Glad you took my good advice dont want another episode on the lawn now ,do we?”

” So who are you then?”

” Not to worry we will meet soon . Farewell for now Sir.” The phone went dead but he was transfixed and his wife placed the phone down from his hand.

” Trouble again is it my love. Retired and they will not leave you alone. ”

Suddenly he came out of the dream . ‘Yes as said im retired ,sod it love. Any tea in the pot?”

” Just making some.You go and rest . Your shows on soon on Tele. You know Crime Report.”

He sat down thinking hard where he had heard that voice. Mental block as he switched on television and fell asleep in the armchair.

Next hour he walked out for exercise on to the embankment. He walked in thought until the end of the road. He was looking back as he turned to the Parliament buildings across the river.The lamp light caressing the river as smooth as silk. The murky flow taking on a milk pond look. He started walking back and someone behind him spoke softly. He was startled .”So you recall meeting with me now Detective Sir John. ”

He gasped as he who stood before him was the last Vampire to escape. A young man in a dark gray over coat with open necked white shirt. He knew him at once.

” its you.” he breathed it out in some haste.Shock in fact had caught his tongue.

” Yea Im hurt you did not know me on the phone when we have been so close. You even sent my woman helper into ash pile. Time now for the payment John. ”

” The payment ?”

” Oh! yes. Can you guess what it is I have for you dear retired idiot you are?”

At this John James came out of his shell and his mind had cleared. He thought of his dear wives ordeal and his safety as he smiled as if he had a plan ready out of this.

It did not unsettle his companion but it did register. “I have a way now to make you see why your here now. ” From the folds of his long coat came a set of diamonds that sparkled in the lamp glow “Here take them , a little sweetner for your wife. “He vanished into thin air. In his hand he had the biggest robbery ever in crime  .Then from bushes and trees came many policemen who grabbed him and lay him down on the floor handcuffed.

‘So lads we have the proof these diamonds stolen from the house of Lord Seftonly last year had us all on the go. And it was you of course who lost that case James. Detective Sir John James your under arrest. ” The Chief Super shook his head in disbelief and Sir John was led away. No use saying anything yet he let them lead him to the cells.

‘ Can I act as visitor to see him or not?”

“Doctor Dee we are all shocked by this but ,yes of course, you may see Sir John in his cell. ”

‘ Thank you dear friend.”

“Say nothing I know almost all of it. I called on you .Your wife told me you have gone for a walk down the Embankment. I hid when i saw that vampire appear from nothing. I was too far off to hear it all but he handed you those diamonds.Why , is my only question?”

” You see he is the one who did this to my wife. He is also the one who blames me for burning to ash his aid and lover. So suddenly he hands me and wills me to take hold on the diamonds and vanished leaving me holding the baby. From all over police came and Im here under arrest and only you know my story. ”

” Talk of vampires in court and they will laugh you out of your pension mate.”

‘ Of course but what can I do but get him in here.”

” He is evil itself you know that. As he said this is payback. Outwit him is the only way. ”

‘My word just thought. Yes we arrange a meet in here. He will gloat over it. You set up cameras well out of sight .Any false move and hes gone from sight and sound. ”

” Great but what is the reason. just to get him to say he set you up. ”

” Not exactly. I need to get him talking on record by asking him what else I can do to make up for the ash pile. He may take the bait he likes talking about himself. ”

“Ok sounds a bit risky but yes may work. Not much else in your favour old son.”

‘I did hope for your help you know. ”

” Say no more.You have it. Now rest no more we can do before one of us sorts a plan out. Sleep well Detective. ”

The night fell as darkened cloak over his eyes as sleep the master of peace fell over him. Outside in the foray of time past the street silent and unaware of evil stood the aged old servant of Satan himself. He watched the building were inside sleeping Sir John lay out of the hard wooden planked bed. The cell of bars stone walls not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. Not for a Vampire at any rate.

He lay in the cell eyes closed the Vampire stood over him but Sir John rammed a silver neck cross into his arm. There was a howl that could wake the dead and he was gone. He knew now what protection he needed. The blood still on the cross Dee at the door of sell.

‘What in heavens name was that noise my lad. ”

‘No time to talk .Here take this for DNA test . We may find something. Take it Dee its Vampire blood. ”

Through the iron bars the good doctor took hold of the silver cross at best he could. By morning he had DNA that confused him greatly.

Back in the cells with Sir John in the cage he released the information.

“Bat blood,really Dee?”

” Remarkable as its sounds.Yes bat blood it is. So that old legend is true eh!’

“What do bats do that we need to know about.?”

Dark in the corner dumb as a dog sat the Chief Super but now emerging in full police uniform started the pair.

” Great Scot sir. What a way of joining us.” expelled the good Doctor.

‘ So as I thought this is how you ended up arrested. Bloody Vampires again. Bats blood Doctor?”

” Yes strange as it sounds.”

“No not really considering we are dealing with Vampires yet again. I left you in this sell because Sir John you could not trust me with the truth. I knew you did not steal those diamonds. You were here that day of that robbery. I left you in cells for your own protection mate.”

“Sorry sir your arrest was enough for me not to say another word. You see this one is on my case as I turned his lover to ash on London Bridge. Revenge is sweet they say. ”

‘Sweet that s it John. Bats love sweet things. “Gasped Dee.”

” They may do but poison will have no affect on him. Sweet or not. ”

“In the movies they drive wooded stakes into the heart, or is that poppycock too?”

‘I expect so Sir. We need what worked before. That silver cross. She had been shot and was withering old as she slumped down silver bullet in her gut. What turned her to was ash this simple silver cross my mother gave me as a gift at school all those years ago. Need silver bullets Sir.”

“Will he come here as he will know wont he?”

” If you keep me in here, no; dare say he will think me under arrest and with no outside contact as I was arrested as planed by him, by police of my own department.”

“Then so be it. Ill get you silver bullets for that pistol of yours. Stay put work out the plan to get him in here.” With that Chief Super left the cells.

“So at least your out of danger on charges detective.”

“Yes happy about that Dee but more concerned over being dead.”

As promised the Chief brought the two silver bullets from the Army Silversmith. The plan was fixed all they had to do was wait.

Day two nothing happening. James knew that what this evil spirit desired most was his body to occupy. He wanted him to suffer first. Mostly right in his thoughts the Vampire was waiting only for the sentence to be set. They in the police office and cell could not know this but by slim chance it happened over Chief Supers head.

“Your day in court has come Sir John. Follow me we have a lawyer waiting to brief you sir. .”

” This came from the top room did it?”

” IM not at liberty to say. Handcuffs must be on. The prisoner is ready to move. Open the gates.”

Chief Super hid his face as he was lead out to the interview room. At this moment the Vampire appeared and shocked the whole police floor.

“So your mine now .Not wanted by your own and fated to be mine come John smile its your best of bests live forever with me as master. My plan worked as smoothly as water flows. The doctor slipped the pistol into Johns belt as his handcuffs were removed and in seconds gun smoke filled the room. As it cleared the whole room saw a young man fade into old age before their eyes. The face crumble to dust and the scream from the typist pool echoed across London. The man of no name was but dust on the floor. Dee rushed forward to collect it all up. Not a spot left on the marble stone floor. Sir John looked at Dee.” Its over dear friend .We won. ” The Chief Super came forth to shake the detectives hand. The Lawyer looked at top brass and all left the room save Dee and the detective.

“Retirement sounds good now ill bet.”

” After this no doubt Ill start a garden as she wants me to do.Dee never forget were I ,live ,will you dear man. ”

” Always dear Friend. Go home and hug that woman of yours. You have both been in the wars. All here now the truth of what you did to rid evil from the world but best say nothing outside. If i was you Sir John.”

Without effort he handed his pistol to the doctor patted him on the back and left via the main door of Scotland Yard to hail a taxi home. On his mind a poem he had read in youth.

Rise,like lions after slumber
in unvanquishable number ,
shake your chains to earth like dew
which in sleep had fallen on you;
ye the many -they are few.

For now those words of Shelley made him stronger for fewer still they are ,He thought and smiled.

No record of any case of vampire hunting ever came to light. The public will never know that they exist ,best kept that way. Sir John lived happily and finally became a gardener with help of a caring wife. No more will the story tell .Peace lay over the city that men such as he helped to protect. We will never know their names who serve us behind the walls of silence on the subject of security of the English speaking world.

Thank you all for being with me here. God be with us all.

Always yours, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020.

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