Who was Noah?

One could watch this new movie film of same name with some doubt as to what is said of Noah in the book of Genesis in the bible.

Then you would be right it is not as we believed happened as told as children. Maybe the main steam famous actor Mel Gibson made the best of it .The script he followed mocked by many religions . Now that must be the place to stop this nonsense and tell you the real story of a man who never did talk with God or build a boat. How do I know this? Because it is a myth taken from the story heard by Palestinian people when the great and mighty war lord King Nebuchadadnezzer of Mesopotamia expanded his borders across the cradle of creation in the year 549 BC. The story was heard by Arabs and the children tale was told and retold for centuries as the Epic of Gilgamesh .

This man was said to have had a dream to build a massive boat in the deserts outside of Babylon. He took in two by two all the animals of mans needs cows, sheep, goats, hens ,geese, horse and his family .Then when all was loaded he stood waiting to raise the sails on deck. The people came and laughed for long enough before the rivers rose high and flooded the lands and the boat sailed away leaving behind civilization to drown. For many weeks they floated and came to rest on a mountain side after using doves to locate land.

So some 1200 years later Gilgamesh becomes the tale of Noah told by Israel scribes as myth but it entered the bible more as fact. If you research you will also see this stories origin is in India long before Babylon was even built.

Vedic folk law tells of a fish that warns a king called Manu of a great flood . The fish tells this king to build a boat taking only the peaceful minded people and animals in pairs. This is perhaps 2000 years older than any tale mentioned. I think it the origin of the biblical Noah.

For some time King Nebuchadnezzer occupied India so this how this tale came to be in Babylon. .it is an easy search to find the start of such a massive story. Can anyone see lions walking peacefully up a ramp behind lambs and goats . The simple fact that not only building boat without skill and no dry dock for what is measured as size of Titanic with only his family to help. Then fill with a zoo and farmyard to care for,feed and muck out daily .This would be a full time job alone so who sailed the ship? It is a story to wonder at in childhood as it was intended to be at outset. Noah is a story handed down over 2569 years from the hearing.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is 6000 years ago and King Manu long before. Dont cry out sinner first go in search as I did. I aim to upset no Christian or Islam believer I am a man who searched for God and give creed of mans religions a wide birth as none of them are made by God but mans wishes and desires for God to be. God needs none of it but still loves us all.

These are my findings and Noah never existed as you can see. The recorded facts are all available to anyone to read my blog is only part of a story but that part I needed to prove where that great tale in the bible came from. I think many many many people of hundred years ago or so wrote what was current but it all is mixed up. What is fact and what is fiction can not be sorted unless someone starts the job in hand .Great facts lay hidden in that Bible .Some distorted by secondhand views. Then some are legends not possible . Noah would have needed hundreds of skilled workers to build a boat that was a ship the size of ocean steam ships now. Then as its fiction anything is possible.

This brings me to that boat shape feature on Ararat mountain side in modern day Turkey. Is it a boat under all that rock or is it more an erratic moved by the ice into a geological feature over time? We wait to see but what will it prove if it is my some magic a boat? No mention in the story were the boat landed in fact so Ararat just happened to be available to those how believe anything because they want to. Nothing said by man can be trusted unless one is prepared to look closer and research .As man is lazy on checking even his phone bills is it a surprise we believe what we are told is true without proof.

I dare say some will still not take my word. I hope they will look closer before commenting .Again I say no intent to make fun of religions only have my views and facts to guide me.

Thank you for reading a simple explanation of an old story and how it came to be held as true. For those who want to know what is meant by BCE (before common known time or era .)

Yours Sir K

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020

4 thoughts on “Who was Noah?”

    1. Sorry dear but the bible is not a holy book. At best it is a collection of many peoples thoughts mingled with fact. History it is not but almost as related after the event. Many Persian and Egyptian kids stories the scribes included and as said in blog the heavily war made Palestine had only victors history . Moses went to served in Egypt and did bring his peoples back chased by them over the Red Sea. I have walked on the outcrop of rock that at low tide can be seen about a foot below waters and lasts about three hours before the tide brings many feet of water over .Moses simply worked out best time to cross . Not much of a story so its jazzed up as Gods work by scribes. Take the words in stone that form Gods orders in what is called ten commandments. The papers penned by scribes traveled around on camel saddle as a box of scribbles is so called an Arch .The Arch that Moses thoughts carried on parchment are as carved in rock . No camel could carts around ten slabs of rock. We call this box the Covenant that they still search for but it was wood and rotted thousand years ago. Another was made to hold the Moses papers and eventually as time passed and youth was more educated the papers were lost along with the need for camel saddles. God gave us all free will we are all his children so why do the Jews say that they are the chosen.They delude themselves and God spoke to man never we are here on a test only and no help from our father is to be. It is my thoughts I grant you but Im not not far off the mark I am sure.

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