The conclusion of Ash.

The morning air was brisk as October turned into November .London had rain in the night and the office as Jones walked in smelt musty with wet overcoats hanging from pegs on the outer wall. He was set to have just one of those days that all know of. The phone burst into the silence like the sharp slap of a car door. He took the call from his desk still trying to arrange himself ,then froze.

‘ Your silent Inspector. Not happy with my find. “

” Sorry Doctor. Yes I thought for a moment we had what Sir John suffered from. What is it then?”

” Not blood sucking dead .It is more a puzzle infact. Id say she was to well preserved to be that old. Her bones and skull are some 80 years old That fits Id would say with what we know. The blood is the problem. I dont know it shows DNA back to 1890s. It would make her 130 at least. Old age should have killed her never mind rat poison. Come down Ill show you the results. “

He made his way down the stairs just as Dee burst out of his lab door red in the face.

“What ever could be the matter Dee?”

“Bodies vanished that is what is the matter by God. Come in man dont dither about .Your the detective tell me where she is.”

In less than a minute the lab two doors ,one he had walked in by lead to the stairs and upper floor main office. The door in the all lead to the morgue and an vacant slab. The main doors lead into the yard outside and Jones fond them securely locked.

‘So were did that copse go ?’

” Vanished I told you ,man. Gone. Doors .You came down to me, door was between us, she was not taken into the offices. The main iron doors for delivery only opened by the key in my desk. Look.-God its gone.”

‘ SO they did pass through the doors and locked it from outside.”

“Only way ,yes agreed. Then why would any one want to do this.No respect for the dead.”

“Are her innards still with you Doc.?

” Blast me ,No the tray in the fridge with her liver has been taken too. “

“Then how could they know it was her liver?”

“No other corpse here.”

“Open that door may be a clue .Prints on iron are a great print.”

‘Sorry we will have to reach the yard via a walk around the building. Only key and they have it.”

The fact that no prints they could find led to professional body snatchers or some even crueler reason. Many bodies have ended up embalmed as ancient mummies and sold as antiques in markets about the world.

‘ So someone must have noticed a body being carried. “

“Or they had transport .Look at these tire marks in the last of that snow we had. Come Doctor need a bit of plaster. “

By all the tracks in set plaster told Jones that Henry Bolton the tire sales man could tell the tread. He phoned him and they took the tracks over to him.

‘Now gentlemen this is a Michelin and rare indeed came off a 1950s pie van reg in my book. Sold last set to Gordons the bakery . Yes here it is NGD 633 Black Humber van. He uses it as they all take note of car and big pie sign each side. “

it took an hour to stop the van and police found only the driver at the wheel with the van empty.

“So what happened then sir?”

” I parked with back door open to load six trays of hot meat pies into the back. Order for the Bird and Bush pub. I went in heard the van start. Turned to see it drive way like the great Sterling Moss at the wheel”

” Who found it?”

“No one. It was parked up in the yard cleaned and polished. Nothing missing only they had done 23 miles I have to keep me mileage for records in accounts .”

“Thank you sir .We may need to speak with you again.”

‘By noon next day the location was found .

“Here sir .Ring around here show where half of 23 miles is as he had to drive back. Two places .Here a land spill site easy to hid a body. The other a clinic ,just here . Rest is houses and shops but Clinic could be it. “

‘Right thanks Sue .We can take a look at the latter first. Ask Dee to accompany us .”

The clinic was in full swing when they arrived.

“Your boss please Lov. Police asking for help in a case. “

“Im your man Inspector .what case is this. “
” Body snatching. “

“Come on now that ended centuries back. People now leave body to science. “

” A female body was taken from police morgue yesterday in a Humber van and we have reason to believe it arrived her soon after. “

“I am here to heal the living officer ,not bring the dead to life “

“Can we take a loo around or do we need a warrant. “

“Dont go poking into private patients rooms please but yes you may take quick look about .I have nothing to hide. “

For about 12 minutes the four police and Doctor Dee inspected the one level clinic. Finding nothing they agreed to pack up and go to search the land fill when Jones suddenly stubbed his toe on a gap in the floor. On closer look and by moving a wheelchair the outline of hatch top gave them another place to investigate. In seconds the police arrested Don Blake the owner. In the cellar the frozen corpse was taken out of a chest freezer and all arrived shortly after at Scotland Yard.

” Right arrest both of them . Both know far more than they are saying.:

The daughter came quietly but her brother the Dentist fought like a tiger.

why did you take the body from ‘In here both of you. Now in your own time, tell me why you killed her. Or should I tell you. You see she had left the house between both of you. But! she left you her daughter her fortune. So in comes you with the rat poison and had to put down your cigar in the ash tray. Thats about it motive some revenge for the 45000 pounds in mothers will Id say. “

‘You could not be any place near. Ill admit it was my fault. We both tried to help but in our innocence we killed her as sure as if Id shot her dead.”

“What we did was not wrong it was just we both had no experience and that medic robbed us of our dear mother.”

Closer now, Jones moved in. ‘What Medic?”

‘Simon Patton .He works in A and E at Middlesex hospital. He sold us blood to change the blood that was killing her. A simple transfusion done at her bedside at home. Simon had somehow mixed up the sacks of blood and rang too late to tell us the stuff in mothers veins was from another county. It was frozen from 1900 African brought back by explorers to lab here . What ever it was it flowed through her and in one night she was dead in her chair next morning. We acted only as no one would help her ,too old to care for. “

” She had cancer of the blood Inspector. I was terrified I would loose my license and business if blamed so we decided to keep silent but your man decided something else was going on.”

“And we were right ,there was. “

” We had no other way we had to try as hospital let her out to die at home. Bastards it was our mother not a Nazi bitch, or some sort of low life.Mother you see?”

” I let the court decide now. Arrest this man Simon Patton and allow these two a phone call each. ” At the door of interview room five he turned .”Mister -Thomas– why did you take the body from my morgue ?:

‘It was to stop you taking blood samples. but we were too late it seems. Silly yes but what could we do we had lied to police twice . “

End of story. Thank you for reading whole tale. Hope you liked it.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 October

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