One shot continued.Part two.

Don was operated on the bullet removed from his open chest. Infection set in and in less than an hour he was dead. Time called as complications left the team with no other option but to call time of death at 5pm. Bullet had sliced deeper then they could fix.

Police patched together most of Dons life and sent a car to arrest his wife. Far away in South Wales Angela sat in a cafe reading the news of a murder in Leeds Yorkshire of a local Solicitor . She cried softly her world now in fast motion before her eyes and mind.

Elizabeth Summerley Briton had been found at her mothers in York. Brought in for questioning allowed a Brief and told of her upset at Dons mistresses .He had promised but again at Christmas another woman had phoned to say she was her husbands lover. It being too much Elizabeth took both children and ran . She had never owned a weapon and at that point her lawyer stopped the recorded interview working on making police bring on evidence and making a case if they could. This gave him time to dig and see what he could do as for client to know the truth himself.

Detectives now went out of their way to find a killer. The lead came on speaking to nosy nieghbour who gave them full description of Dons lover. Cars went all over and over police forces too became involved but Angela had vanished into another woman .Redhead with ease called now Patty Jones from Birkenhead Cheshire. South Wales was easy to mingle in with.

Andrew was now top man in the firm bringing in more accounts for life premium than any other that month. Pam who had been off for two weeks was happy to work on Andrews accounts as he was man who paid attention to details she needed not to spend hours on phone getting the things left out.

It was after one of the late night office sales sessions that Andrew picked up the nerve to ask her to go to dinner with him as at 8pm he did not wish to start cooking in a cold home.

Waterloo Bridge in London UK over the River Thames

She gave it some thought and replied yes. From now on through life they would never be alone again.

It was a Sunday morning a year later that police arrested Angela Harding and found in her flat a loaded gun. The Yorkshire police now carted her back to court in Leeds. Still with deep red dyed hair she gave her statement and faced the magistrates who bound her over until case could be heard by main court. No bail was sought.

In the cell Angela was allowed one phone call. She rang for a lawyer she knew who had done the conveyance of the house her and Andrew had bought. He in turn sent a crime lawyer from same firm.

The news was full of the case in all Northern newspapers. It was then to come to light that in fact Andrew was face to face with police at his door. It was not for him but for Pam.It is now in the story that Andrew is to discover that Pams brother was lover to his own sad wife. Police being police worked out who was who in this tale. Andrew was taken down for questioning to city station.

The gun in this case belonged to his father from war.John Harding was a Captain in Engineers and captured by Japanese army in Burma 1943. He had been rescued and was sent home an ill man in 1948. He had died in 1964 as Andrew was only 12 at time he had felt the loss .The pistol his mother had kept along with her memories .He had not seen it in years.

So now police knew how his wife had stolen it from digging in boxes in his mothers attic.

Martin Prenton was working on the case in Police lab. He was stunned at his finding as the bullet out of the deadmans chest had not been fired from Andrews fathers gun. The Red faced police now released the read haired Angela Harding.

Police case had fallen in and anger from the top desk made it worse. Police exposed in news made it bad to carry that case on. So for some five years it was left open .

Time raced on. Pam married Andrew after his divorce came through and no one was happier than Pam. Andrew was now free and happy in his best suit in front of registrar holding Pams hand to fit on the gold band that sealed the deal.

Angela read the news and cried. But who had killed Don?

Conclusion of this case next week.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020

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