one shot, conclusion

The day was warm. May blossoms filled the gardens of England with scent. The police had found a gun in a tree that children had handed in. The gun fitted the shell found in the dead lawyers body. Finger prints wiped but on the empty barrel one thumb print come up in lab test. From this mere edge of print they had a way forward at last. The drive to find the killer took up that same day.

Angela was again back in the police care. She admitted that she had fired her shot and it had missed. But her lover fell to the floor. She had not seen beyond that as her concern was to make her escape. She had grabbed the rail of a number 60A bus to Sheffield South. She cared not where it went she needed time to take it all in. She worked out she had not killed him so he could be alive. When Angela read in news and radio news of the lawyers death she went deep into hiding as she thought by chance her shot had hit him after all.

Sat with police now it was a very different story . They wanted to know who else was there that day. Angela had not seen anyone .The shot she recklessly fired off was found in the timber frame of the old door. A .45 bullet had crumpled flat in the oak frame lintel top. Police thought someone elses shot must have been fired at precisely same time or witnesses in shops would have heard two shots not one as was recorded.

A full nation hunt was on for the thumb print owner of pistol snub nosed Colt .38. A gangsters sort of weapon from last war too.

Far away the night drew in the bottle rolled of the cluttered table and Jo

hn Carfax the bank robber passed way. Police called to the scene by Pathologist who took the deadmans prints. They had found the murderer of a lawyer. On checking all it came to light that Carfax had been put in prison for 12 years on the word from this lawyer. He had been released just a day before the killing and the case of that one shot closed .

Carfax had lost his wife in truth to the said victim while he served his sentence and that was a murder waiting to happen long before it did. We all pay for our sins it seems. The well of desire a trap for the greedy.

Thank you for your company, yours Sir K.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 Nov 6th

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