A grizzly tale of revenge

It was that morning of events. Good Friday 14th April 1865. Before the fall of night 16th President of America one Abraham Lincoln would be shot in the head but a man from the Southern army who had become an actor spy.

11am 14th April one General Robert Lee, who had surrendered four days before his vast Southern army at Appomuttox Court House. He was invited by the Victor to dine and take in a show in a theatre with him. Lee had declined the offer made by Lincoln on grounds he had duties to his family. Not long after reading this Lincoln decided to change theatre and attend another play at Fords Theatre in Washington DC .

Replica Philadelphia Deringer of the type used by John Wilkes Booth to Kill President Abraham Lincoln

In a stable two horses had be saddled .The two plotters had orders to kill Lincoln .One man held the horses. The other loaded a small Deringer pistol and entered the unguarded corridor outside of the box that Lincoln and his party sat watching the play unfold. What happened to the soldiers and guard outside of that box is the only mystery in this tale. The rest is lies and deception.

The hired gun was one almost famous actor called John Wilkes Booth. .He leaned forward and shot the great man in the back of his head. Before any could move he leapt over the front of the box and fell damaging his leg in the fall. He stumbled across the stage and out of stage door into the street mounted the waiting horse and vanished from detection. This is the facts we know. Only a plot to capture Lincoln had failed Booth had taken up the job perhaps for Lee that part no paper trail exits?

From now, in the tale of dark evil ,we must drift.

If Booth had help from Southern ex army or not he was never caught . The set up was fixed to show he had been shot by Government agents in the Red barn. A grave was made and in this a body went. All was now sorted nicely. Lincoln died in his bed in the Whitehouse. Doctors could not stop the man dying from a hole in his brains. The President who had stopped the slave trade that had ruined the wealth of Southern plantation owners had caused Civil war and built up a wall of enemies against Lincoln. Some hours after after being shot Lincoln was dead.

Lincoln was a top lawyer who had worked a bar man to make headway had made to be perhaps the best leader and President ever America had .He was buried with ceremony and the case closed.

In another state a man drank hard in Southern bar room .He was so drunk when asked he admitted he was John Wilkes Booth the actor . Two men who had known Booth came to see for themselves. They vanished from the story.

John Wilkes Booth.

Booth died in a boarding house in 1905 some 40 years after he had shot Lincoln. He may have taken his own life with arsenic or someone did it for him. What ever. His body was taken by the landlord who then wasted no time embalmed him so well that the facial features have been nailed for all time.

From circus side shows to private collectors this mummy has done the rounds from 1905 to 1970 on shows in the South lands of USA.It then vanished into a collection and is being kept until price of the story rises enough to sell the corpse of John Wilkes Booth to some other mad bone collector.

The man who has the body of John Wilkes Booth in his morbid collection

Photographs of Booth in life were cast over the photo of the copse and without doubt at all Booth murdered Lincoln and escaped from justice .So why did the Government say otherwise?

There are those now after DNA of Booth but as of old the mummy is still held in a private cellar of a man called Robert interviewed on TV by one man who dared

go that extra mile. Up to now the trail ran out and Robert says he has not the corpse. Photo above shows he has it and is hoping for massive profit to prove history wrong and the Government liars.

Hope you liked this tale of fate.Yours always Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Nov 2020

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