The road to war

In the warm night of an English summer a British Government weapons inspector lay dying on the path to his home. His name was known all over Britain and Iraq. In fact all over the world . Doctor David Kelly had served as investigator of hidden arms of Saddam Hussein the Dictator of Iraq. Kelly returned to Britain with a detailed report that clearly proved that in fact Iraq or Saddam, or his family had not stored away arms of war of any kind . Kelly had served Britain in Iraq from 1991 to 1999 earning a Nobel Peace prize for humanity .Died in 2003

One of the last photographs of worried Doctor Kelly

The Prime Minister at that time was Tony Blair who sent a message to Doctor Kelly to attend a meeting and read his report to Blairs cabinet team.

That evening of the day Kelly had been called for next morning, he appeared on British Tv news. He said he was under much pressure as his report was his own findings after many months of searching cellars of palaces and cave and desert that he was happy to swear that his finding were accurate. He was fearful that his finding would not help the Government but what could he do he had be sent to Iraq to do a job well, and he had in his opinion done all possible to show the truth that Iraq had no secret test stations for rockets, no under ground works, no cellars loaded with arms of any sort. Not even in the surrounding deserts. He looked a tired worried man yet his integrity was obvious to all who watched that broadcast.

Kelly was murdered that night and left against a tree in the lane leading to his home. A news paper boy an a bike saw this and reported to police. When police arrived however the body had be moved to a spot opposite from the boys statement. When it was moved again before ambulance arrived the body had its wrists slashed but as it was dead no blood came from the severed wrists . So who killed this great man ? Give you one good guess.

Strange things happened as that report vanished .it was not in his house or his cases nor in his car. It never appeared in evidence and so Blair agreed with Bush the American head and so war was declared on Iraq for storing Nucs and chemical war machines. Items of war against America. He sent members of our armed forces into Saddams nation to be killed in war just to capture a dictator against his people who had no interest of the world outside .Americans had bombed the houses of Saddams family and killed his sons. They found Saddam hiding in a fox hole and set up a bogus court and had him found guilty.If that was not illegal what is legal? They the Yanks then hanged him in full view of world news cameras . All this to start war in Arab nation to bring down the oil barrel prices and have more than a hand in that part of worlds daily events. Blair was brought to trail and never asked the questions did you have Kelly killed did you destroy the report did you willingly start a war knowing it was illegal. If they had he would not of got off lightly and be at large today.

If it was not Blair then ask yourself just who had the power to stop that report being read and war stopped before it ever started. The killing was not done by SAS or real killers it was a clumsy job and to slash wrists of dead man to show he committed suicide is but silly . The public realized this at the time which forced the Governments hand to bring about a trail seen on TV. Blair had aged beyond natural effect. He sat frozen awaiting his fate but the questions never came and he walked away free. If this had bee a court case he would have been jailed. Then once a prime minister can this even happen? Try down loading Blairs photo . I settled for wax work model as its just cant be done other wise.

Doctor Kellys wife vanished soon after and so ends the story. Blair is a war criminal and a murderer of a Government servant who was not ever a weak mind to end his own life .How did he get up and shift his position and cut his wrists to the bone yet no blood came out of severed veins as heart had stopped hour prior at least . So we all know what transpired Kelly had refused to change his report and Blair had to kill him in order to face President Bush next day with signing Britain defense over to Bush for war on an innocent nation

. Perhaps a danger to me to say but justice must come before one mans statement and I will never fall on my own sword life is far better to face head on .In this Doctor David Kelly believed whole truth he was about to die by Blair orders and tried to show he had no fear of his fate.

I felt I must get this off my chest and show how evil it can be in politics .What Britain faces now is in the hands of Tory Blue and loyal to the cause are we.

This is the verdict of mine indeed but who else could be in the frame but Blair ?

Thank you all for reading my works and Happy New Year to you all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 Jan 6th

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    1. Thank you dear I take it you agree with my thoughts. I have been asked to pay more again this year to renew my web site.They encouraged me to up date to higher premium at 100 dollars now .I am thinking it a waste of my time as I have 5 readers loyal to me after 3 years of blogging and never made a cent on my work. So maybe this is the end of blogs for me. Enjoyed it but building a business of Pensioner holidays in my acres of gardens will pay more and be just as thrilling talking gardens and meeting peoples . Ill keep in touch dear.

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