Heart felt thoughts

I have had a short break from blogging on other maters in my life. My thoughts on news relate to the Harry Megan case. In no way do I wish to upset anyone in this blog. but I feel I need to say my piece.

The Royal family needed not this upset that in truth is a case that would affect and close family in the world if so happened in their circles. The same result would be present. The tabloids make it seem big news and sadden the members involved yo do not deserve the publicity unfounded.

Prince Charles who has been called all sorts on names had only love for his sons. Harry displayed revolt when he dressed in a Nazi officers uniform at fancy dress party he knew would be televised.

Saying that he served the nations as army officer and loved by his men he came out a brave and loyal serving officer. That is fact.

So what happened to him to say in a meeting with Ophra Winfrey who was called deluded by one investigator of consequence once and who now opened a bomb on Royal matters that have nothing to do with her .By inviting both Prince Henry using Harry as his call sign and together with his wife Megan Ohpra knew well what would transpire . Megan opened her heart like a non Royal leading Harry in full of her notions and ideals as a man in love to the full with his wife how could he avoid that leading questions that hurled at him. Harry on his own would never see his father suffer through an unloving sons words as came from Harrys mouth as it did next to Megan.

This actress of a woman pulled the racist card on Britain from day one . it is here I feel the tension as fate is carrying our Prince along so fast into another world of 1938. Edward the King ,now David the looser fell head line and sinker for the ugliest woman in the room . A two time married waste of time with Nazi links to Hitler. What followed once she had him hooked was similar to what David stooped to in her defense as Harry is falling into now. From totally different back grounds Megan is denouncing Harrys closest family .It is what Wallace Simpson did . In Edward a cruel steak existed it can be said he had a week brother who suffered what we call today Autism. The brother died early and Edward told all he would not attend the funeral of what he called an animal. His poor brother had so much love for all but his problems in health was non of his making. Edward was never a King but a fob of man who dressed well and took full advantage of many women with giving a care for his actions .

Harry is not that man and never could be. In Megan he has a mother he lost early in his being .He has a wife he loves and she is the mind that wants him at her level only .Therefore he was to be taught to worship her and forget all he loved before. She is an actress who knows just how to press the buttons and in that she repeats history as Wallace Did to David.

interesting fact Wallace led the wild life in marriage leaving David at home on orders to get drunk she tripped the lime light in club land. David had lost her he was fully aware he lived alone .At end of his life he was filled with anger and remorse and sadness .She cared not he still loved her but could not have her he knew it. A woman how had her way and ruined a man.Then David was deserved of her really.

Prince Harry is not so rigged and warped as his relative. He is an innocent trapped in a union that truly cares about him but will not allow him to be under any influence than hers . Her own father knows her ways and must feel as hurt as Prince Charles must surely do in this singular matter. The Queen at her age needs none of its betrayal . I cannot speak for her but see her as human being with feelings too.

Where is it all going is anyones guess but it is going some place for certain. Will it bring down the walls of Windsor castle .Not a chance of that happening . They will drift off into what ever way they wish for. Time and history will forget them I only hope love keeps them strong as Megan has her way and now the curtains close on then both. They will become old news soon enough as the last cannon is surely fired they sail off into the sea of no return as it stands for there is no way back for Prince Harry thanks to one actress who came to Harry as he came to her. Love story in making but Megan demanded far more than Harry ever wanted to yield ,if truth be told

A family matter that has entered the very fabric of our history page of todays world that will pass into the next and beyond as time and tides go by. Will it matter to the daily life of public needs or upset the nation.The answer must be no it will not . it will affect the saddest way to the Firm and a loyal Queen as head of it.

Only the press now will carry the torture of a aged monarch ,the Future King and Prince William ,as any news will pay them to publish caring not about that damage that may came from publishing a dragged out story of ruined worth .

I only hope sense will prevail and on all sides and news stops on this story will be an act of kindness to allow perhaps more than just fade way but a time for healing that may come from it .Out of sight out of mind but love family love is involved into this story too

You may say ,and you would be right, that any Royal news makes top billing in news papers unless something bigger like war happens one will read of Royal matters for years in news. Then if it happened in your family son marries a none white who is pregnant and she wants him to never return to his world of family. As a parent, a brother of said son would you not be concerned and hurt if said son talks behind your back of family as horrors that ruined his life. Would you be hurt . One says yes ,terrible hurt and sorrow for many years to come.

One may now understand how the house of Windsor feels after that evil interview with a tv woman that worked hard to push a story to the world of magnitude and sadness in an effort to show Royal family as worse than trash when she herself walks in the shady part of facts hoping to be President of USA But many things done in her life will prevent her standing for that job .

JULIUS tried it so too Eric the Red then came Napoleon and Hitler none of them could beat my island race of peoples so OPHRA what ever her name, will never hurt us .

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