Letter from Latvia

Here we are again. Snow unrelenting and minus 3c is normal ,well! for winter but not this far ahead into almost Springtime. Seems we are in for a much larger fall this coming weekend. All well and good but deer now attacking my evergreen hedges as no food elsewhere.

On the good side the British pound is creeping back up the stock markets slide. Euro edging back a bit helps all British pensioners abroad in EU nations, at long last. We can only wait to see what is happening as today the EU law prevents any trade with none EU nations but a blind man on a galloping horse can notice its directed at the gates of Britain really. A slap in the face with a iron handed glove . It means if we dare to trade on internet ,shipping by air plane or carrier it makes no matter. Deal with none Eu nations is a no no. Customs houses take charge of your order as it arrives and you are punished by taxation .This makes you ordered parcel a dead weight in customs charges and the extreme difficulty of paying any such tax will make you curse all day trying to connect with customs .

Otherwise it is a lock down until April 6th we are told may even be extended into June. We all have our feelings of time in chains because of this.

The roads are seriously deep in snow is more of a problem for progress it must be said than any lockdown.

On the positive side, and by God we need one ,we can shop but have to stand in line in real cold waiting to be allowed in like Noahs tale of woe. Once a place is made and in we go. Its business as usual but not if you wish to buy other than food items it is not. Tape closes of lines of white goods and household needs included. Just eatables on show can be purchased. Not much good if heart intent on replacement coffee mugs.

Cannot talk gardens as laughable it is I cant even see my work in such deep snow .Statues resemble mounds, hills more like perhaps comes to mind. Arches stand as frozen ice bound ships on a white sea of troubles melting into the far mists of fine snow; blown by the ice bound winds across the vanished horizon.

6 shillings and 8 pence ,half a silver mark, could not be more remembered than the winters here to the old brain of a man who can recall all that happens in man and time. The brain fed by the camera of the eyes will hope now for warm Spring so well deserved. But not a sign of a single snowdrop can i see above even the light fall of snow around apple trees in gardens .it is white out with no other way to say it.

This set out to tell the truth of situation but in end is what it is I fear a vista of Christmas card worth turning into a vast ocean of lifeless wasteland.

This is the down side if Northern Europe at a glance .Then in fairness this is the worse winter longest snow time but not as cold as some years. So I take that as a great plus as plants covered deep are safe from the rider with the whip of the King of ice in hand as from our Saxon Heritage and our Viking ancestors mingled in to the bloodline. Tales of Ice Kings told around the fires of our long dead would be told and children fear it until made warriors fearing nothing or nobody. No different than the Spartan training in fact.

Here in Lettland as my German readers call this land that was once that land of Letts and Balts that its history is vague as how Latvians appeared is a mystery .Unlike our British documented history ,not much relates to how this nation emerged from its dark ages. No real record exists. It is land taken by force many times in its past and recent past at that. More Russian than European in make up and Latvians love to dance and to party too like their old ancestors who ever they are.

Balts from Riga we know traded pots beaten from metal .Copper mostly.Amber too from its lovely coast line was traded with England back when Alfred was King. Then the British ships entered the port only with great difficulty as even our early naval men caused panic in the local tribes as something amazed them as so large and powerful in sail had them backing away.

Richard Chancellor sailed with three ships into river mouth of Riga but failed to pas through as river was blocked to ships of the size of 590 tons .A mere ferry today is many time larger. He sailed on to Achangel and made it before ice blocked him off. Ivan the Terrible was Tsar who tricked Chancellor into telling him how sails worked. Then Ivan arrested all the crews and took the ships into his name. Jailed all winter he killed the guards somehow and escaped to his ships and by time Ivan was woken all he could see was white sails far away across the ocean. England never again trusted trade with Russians. I must say the Latvians do not trade with them either and all love is lost in the matter of this subject.

Russians I have met hold the factor as found in all nations the good and the not so good exist. Most are good peoples but many are born Latvian and called Baltic Russians and they hate it ? Matters little to an educated person I suppose then no help is granted to these people ever being accepted as they are not allowed many things that native Latvians can boast of though in fact that is precious little compared with Britain .

I wish all of you safe passage through life and eyes on summer and freedom of passage granted from lockdowns. So bit more of what Latvia is in all seasons for those thinking of moving here. Summer is so golden we tend to forget who bad winters can be.

Herby I come to the end of my letter to all no matter where you are may your Gods go with you .

Yours as always God bless . Yours,Sir K.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt March 2021

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